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The Water Bowl: Joaquin Phoenix Plays 'Pet Monkey' in New Movie

The Water Bowl: Joaquin Phoenix Plays 'Pet Monkey' in New Movie
Fotostore/Splash News Online; Getty
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No, Joaquin Phoenix isn't actually playing a primate in his latest drama, The Master – but he acted like one to tap into his character. "I was [director] Paul [Thomas Anderson]'s pet monkey," he says, and his nickname on set was Bubbles – as in the late Michael Jackson's pet chimp. –Time

Like their human counterparts, killer whale mothers tend to live longer than males. Research suggests a link between their lifespans and the need to help care for their sons' offspring, and "evolution favors females that live longer after their menopause," explained the study's co-author. –Discovery News

One man's loyal canine companion has stayed by his side for the past six years – in the wake of his death. The German shepherd, Capitan, ran away from home after his owner passed away and has spent nearly every night by his master's grave in Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina, since 2006. –Daily Mail

Spotted! A ferret on a leash walking with its owner through downtown N.Y.C, where it is illegal to own this type of pet. The duo were photographed near Zuccotti Park, the former base of the Occupy Wall Street protest. –Gothamist

Is Russian president Vladimir V. Putin faking it for the cameras? About a week after he ushered six endangered cranes toward their winter homes, the politician admits he's staged some of his most-publicized photo opportunities, according to a Russian reporter. Putin's justification: The stunts raised awareness for larger environmental causes. –The Telegraph


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