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VIDEO: Ryan Reynolds Says He Fell in Love with Blake Lively While on a Double Date with Someone Else

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VIDEO: Ryan Reynolds Wants to Have 'Nine Daughters' with Blake Lively: 'I Would Be Thrilled'

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Kanye West Did Not Call Taylor Swift for Approval Over 'B----' Lyric, Says Spokesperson

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VIDEO: Why Jesse James Decker Thinks Hubby Eric's Back Is So Sexy

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Padma Lakshmi, Plus Matt Bomer, Lupita Nyong'o, George & Amal and More!

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Candice Bergen Says Her Date with Donald Trump Was 'Short' – but She Does Remember His Burgundy Limo

After Clinton Bashes His Criticism of President Obama, Bernie Sanders Has a Biting Comeback

Greatest Fears? Set Secrets? Kate Winslet, Brie Larson and More Oscar Nominees Ask (and Answer) Questions for Each Other

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VIDEO: Kristen Wiig Makes a Pretty Convincing Peyton Manning on The Tonight Show

Ryan Reynolds' Changing Looks

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