Window-Shopping Discovery

Model scout Beth Boldt spots a 15-year-old Campbell window-shopping in London's Covent Garden. Campbell, a British dance student at the Italia Conti stage school, has already appeared in Pink Floyd's film The Wall. She is immediately sent to Alabama for a shoot for British Elle.


Naomi Campbell

Race Matters in Modeling

Campbell becomes the first black model to appear on the cover of British Vogue in 1987 and French Vogue in 1988. She struggles with discrimination but fellow models Christy Turlington and Linda Evangelista (right) stand up for her. According to Campbell, Turlington told Dolce & Gabbana, "If you don't use Naomi, you don't get us."


Naomi Campbell


Campbell Nabs U2 Rocker

Campbell, 22, bumps into U2's Adam Clayton (left) on a flight to the Grammy Awards. This comes after reading an article where Clayton, asked if there was anything in the world he desired but didn't have, responded: a date with Naomi Campbell. In April, the Irish rocker proposes to the British supermodel over the phone, but they call off their engagement in August.

Naomi Campbell

March 17

Naomi Tumbles on Runway

A giggling Campbell falls off 10-inch platform boots at Vivienne Westwood's runway show in Paris. The lace-up boots go on display in London's Victoria & Albert Museum, and Campbell uses another pair as a doorstopper in her London flat.

Elite Drops Campbell

Elite fires Campbell on the grounds that "no money or prestige could further justify the abuse" to staff and clients. Describing her as "manipulative, scheming, rude and impossible," the agency says they would not employ her again if she were "the last model on earth." Despite its claim, Elite eventually rehires her.


Naomi Campbell

Naomi Battles Cocaine

Campbell (pictured partying with fellow supermodel Kate Moss) tries cocaine for the first time. She explains to ABC's Diane Sawyer in 2005 of her choice: "I was having fun. I was living this life of traveling the world and having people just give you anything. The little glow in your face goes. You know? And I – you do lose weight. That's not why I did it, though, 'cause I do love to eat, but – it's a very nasty drug."

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell Sings

Campbell – singing in a smoky alto – releases an album titled Babywoman. On the back of the album is a picture of a pair of Vivienne Westwood platform shoes with a mobile phone sticking out of them, a joking reference to Campbell's famous phone-throwing habit.


Naomi Campbell

Fashion Café

Campbell and fellow supermodels Elle Macpherson and Claudia Schiffer don hard hats and pose at the groundbreaking for their new business venture, Fashion Café. Yes, the restaurant serves actual (non-diet) food – a burger is on the menu. Within five years the six-location chain – opened to capitalize on the popularity of both theme restaurants and supermodels – is closed.


Naomi Campbell


Nelson & Naomi

Nelson Mandela (right) designates Campbell an "honorary granddaughter." The model – who's met with South Africa's president five times – announces plans to help him raise a fund for poor and sick kids. "He is the only person I have ever wanted to meet, and I can't believe that I will get to work with him," Campbell tells reporters.


Naomi Campbell

Campbell Attacks Help

Campbell allegedly hits her assistant Georgina Galanis with a phone and eventually pleads guilty to assaulting Galanis. By 2006, four other employees claim Campbell abused them: assistant Vanessa Frisbee claims she was attacked by Campbell; assistant Simone Craig claims the model held her hostage and threw a phone at her; maid Millicent Burton claims she'd been punched; and maid Gaby Gibson claims Campbell hit her and called her names. In 2005, the supermodel wears a Chip and Pepper T-shirt that reads: "Naomi hit me & and I loved it."

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Naomi Campbell
Date of Birth
May 22, 1970
Birth Place
London, England
Vladimir Doronin, boyfriend (2008 to present)
Marcus Elias, ex-boyfriend (2008)
Rolando Pintos, ex-boyfriend (2007)
Badr Jafar, ex-boyfriend (2005 to 2006)
Usher, ex-boyfriend (2004)
Flavio Briatore, ex-boyfriend (1998 to 2003; off and on)
Max Biaggi, ex-boyfriend (1997)
Joaquin Cortes, ex-boyfriend (Sept. 1996 to 1998; off and on)
Adam Clayton, ex-boyfriend (1993 to 1994; engaged)
Eric Clapton, ex-boyfriend (1993)
Robert De Niro, ex-boyfriend (1991 to 1992)
Mike Tyson, ex-boyfriend (1987 to 1988)
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Naomi Campbell

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