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UpdatePosted 01/31/2016 10:30AM

Khloé Kardashian Feels 'Betrayed' by Rob Moving in with Blac Chyna, Source Says

Originally posted 01/27/2016 04:50PM

It looks like Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna's relationship is progressing even further.

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Tracey Gold Tells Oprah: Where Are They Now? About the 'Firestorm' Surrounding Her Disagreement with Growing Pains Costar Kirk Cameron over Marriage Equality

Originally posted 01/28/2016 12:55PM

After the cameras stopped rolling on Growing Pains, Tracey Gold found herself embroiled in a bit of a family feud.

In an exclusive sneak peek at Saturday's Oprah: Where Are They Now, the actress opens up about her clash with former costar Kirk Cameron over marriage equality.

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Behind the Bad Blood: How Blac Chyna Went from Kardashian Insider – to Enemy

Originally posted 01/26/2016 07:35PM

[CUSTOM_PLAYER_BRIGHTCOVE "4721028850001"] For the uninitiated, the reaction to Blac Chyna posting a picture with an arm around her that looks suspiciously like Rob Kardashian's might be confusing.

If that was perplexing, Rob posting a meme of Blac Chyna planning to give birth to "baby Kardashian" on Tuesday was probably even more confusing.

If you're still wondering what the big deal is and why everyone is talking about a woman named Blac Chyna, here's a recap of her long and tumultuous history with the Kardashian-Jenner women which begins with a rapper named Tyga, now 26.

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Is That a Hint? Rob Kardashian Posts Meme Claiming Blac Chyna Is Planning to Give Birth to 'Baby Kardashian'

Originally posted 01/26/2016 02:15PM

[CUSTOM_PLAYER_BRIGHTCOVE "4721028850001" "450" "600"] And the plot thickens!

Just one day after Blac Chyna sparked speculation by posting a picture of herself with what looked like Rob Kardashian's arm wrapped around her, the reclusive Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has added fuel to the fire by posting an Instagram of his own: a meme of Blac Chyna that hints she's planning for a pregnancy.

"Blac Chyna probably out shopping rite (sic) now as she plan to give birth to the only next generation of the Kardashian Name! #BabyKardashian," reads the text above a photo of Blac Chyna, 27, holding a baby car seat.

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Khloé Kardashian Says 'Never Go Against Family' – as Brother Rob Is Reportedly Linked to Blac Chyna

Originally posted 01/25/2016 02:45PM

[CUSTOM_PLAYER_BRIGHTCOVE "4721028850001" "450" "600"] What is going on between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna?

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Ariel Winter Blasts Nash Grier (Again) for Offensive Vines: 'He Really Worked Against' Our Generation

Originally posted 01/19/2016 03:55PM

Ariel Winter has one word for Nash Grier ... well, three actually: Ridiculous, irresponsible and ignorant.

The Modern Family star, 17, revisited her war of words with 18-year-old Vine personality, whom she blasted on Jan. 12 for creating videos featuring homophobic, racially derogatory and misogynist jokes.

The Talk co-host Aisha Tyler asked Winter to elaborate on Tuesday, and the actress said, "It's so ridiculous that he has fans because there are so many young people that look up to him."

She continued, "It's so irresponsible and also completely ignorant of him to be posting things that he knows nothing about."

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