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13 Celebs Who Could Fill Michael Strahan's Seat as Kelly Ripa's New Live Co-Host

Originally posted 04/21/2016 04:55PM

Michael Strahan has left Live With Kelly and Michael to enjoy a relaxing summer before he joins Good Morning America full-time, the search for Kelly Ripa's new co-host is just heating up.

While no official announcements have been made about who will fill Strahan's seat, PEOPLE has rounded up a list of possible candidates whose names have been floated – and some who we think would fit the bill.

Keep scrolling to see who is currently in the mix.

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Kelly Ripa Explains Why the Search for a Live! Co-Host Needed to Begin Right Away

Originally posted 05/11/2016 11:30AM

Kelly Ripa is opening up in this exclusive interview on how she really feels about Michael Strahan's departure from Live! – and what's next for her. Subscribe now for her side of the story, only in PEOPLE!

Kelly Ripa's search for a new Live! co-host is starting four months earlier than previously announced – and for a reason.

Ripa's morning talk show costar Michael Strahan will end his nearly four years on Live! this Friday, despite initial plans for him to stay on through September before beginning a new role at Good Morning America.

The 45-year-old tells PEOPLE in this week's cover story that she and Live! staff members – whom she affectionately refers to as "family" – served as the impetus behind the decision to speed-up Strahan's departure.

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Anderson Cooper Answers That Live! Co-Host Question We're All Wondering About

Originally posted 04/28/2016 11:55PM

Anderson Cooper will not be throwing his hat in the ring for the vacant co-host spot on Live! with Kelly and Michael, for now.

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Kelly Ripa Eyeing Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen to Replace Michael Strahan

Originally posted 04/20/2016 12:55PM

There will be an empty chair next to Kelly Ripa come September, and she's got two men in mind to fill it.

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WATCH: Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt Talk Family, Tragedy and Unforgettable Memories

Originally posted 04/05/2016 03:00PM

Gloria Vanderbilt and Anderson Cooper are living proof that it's never too late to get to know the people closest to you.

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Anderson Cooper Says Mom Gloria Vanderbilt Is BFFs with Kathy Griffin: 'They Talk About Sex'

Originally posted 04/05/2016 10:55AM

Anderson Cooper is losing all his friends – to his mother!

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WATCH: Gloria Vanderbilt Talks Sex – and Makes Son Anderson Cooper Wildly Uncomfortable

Originally posted 04/04/2016 09:00AM

Gloria Vanderbilt and Anderson Cooper are known to have a close knit relationship, but there are still some things Cooper won't say around his mom.

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Why Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt Wrote The Rainbow Comes and Goes

Originally posted 04/01/2016 01:10PM

When Anderson Cooper and his mom Gloria Vanderbilt began emailing back and forth last year, neither of them imagined that their conversation would turn into a full-blown memoir with secrets of their legendary family filling nearly every page.

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How Gloria Vanderbilt Reacted When Son Anderson Cooper Came Out to Her

Originally posted 04/01/2016 10:15AM

Anderson Cooper didn't publicly come out as gay until 2012, but it was decades earlier that he had the conversation with his mother Gloria Vanderbilt – a discussion he "regretted" for years.

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The Real Story Behind Gloria Vanderbilt's Game-Changing 'Perfect Fit' Jeans

The Real Story Behind Gloria Vanderbilt's Game-Changing 'Perfect Fit' Jeans

Originally posted 03/31/2016 01:50PM

The designer, artist and heiress shares her stylish story in The Jess Cagle Interview