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What Color Is This Dress? Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato and More Weigh in on DressGate

What Color Is This Dress? Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato and More Weigh in on DressGate

Originally posted 02/27/2015 09:10AM

On the day that the Federal Communication Commission ruled in favor of net neutrality, classifying high-speed Internet as a public utility, the Internet celebrated by being the most Internet it has ever been.

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Margot Robbie Steals Toilet Paper from Hotels Just Like Everybody Does (VIDEO)

Originally posted 02/27/2015 08:10AM

Margot Robbie, despite all physical evidence to the contrary, is a real person on this Earth. And like most real people, she's committed an act of petty larceny on a major hotel chain.

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The Tonight Show

Ice T Does Voiceovers in Scooby-Doo, G.I. Joe and Dora the Explorer (VIDEO)

Originally posted 02/26/2015 12:30PM

Ice T has one of the most distinctive voices in pop culture. And whether you know him more as a rapper or a detective on Law & Order: SVU, you're bound to recognize that iconic rasp, even if it were coming out of, say, a G.I. Joe character.

That was the theory Jimmy Fallon set out to test on Wednesday's Tonight Show, anyway.

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The Tonight Show

'Karaoke Fiend' Gabrielle Union Calls Husband Dwyane Wade 'My Little Honey Boo Boo' on The Tonight Show

Originally posted 02/25/2015 06:25PM

[YOUTUBE "9oLSSePaliM"] Dwyane Wade isn't just a star on the basketball court, says his wife Gabrielle Union.

On Tuesday's Tonight Show, the actress bragged that she and her husband dominate the mic at karaoke, too.

"We're karaoke fiends," Union, 42, told Jimmy Fallon.

Union recalled one vacation when friends pressured Wayne to get on stage and sing: "He was my little Honey Boo Boo, and I was his Mama June," she says.

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Watch Christina Aguilera's Britney Spears Impression (VIDEO)

Originally posted 02/24/2015 07:40AM

A Mouse Club divided against itself cannot stand.

Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears have known each other since they were both Mouseketeers on The Mickey Mouse Club back in the early '90s, so it makes sense that Aguilera would have internalized her peer's vocal stylings.

But we weren't prepared for this.

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Andy Cohen and Jimmy Fallon Read Real Housewives Taglines (VIDEO)

Originally posted 02/19/2015 08:35AM

Add a glass of white wine and bigger hair, and they've got their own series.

Andy Cohen visited The Tonight Show Wednesday to promote his upcoming speaking tour with Anderson Cooper, "Deep Talk and Shallow Tales." But conversation turned – as it does – to Bravo's tentpole Real Housewives franchise, and Cohen tried his hand at creating a "tag line" for his own hypothetical slot on the show.

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Ben & Jerry's Unveils New Celebrity Flavor for Jimmy Fallon – Again!

Ben & Jerry's Unveils New Celebrity Flavor for Jimmy Fallon – Again!

Originally posted 02/18/2015 09:40AM

The latest flavor based on the late-night host sounds like something we could really sink our spoons into

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Watch Taylor Swift and Jimmy Fallon's Jumbotron Dance-Off

Originally posted 02/18/2015 07:40AM

How did Jimmy Fallon celebrate the one-year anniversary of The Tonight Show?

By doing a bunch of silly dances with Taylor Swift on a fake Jumbotron. Wouldn't you?

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Aww! Jimmy Fallon Shares Adorable Photo of Daughter Franny

Aww! Jimmy Fallon Shares Adorable Photo of Daughter Franny

Originally posted 02/17/2015 05:15PM

"Franny Fallon wishes you a happy Tuesday!" he captioned the snapshot

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Saturday Night Live

Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon Open Saturday Night Live's 40th Anniversary Special

Originally posted 02/16/2015 12:00AM

As NBC late night's reigning emcee, it's only fitting that Jimmy Fallon kicked off Saturday Night Live's 40th anniversary special on Sunday.

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