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See Matthew McConaughey's Adorable Vintage Prom Photo | Academy Awards, Oscars 2014, Dallas Buyers Club, Matthew McConaughey

See Matthew McConaughey's Adorable Vintage Prom Photo

Originally posted 03/03/2014 12:50PM

He may be an Oscar winner, but 25 years ago Matthew McConaughey was just another awesomely awkward '80s teen.

Shortly after the Dallas Buyers Club star took home the Academy Award for Best Actor, Twitter user Leah Pickett Tweeted a very special message to the first-time winner: "My aunt's high school prom date just won an Oscar. Congrats, Matthew McConaughey!"

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Meet Big Mama's and Papa's, the Pizzeria That Delivered to the Oscars | Oscars 2014, Ellen DeGeneres, Jared Leto

UpdatePosted 03/03/2014 12:00PM

Meet Big Mama's and Papa's, the Pizzeria That Delivered to the Oscars

Originally posted 03/03/2014 09:00AM

Hollywood's biggest night deserved Hollywood's biggest pizza.

And that's what they got: The pizza host Ellen DeGeneres had delivered came via Big Mama's and Papa's Pizzeria, a local franchise that claims to have "the world's largest pizza." It was delivered by a real-life employee, not an actor.

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Bill Murray Gives Touching Harold Ramis Tribute During Oscars Ceremony | Bill Murray

UpdatePosted 03/03/2014 11:30AM

Bill Murray Gives Touching Harold Ramis Tribute During Oscars Ceremony

Originally posted 03/03/2014 09:00AM

Bill Murray gave a poignant shoutout to his old friend Harold Ramis while presenting the Oscar for Best Cinematography Sunday night.

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Watch Solomon Northup's Descendants Discuss 12 Years a Slave and His Legacy

Originally posted 03/03/2014 11:00AM

Solomon Northup's descendants gather in Los Angeles Photo by: Courtesy The Hollywood ReporterThe descendants of Solomon Northup, the subject of Best Picture winner 12 Years a Slave and author of the book on which it's based, gathered in Rochester, N.Y.; Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., for a series of photos organized by The Hollywood Reporter.

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The Kardashians & Britney Spears Party with Elton John

Caught in the Act

Kim, Kourtney, Khloé Kardashian & Britney Spears Celebrate Oscars with Elton John

Originally posted 03/03/2014 10:30AM

For the Kardashians, Oscar Sunday meant a girls' night out. 

The reality stars held court at Elton John's AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party hosted by Patron spirits in West Hollywood Park, along with Heidi Klum, Neil Patrick Harris, Lady Gaga and Donatella Versace

The Kardashian ladies all wore shades of red and black, but Kim's rouge gown stood out for its bright hue and plunging neckline. 

"I wanted something red," she told PEOPLE of her fashion choice. "I was in a red mood." 

Credit: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP
Lupita Nyong'o 'Hasn't Even Slept' Since Her Oscar Win

Lupita Nyong'o 'Hasn't Even Slept' Since Her Oscar Win

Originally posted 03/03/2014 10:15AM

She nabbed the Best Supporting Actress Oscar Sunday for 12 Years a Slave – which also earned the night's biggest prize – but Lupita Nyong'o also deserves some unofficial honors: Most Charming New Star.

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Charlize Theron: My Son Said 'Mama Pretty' on Oscar Night

Charlize Theron: My Son Said 'Mama Pretty' on Oscar Night

Originally posted 03/03/2014 09:25AM

Forget the fans, her fellow stars, and the fashion police, both official and otherwise. For Charlize Theron, it was the opinion of just one Oscar-watcher that mattered: Her 2-year-old son, Jackson.

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We've Got the Answers to Your Top 5 Burning Oscar Questions | Oscars 2014, Kim Novak, Matthew McConaughey

The Answers to All Your Burning Oscar Questions (as Determined by Google Searches)

Originally posted 03/03/2014 09:00AM

Every year, the Oscars are watched by a whole lot of people.

Many of those people are not pop-culture experts. They have a lot of questions about the Oscars. Sometimes, they type these questions into Google.

According to the search engine's internal analytics, these were Sunday night's five most-searched Oscar questions. We've done you the pleasure of answering them. (You're welcome.)

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Pizza, Tears & How Ellen Did: Relive the Oscars in 2 Minutes | Oscars 2014, Ellen DeGeneres

PEOPLE Critic's Oscar Review: Well Done, Ellen

Originally posted 03/03/2014 08:05AM

There is a story that Marlon Brando, when agreeing to play Jor-El in the 1978 movie Superman, suggested that he simply supply the voice, while Jor-El on camera would be played by a suitcase or a bagel.

I've sometimes thought this would be a wonderful solution to the annual challenge of finding someone to host the Oscars. Just a bagel and a voice, year after year. It would instill a degree of ritual and mystery while also saving on production and styling costs. It would be like Her, only it would be a carbohydrate.

However, for now, the Academy needs to keep Ellen DeGeneres on the short list of stars who really know how to manage this glamorous beast.

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Matthew McConaughey: I Want to Make My Family Proud | Oscars 2014, Matthew McConaughey

UpdatePosted 03/03/2014 07:35AM

Matthew McConaughey Says He Wants to Make His Family Proud in Best Actor Speech

Originally posted 03/03/2014 01:00AM

Play testcaption testcredit Share on Facebook Tweet Pin on Pinterest Share on Tumblr Matthew McConaughey had much to celebrate Sunday night, winning the Oscar for Best Actor at the 2014 Academy Awards for his astounding turn as a man living with AIDS in the acclaimed drama Dallas Buyers Club.

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