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There Are 250 New Emoji Coming (and Here's How to Use Them)

UpdatePosted 06/19/2014 05:05PM

There Are 250 New Emoji Coming (and Here's How to Use Them)

Originally posted 06/19/2014 12:00PM

This is the kind of thing that the smiling, heart-eyed emoticon was made for. Earlier this week, the Unicode Consortium announced that its latest update (coming in July) would include over 250 new emoji, which means that we can finally – FINALLY – stop over-Tweeting our old favorites; we're looking at you, uncontrollably sobbing sad face.

Some of the newest items on Unicode's list of textable signs and symbols include a chipmunk, a spider, a chili pepper and a levitating businessman – which will be perfect for when your boss finally implements those new Gravity-Free Fridays.  

Unfortunately, the new additions won't immediately appear on our iPhones or Android devices. Apple and Google will have to redesign the symbols for their respective platforms, and each of them will decide which ones will be added to their own emoji dictionaries. (Emojionaries?) But still! Here are ten of our favorite new icons, along with some helpful suggestions for how to use them.   

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