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Sarah Palin Dropped by Fox News – Again

Sarah Palin Dropped by Fox News – Again

Originally posted 06/24/2015 04:30PM

Fox News has once again ended its relationship with Sarah Palin, PEOPLE can confirm.

As first reported by Politico, the network decided against renewing Palin's contract and parted ways at the beginning of this month.

This is the second time that Fox has dropped the former vice presidential candidate from the ranks – she first joined the network in March 2010 as host of Real American Stories, about people with "real-life tales of overcoming adversity," according to a press release at the time.

The series ended in January 2013, but Fox News invited Palin back onto the network as an analyst later that year, in June.

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A Fox News Host Hit a West Point Drummer with an Ax on Live TV (VIDEO)

Originally posted 06/23/2015 11:00AM

Jeff Prosperie is the principal drummer in West Point's marching band, the Hellcats. On June 14, he was performing during a Fox & Friends broadcast when he was hit with an ax thrown by co-host Pete Hegseth.

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The Duggars

Jill (Duggar) Dillard and Jessa (Duggar) Seewald: Our Parents 'Put Locks on the Doors'

Originally posted 06/05/2015 09:15PM

Jessa (Duggar) Seewald and Jill (Duggar) Dillard say their parents used "safeguards" to protect them from their brother, Josh Duggar, after he molested them as well as two of their sisters when they were young.

After the incidents, their parents, 19 Kids and Counting stars Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, talked to their 19 children about "not being alone," Jill, 24, told Megyn Kelly Friday on Fox News' The Kelly File.

"My parents said, 'Okay, we're not going to do this hide-and-seek thing where two people go off and hide together,' " the new mom explained.

Their parents put "locks on the doors," said Jill. "You know, everybody's in bed. Girls in the girls' room. Boys in the boys' room … as a mother now I look back, and I think, you know, my parents did such an amazing job for me. Even when we went through the DHS investigation they complimented my parents on what an amazing job they did through that process."

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The Duggars

Jill and Jessa: Josh Duggar Was 'a Little Too Curious About Girls'

Originally posted 06/05/2015 01:40PM

Jessa Seewald and Jill Dillard are speaking out in defense of their brother, Josh Duggar, who molested them when they were young.

However, the 19 Kids and Counting stars insist that Josh is not a "child molester or a pedophile or a rapist," Jessa, 22, tells Megyn Kelly on Friday's The Kelly File, airing on Fox News at 9 p.m. ET.

"This is something we chose to do, nobody asked us to do this," adds Jessa in transcript excerpts released to PEOPLE of their first time speaking out since police reports revealed that the eldest of the expansive Duggar clan was investigated in 2006 for molesting five underage girls as a teen.

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Jim Bob Duggar on Seeking Treatment for Josh: 'We Had Done Everything We Can to Handle This In-House'

Jim Bob Duggar on Seeking Treatment for Josh: 'We Had Done Everything We Can to Handle This In-House'

Originally posted 06/03/2015 09:45PM

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar went to extreme measures to protect their children after their son Josh confessed to molesting five underage girls – even if that meant having to put up safeguards in their house.

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People Picks

The Duggar Family Identifies Jill and Jessa as Josh's Molestation Victims – as They Speak of Their Devastation

Originally posted 06/03/2015 04:00PM

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have broken their silence about the allegations their eldest son, Josh, had molested five underage girls as a teen – and now, daughters Jessa Seewald and Jill Dillard have identified themselves as two of their brother's victims.

Jessa, 22, and Jill, 24, will have their say during the Fox News interview – the family's first public showing since May 20, when a 2006 police report detailing the alleged molestation surfaced.

In a promo for their sit-down with Fox News journalist Megyn Kelly, Michelle, 48, says that there was "so much grief in our hearts" when their son approached them to confess what he had done. "I think, as parents, we felt, 'We're failures.' "

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Find Out What Fox News' Megyn Kelly Will Ask the Duggars in Their First Interview Since the Molestation Scandal

Megyn Kelly Talks Duggars Interview: 'My Goal Is to Answer Some of the Harder Questions'

Originally posted 06/03/2015 11:00AM

Fox News journalist Megyn Kelly will speak to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar on Wednesday for their first exclusive interview since son Josh's molestation scandal.

"There was no magic to it," Kelly tells PEOPLE of how she secured the high-profile interview. "I approached them and made the argument that I would be the best person for them to sit down with. I told them the truth, which is that I will be tough, but I will be fair. I think they know that's my reputation."

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The Duggars Announce They Will 'Share Their Hearts' in First Post-Scandal Interview | The Duggars

The Duggars Announce They Will 'Share Their Hearts' in First Interview in Wake of Molestation Scandal

Originally posted 05/30/2015 09:00AM

The famously conservative Duggars seemed to be models of wholesome family life, but son Josh was hiding a dark past: He allegedly molested five young girls as a teen. Subscribe now for an inside look at the Duggars' dark family secrets, only in PEOPLE.

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