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Watch a Fitness Fanatic and 'Big Beautiful Woman' Clash on Living with the Enemy (Video)

Originally posted 07/07/2015 03:00PM

What happens when a fitness nut and a plus-size model and blogger are forced to live with each other for eight days?

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FROM EW: Unauthorized Melrose Place Story in the Works from Lifetime

FROM EW: Unauthorized Melrose Place Story in the Works from Lifetime

Originally posted 07/01/2015 11:30PM

The movie will highlight all of the behind-the-scenes drama from early casting snags to Heather Locklear’s arrival to the series

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A Deadly Adoption: The PEOPLE Review

People Picks

A Deadly Adoption: The PEOPLE Review

Originally posted 06/21/2015 12:00AM

Well, what the hell was that?

A Deadly Adoption, Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig's secretive Lifetime movie project, wasn't strictly a parody of Lifetime movies.

It was, more accurately, an out-and-out Lifetime movie, just performed with an awareness of the easily mocked conventions of the genre, its clichéd situations and dialogue – "You're not supposed to be here! I told you to meet me at the cabin!" – all of it performed with a slight but very precise ironic distancing.

That gap, that distance, was so small it could only be measured metrically, perhaps in millimeters.

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Check Out Uncle Jesse and the Rest of the Cast in The Unauthorized Full House Story (Video)

Originally posted 06/19/2015 11:50PM

[BRIGHTCOVE "4309007892001" "" "" "auto"] Yep, the set looks the same – and the cast bares a striking resemblance to the original actors.

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Coming Soon: Beverly Hills, 90210, the Unauthorized Lifetime Original Movie

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Lifetime to Give Beverly Hills, 90210 the Unauthorized TV Movie Treatment

Originally posted 06/15/2015 08:10PM

If Saved by the Bell got one and Full House is getting one, then it follows that fellow '90s TV series Beverly Hills, 90210 would get one, too.

Soon, Lifetime will be titillating viewers with all the juicy, behind-the-scenes drama that played out on the set of the Aaron Spelling-produced Fox teen drama, which first starting airing in October 1990 – nearly 25 years ago – According to The Wrap reports.

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You Can Breathe Now: The Trailer for A Deadly Adoption Is Here

Originally posted 06/11/2015 02:55PM

[YOUTUBE "ZXzoTZtKY0k"] To all fans of Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig and/or Lifetime movies about stupid nice people who become the prey of crafty mean people: A 20-second teaser has been released by the cable network to promote their buzzy, top-secret project A Deadly Adoption.

The movie stars Ferrell, 47, and Wiig, 41, as a couple who take in a young pregnant women (90210 alum Jessica Lowndes) in the hopes of adopting her baby after it's born.

Judging from the trailer, which has Ferrell with a blood stain on his workout hoodie and Wiig lifting a pistol and taking aim, things go wrong.

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FIRST LOOK: See Who's on Board for The Unauthorized Full House Story

Full House

FIRST LOOK: See Who's on Board for The Unauthorized Full House Story

Originally posted 06/04/2015 01:00PM

What really went on behind the scenes at Full House? Lifetime says they have answers.

This Aug. 22, the network premieres The Unauthorized Full House Story and promises plenty of scoop from the 1987 family comedy that made megastars of John Stamos and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

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Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig's Secret Lifetime Movie Is Definitely Happening – and Soon | Kristen Wiig, Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig's Secret Lifetime Movie Is Definitely Happening – and Soon

Originally posted 06/03/2015 03:00PM

Lesson learned: Never believe Will Ferrell.

The jokester's Lifetime movie with fellow Saturday Night Live vet Kristen Wiig is, in fact, happening.

A Deadly Adoption will air on June 20, honoring the 25th anniversary of Lifetime's TV-movie franchise, according to Variety.

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Bachelor Alum DeAnna Pappas Stagliano Judges Whether the Premiere of Lifetime's UnREAL Rose to the Occasion

Bachelor Alum DeAnna Pappas Stagliano Judges Whether the Premiere of Lifetime's UnREAL Rose to the Occasion

Originally posted 06/01/2015 11:20PM

Few people know the Bachelor universe better than DeAnna Pappas Stagliano. After Bachelor Brad Womack's final-rose-free season 11 shake-up, she was selected to be the next Bachelorette. She even kept it in the family, marrying and starting a family with Stephen Stagliano, the twin brother of Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad favorite Michael Stagliano. Now DeAnna is providing her one-of-a-kind insight with weekly takes on Lifetime's TV-love drama UnREAL. Follow her on Twitter, @DeAnna Pappas!

Let's start with your own experiences. Do you remember any funny behind-the-scenes moments from your own experience that were similar to UnREAL?
Night one is really so intense and a roller coaster of emotions! I remember on my night one of filming The Bachelorette, I was wearing this gorgeous designer gown that was paper-thin and way too long for me. So the stylist draped it on the ground and stuck me in 7-in. heels! It was taped down onto my body in almost every space it possibly could be taped down. I could barely move! And for some reason, almost every guy who stepped out of the limo insisted on spinning me in a circle to get a good look at me! At one point, I almost fell from getting tangled in my beautiful dress while being seconds away from exposing my Bachelorette tatas!!

Speaking of entrances, The Bachelor is known for memorable introductions on night one. Who was most memorable on your season?
The most memorable entrance from my season had to be Jeremy Anderson. He was the last guy out of the limo, and he was gorgeous – very dapper. I remember him being the only guy who didn't seem as nervous as I was, and he actually hung around to talk to me! He didn't rush off inside as soon as he got out of the limo. It made me feel safe and that he genuinely wanted to get to know me. In that situation, I appreciated that so much. Just watching UnREAL and seeing the over-the-top entrances from the girls absolutely reminds me of the crazy impressions people try to make on night one. It's like, in the two days after you come to L.A. to be on the show, you become desperate to make a lasting impression and be remembered by someone you don't even know.

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UnREAL: DeAnna Pappas Stagliano Previews Lifetime's New Bachelor-esque Drama

Originally posted 05/26/2015 04:15PM

For reality-TV fans – Bachelor fans, especially – Lifetime's upcoming drama UnREAL will feel more than a little familiar.

PEOPLE has an exclusive sneak-peek clip of the series, starring Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer, which offers a behind-the-scenes look at a fictitious reality romance show in which a group of women vie for the heart of one suitor (see where we're going with this?).

"It's totally realistic," former Bachelor and Bachelorette star DeAnna Stagliano (née Pappas) tells PEOPLE of the clip.

"It reminded me of the show in the way the carriage rolled up and the woman got out playing the violin," she continues. "It's totally something a contestant would do to get someone's attention!"

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