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WATCH: Dating Naked Contestant Strips Down (Her Emotions) in Season 2 Premiere

Originally posted 07/22/2015 01:00PM

One Dating Naked contestant is wising up to the naked truth that she faces romantic competition on the reality dating show.

In PEOPLE's exclusive sneak peak at the season 2 premiere of Dating Naked, Kerri feels a flash of envy when Chris appears smitten with another disrobed woman, Jenny.

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Dating Naked Season 2 Supertease: 'This Is, Hands Down, the Weirdest Date I Have Ever, Ever Been On'

Originally posted 06/29/2015 02:00PM

On the second season of VH1's daring-and-baring reality show Dating Naked, two singles prove without a doubt that they're in the, uh, nude for love.

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A Short History of Pop-Up Video

A Short History of Pop-Up Video

Originally posted 01/08/2015 05:20PM

Thirty years ago this week, Video Hits One began offering the too-old-for-MTV crowd a sensible alternative. That channel would eventually grow into the entity we know today as VH1, and with that name, it would nail that pop culture nostalgia sweet spot with series like Behind the Music, VH1 Storytellers and more.

But above all the VH1 hits, it was Pop-Up Video that captured the hearts and minds of a certain kind of media-addled, know-it-all geek. The series first exploded in 1994, and our culture of nostalgia and trivia obsession has only grown stronger in the Internet age. With a hat tip towards VH1's big 3-0, People spoke with Woody Thompson, co-creator of Pop-Up Video, about how this landmark series came to be.

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Costars Shocked by VH1 Star Stephanie Moseley's Apparent Murder

Costars Shocked by Stephanie Moseley's of Apparent Murder-Suicide Involving Husband

Originally posted 12/09/2014 06:55PM

The horrible news was hard to believe.

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VH1 Star Stephanie Moseley and Husband Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide

VH1 Star Stephanie Moseley and Husband Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide

Originally posted 12/09/2014 09:20AM

Stephanie Moseley, a star of VH1's NBA cheerleading drama Hit the Floor, and her husband, the rapper Earl Hayes, died Monday in a suspected murder-suicide, police confirmed to PEOPLE.

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Ballerina Misty Copeland Starring in New Dance Reality Show

Ballerina Misty Copeland Starring in New Dance Reality Show

Originally posted 11/20/2014 07:45PM

As a soloist in the American Ballet Theatre and the subject of a widely popular Under Armour ad, Misty Copeland can now add TV star to her résumé.

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First Look: VH1's New Show Bye Felicia Aims to Empower Women (VIDEO)

Originally posted 11/17/2014 02:15PM

Get ready to say goodbye to Felicia.

"Bye Felicia" originated in the movie Friday, when a disinterested Ice Cube utters the line to a character. The expression has since since become Internet shorthand for passive-aggressively (or occasionally aggressive-aggresively) letting someone know you don't actually care that they're leaving.

But we all have a Felicia inside, and that's where Deborah Hawkes, Missy Young and VH1 come in.

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Credit: Eric Feldman/StarTraks
Watch Nicole Richie Rap at a VH1 Concert

Watch Nicole Richie Rap at a VH1 Concert

Originally posted 11/16/2014 06:15PM

What can't Nicole Richie do?

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Credit: Xclusive/Pacific Coast News Online; John Parra/WireImag
Juan Pablo & Nikki 'Are Growing as a Couple,' Says Therapist

Couples Therapy

Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell 'Are Growing as a Couple,' Says Therapist

Originally posted 10/22/2014 08:00PM

During the latest season of VH1's Couples Therapy, viewers have watched former Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis and girlfriend Nikki Ferrell struggle over how he expresses his affection. (Hint: He still hasn't said "I love you.")

But Jenn Berman, the no-nonsense psychotherapist behind the show, says they're coming along as a couple.

"Juan Pablo and Nikki have evolved through their therapy," she tells PEOPLE. "But there's more work to be done. There are some specific things about Juan Pablo that have caused him to hold back, but both he and Nikki open up more and more as they go through therapy."

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Credit: Piotr Sikora/VH1
Why The Bachelor's Juan Pablo Still Hasn't Said 'I Love You' to Nikki

The Bachelor

Bachelor Winner Nikki: Juan Pablo Still Hasn't Said He Loves Me

Originally posted 09/11/2014 12:40PM

Just one episode into VH1's Couples Therapy, things have already gotten raw between The Bachelor's Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell.

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