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'We Are the World' Feline Style: Internet Celebri-Cats Band Together to Save the Tigers (VIDEO)

Originally posted 07/29/2014 03:00PM

It's International Tiger Day, and some very special Internet stars are here to meow all about it.

Lil Bub, Princess Monster Truck, Pudge and more famous web moggies recently joined up with Greenpeace to create the video "Cats Save Tigers." Think of it as a "We Are the World" with more yowling.

In the clip, the kitties explain (with a little help from captions) that while tigers are the largest felines in the world, their numbers are rapidly declining. There are only 3,000 tigers left on Earth today, a depressing figure these cats hope to change.

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Meet Anderson Pooper: The Paralyzed Race Dog Ready to Warm Your Heart

UpdatePosted 07/28/2014 01:35PM

Meet Anderson Pooper: The Paralyzed Race Dog Ready to Warm Your Heart

Originally posted 07/28/2014 12:55PM

It's time to meet your new spirit animal: Anderson Pooper.

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Credit: James Garcia
This Guy Made an N.Y.C. Bucket List for His Dying Dog (PHOTOS)

UpdatePosted 07/26/2014 05:15PM

Man Takes Dying Dog on an N.Y.C. Bucket List Adventure

Originally posted 07/23/2014 04:05PM

When one New Yorker learned his dog was dying, he decided he didn't want to wait until his pet's last day on earth to give his friend of 16 years a special experience.

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Credit: Getty(2)
Alligator Escapes from Michigan Zoo with Help from Tortoise Accomplice

Alligator Escapes from Michigan Zoo, Apparently with Help from Tortoise Accomplice

Originally posted 07/25/2014 06:15PM

An owner of a zoo in Michigan's Upper Peninsula says a 12-inch alligator has escaped, possibly with some help from a tortoise.

MLive.com reports the alligator named Carlos got out of an enclosure over the weekend at the GarLyn Zoo near Naubinway. He was spotted by people nearby, who called police, but he wasn't caught.

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Credit: Getty
Russia Loses Control of Zero-Gravity Gecko Sex Satellite

Russia Loses Control of Zero-Gravity Gecko Sex Satellite

Originally posted 07/25/2014 04:00PM

They say in space, no one can hear you scream, but that's not the case if you're one of five geckos having sex on a rogue Russian satellite.

The geckos were sent to space on July 19, as part of a mission to test the effects of low gravity on plant and animal life, particularly the geckos' sexual behavior.

Unfortunately, the Russian space agency lost control of the Photon-M4 satellite shortly after it made its way into orbit. As the Moscow-based news agency Interfax reported Thursday, mission control suspects a problem in the satellite's engine caused it to stop responding to commands from Earth.

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Credit: Courtesy Gerald Andrejcak/Facebook/Getty
Snakegate: Expert Claims NJ Lake Boa Is Really an Anaconda, Says He Was 'Sworn to Secrecy'

Snakegate: Reptile Expert Claims Lake Hopatcong Boa Is an Anaconda, Says He Was 'Sworn to Secrecy' Not to Tell

Originally posted 07/21/2014 03:55PM

The plot thickens ... and slithers.

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This 84-Year-Old Woman Rescued a Dog from a Pack of Wild Coyotes

Originally posted 07/19/2014 06:45PM

On July 11, Dolores Jefferson became a local hero after she rescued a neighbor's dog from a pack of wild coyotes.

The 84-year-old Bensenville, Illinois, resident was enjoying a cup of coffee when she heard noises coming from behind her home.

Jefferson went outside to investigate and found her neighbor's dog, Roxie, an Egyptian Pharoah Hound, surrounded by five coyotes.

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UpdatePosted 07/19/2014 11:35AM

Your Daily Inspiration: Five Wheelchair Dogs Playing Fetch

Originally posted 07/16/2014 04:55PM

Just in case you're having a bout of "I can't" or "I won't" or "Why bother even trying?" we present to you this: five wheelcart dogs playing fetch alongside three able-legged dogs. Everyone is barking.

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UpdatePosted 07/18/2014 04:25PM

WATCH: Hawaii's Most Famous Surfer Is Kama the Pig

Originally posted 07/17/2014 03:25PM

Surfers in general are not a tidy group of people, but there's only one who lives in a literal pigsty: Kama the surfing pig, who has quickly become the Internet's favorite surfing quadruped.

Kama met his current owner, Kai Holt, when the latter was on vacation. The piglet was living by himself on the beach when he wandered into Holt's cabana and soon found himself adopted. Only a little while later, he fell in Holt's pool and surprised his owner with a tiny doggie paddle – or rather, piggy paddle.

Amazed by Kama's love of aquatics, Holt started taking his pet along on his surfing trips; before he knew it, the little pig was hopping on the surfboard too. In February, the story of the surfing pig attracted a number of local news outlets, which then spread Kama's story to the mainland. The Internet had a new talented animal to celebrate!

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