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Cheetah Cub & Puppy Become Best Friends at San Diego Zoo (VIDEO) | Animals & Pets, Cute Pets, Funny Pet Videos, Funny Pets, Pet News, Pet Videos, Unusual Pets, Zoo Animals

UpdatePosted 06/13/2014 11:25AM

The Daily Treat: Cheetah Cub & Puppy Become Best Friends at San Diego Zoo

Originally posted 06/12/2014 06:00PM

Here's some more definitive proof we can all, indeed, get along: A 6-week-old cheetah cub named Ruuxa has befriended a 7-week-old Rhodesian ridgeback puppy named Raina.

After the cheetah, born at the San Diego Zoo's Safari Park, was rejected by his mother, the keepers helped nurse the youngster. And then they found him a friend.

"Because the cheetah was by himself and did not have any siblings, we wanted him to have a companion immediately,” animal training manager Susie Ekard said in the zoo's blog. "They definitely like to play, and when they take naps together, they often will snuggle up together for that warmth and closeness." (See them in action in the video below.)

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The Daily Treat: Let This Goat Inspire You to Try Harder Today

Originally posted 06/06/2014 10:00AM

Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? Already need more coffee? Does the thought of your next meeting make you want to curl up under your desk and listen to Adele?

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Shark Handler Pets Shark on the Nose Like a Dog (VIDEO)

Originally posted 06/01/2014 11:20AM

Don't try this at home. Even if your home is the ocean, and you are Aquaman, this is still a risky proposition.

Filmed during Bahamas Underwater Photo Week, this video shows professional shark handler (a terrifying job description if we've ever heard one) Cristina Zenato summoning a Caribbean reef shark to her lap and scratching it on the nose like a puppy.

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A Bicycle Built for Two: Watch a Man and His Goat Cruise the Streets

Originally posted 05/31/2014 08:30AM

Going for a leisurely bike ride? Don't leave your goat at home!

If your piggybacks are strong enough, any bicycle can be a tandem for you and your farm animal of choice, as the cyclist in this clip proves.

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Credit: AP
Woman Plays Dead to Stay Alive During Bear Attack

UpdatePosted 05/30/2014 11:00AM

Woman Says She Played Dead to Stay Alive During Alaska Bear Attack

Originally posted 05/30/2014 10:30AM

Jessica Gamboa grew up hearing you should play dead during a bear attack, and she put that knowledge to the ultimate test when she ran into a brown bear on the grounds of a military base in Alaska.

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Sea Lion Shows Concern for Girl Who Trips During Game of Tag, Melts Hearts

WATCH: Sea Lion Shows Concern for Girl Who Trips During Game of Tag, Melts Hearts

Originally posted 05/30/2014 10:40AM

She is beauty. She is grace. Whoops, where did she go?

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Vote for Your Favorite Pets Video! | Animals & Pets, Baby Animals, Cute Pets, Funny Pet Videos, Funny Pets, Pet News, Pet Videos

The PEOPLE Pets Awards: Vote for Your Favorite Viral Video!

Originally posted 05/30/2014 09:20AM

We won't ever tell your boss just how much of your workday is devoted to watching cat videos on the Internet.

Research, right?

Anyway, we embrace the fact that the Internet was basically invented for the sole purpose of watching animals do adorable, hilarious and all-around awesome things.

That's why we're looking to honor the best viral video as part of our first-ever PEOPLE Pets Awards, which will celebrate the finest and furriest in an upcoming issue of PEOPLE. We've tirelessly culled through the world of box-loving cats and dogs who will do anything for a treat when the cameras are rolling. (Research, right?)

We've picked our five favorites below, and now we need your help choosing a winner!

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UpdatePosted 05/27/2014 06:30PM

A Goat Ends His Hunger Strike After Reuniting with His Donkey Best Friend

Originally posted 05/27/2014 11:30AM

A goat named Mr. G received the surprise of his life recently when he was reunited with his best friend, a donkey named Jellybean.

The pair's inspiring friendship began when they lived together for years in the menagerie of a hoarder; after her brood was taken away from her, Mr. G and Jellybean were split up between two different sanctuaries.

Mr. G was taken to California's Animal Place, where the owners soon noted his emotional distress. The buck sat in his pen all day, refusing to eat or even move.

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Hero Cat Update: The Attack Dog Has Been Euthanized

Hero Cat Update: The Attack Dog Has Been Euthanized

Originally posted 05/25/2014 12:35PM

The dog who attacked a 4-year-old boy – which lead to a heroic encounter with a cat named Tara – has been euthanized.

Sources at an Bakersfield, California, animal shelter confirm that Scrappy died on Saturday, reports TMZ.

Meanwhile, the brave and stunning Tara has been thrust into the spotlight since the video of the vicious dog attack went viral earlier this month. Just last week, she threw the first pitch at a minor league baseball game (or so she tried) alongside the boy she saved, Jeremy Triantafilo.

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Credit: Luis Robayo/AFP/Getty
New Zealand Cat Delivers Free Bag of Marijuana to Owner's Doorstep

New Zealand Cat Delivers Free Bag of Marijuana to Owner's Doorstep

Originally posted 05/23/2014 12:00PM

Hero Cat, meet Stoner Cat.

A New Zealand woman was shocked on Sunday when she discovered her beloved pet was celebrating 4-tabby: The cat had left her a small bag of marijuana right outside her front door.

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