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UpdatePosted 10/25/2014 08:10PM

Funny Video: No One Appreciates Pumpkins More Than This Porcupine

Originally posted 10/24/2014 01:10PM

Ever had a meal so good it sent shivers down your spine? Teddy Bear the porcupine knows the feeling.

When the hungry critter is presented with a cauldron of mini pumpkins in this YouTube video, he savors every single delicious bite. Groaning and snorting – and sounding a lot like a joyful Julia Child fawning over ingredients in her kitchen – the adorable animal seemingly gets closer to exploding with each piece (which would be extremely painful for everyone involved on account of those spiky spines).

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Bear Cub Found Wandering Oregon Drug Store Goes to Rehab

Originally posted 10/23/2014 12:35PM

A black bear cub found wandering the aisles of an Oregon drugstore will be raised with the goal of releasing him into the wild next year.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife said Wednesday the bear has been taken to the PAWS Wildlife Center in Lynnwood, Washington, for rehabilitation.

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Credit: Getty
Look Out! 6-Ft. Long Pet Boa Constrictor Escapes in Ohio

Look Out! 6-Ft. Long Pet Boa Constrictor Escapes in Ohio

Originally posted 10/22/2014 02:40PM

A 6-ft.-long pet boa constrictor accidentally slithered away from its Ohio owner on Sunday, and local police are currently on the lookout for the creature.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, the snake escaped from its owner in Delhi Township over the weekend while it was outside being fed; the owner later realized it "wandered off."

The report says that the Department of Agriculture advised that this type of snake – which is permitted as a pet in Ohio – tends to scurry away from people or commotion. But authorities also caution that the snake will want to snuggle somewhere warm in cold temperatures, so home snake checks are advised.

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Credit: Andy Watson / bullstockmedia.com
Why You Must Watch This Bucking Bull Before He Retires Sunday

Why You Must Watch This Bucking Bull Before He Retires Sunday

Originally posted 10/22/2014 10:45AM

You don't need much inside knowledge about the sport of bull riding to know that Bushwacker is something special.

This is an animal athlete with swagger. And when a cowboy climbs aboard, he jumps, kicks and spins with such spry athleticism that it's easy to forget he weighs a whopping 1,700-plus lbs.

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Credit: Courtesy UGG Australia
Tom Brady's New UGG Commercial Features His Dog ... Is It Rude to Stare? | Tom Brady

UpdatePosted 10/22/2014 06:30AM

The Daily Treat: Tom Brady's Dog Steals the Scene (& Our Hearts!) in New UGG Commercial

Originally posted 10/21/2014 04:30PM

Clearly, fashion is a family affair for the Bündchen-Brady clan.

Lua, the pit bull mix of football star Tom Brady and wife Gisele Bündchen, costars with her dapper dad in his new marketing campaign for UGG Australia, and the dog is definitely bringing fashion forward in the cutest way possible.

In the video titled "Down Time," the third in the series, Lua plays fetch with the three-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback on a deserted beach. (Brady's parents, Tom and Galynn, starred in the previous installments.)

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The Daily Treat: Finally, There Is a Twerking Turtle

Originally posted 10/20/2014 06:00PM

You know what to do with that big fat shell.

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Ripple the Dog Steals the Spotlight During Canadian Weather Forecast

Originally posted 10/20/2014 01:35PM

Mike Sobel, weatherman for the Global Edmonton Morning News, learned one important thing about the brindle mastiff mix serving as his one-time cohost: "Ripple likes to play."

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Mama Bear Is Reunited with Cub Stuck in Trash Bin (VIDEO)

The Daily Treat: Mama Bear Is Reunited with Cub Stuck in Trash Bin

Originally posted 10/17/2014 02:45PM

Forget playdates. For a mother bear and her cub, Pasadena, California, became a playground on Thursday.

News helicopters captured their city adventure, which began when the two California black bears were spotted hanging near a dumpster in a busy business district. The mother stood on a ledge as her baby struggled to get out of the receptacle.

"They bring their cubs to an area where there's a decent amount of food, decent amount of water, and there's no threat," California Department of Fish and Wildlife game warden J.C. Healy explained to NBC Los Angeles.

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Firefighters Save Dog with Human Oxygen Mask

UpdatePosted 10/16/2014 08:15PM

Firefighters Save Dog from the Brink of Death with Human Oxygen Mask

Originally posted 10/16/2014 05:15PM

Thanks to the quick thinking and brave actions of a group of firefighters, a dog named Keiser has a second chance at life.

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Credit: Courtesy Nikki Reed
Nikki Reed Adopts Another Pet – Can You Guess What She Took Home This Time?

Nikki Reed Adopts Another Pet: a Kitty!

Originally posted 10/16/2014 07:15PM

There's yet another special someone in Nikki Reed's life – and, no, Ian Somerhalder has no reason to be jealous.

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