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Credit: Santa Cruz Police/AP
Alleged Prostitute Accused in Google Executive Death Had Heroin on Her at Arrest: Police

Alleged Prostitute Accused in Google Executive Death Had Heroin on Her at Arrest: Police

Originally posted 07/11/2014 07:45PM

Alix Catherine Tichelman, the alleged prostitute charged in connection with the heroin overdose death of Google executive Forrest Timothy Hayes, was found with heroin on her at the time of her arrest, police confirm to PEOPLE.

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Hot Car Toddler Death: Friends React to Murder Charges Against Dad

Friends Weigh In on the Troubling Double Life of Justin Ross Harris

Originally posted 07/10/2014 12:00PM

Play testcaption testcredit Share on Facebook Tweet Pin on Pinterest Share on Tumblr They looked like an ordinary family, living in an upscale community of Marietta, Georgia.

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Credit: Rick Bowmer/AP
Portland Will Flush 38-Million-Gallon Reservoir After Catching Teen Urinating in Water

Portland Will Flush 38-Million-Gallon Reservoir After Catching Teen Urinating in Water

Originally posted 04/17/2014 09:45AM

Call it the Big Flush 2, and this time the sequel promises to be much bigger than the original.

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Newlywed Who Admitted Pushing Husband Off a Cliff Wants to Withdraw Guilty Plea

Jordan Graham Wants to Withdraw Guilty Plea in Montana Newlywed Murder Case

Originally posted 03/26/2014 12:25PM

A Montana woman who was to be sentenced Thursday for pushing her new husband to his death in Glacier National Park wants to withdraw her guilty plea to a second-degree murder charge, her lawyer says.

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Credit: Colin Kerrigan/AP
Third Death Confirmed in SXSW Hit-and-Run Crash

Third Death Confirmed in SXSW Hit-and-Run Crash

Originally posted 03/17/2014 04:45PM

There is more bad news for SXSW goers.

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Woman Skinny Dips to Distract Tennessee Man While Her Husband Robs the House

Naked Woman Distracts Neighbor While Her Husband Robs His House

Originally posted 07/10/2013 06:00PM

The next time a married neighbor asks if she can swim naked in your backyard, think twice!

Stephen Amaral, a Tennessee man who allowed his neighbor's wife to skinny dip in his pool – while he watched for 20 minutes – was stunned to discover that it was just a ploy to distract him.

The couple, who live nearby, approached Amaral with the wife asking if she could swim. When Amaral said she could, the woman sent her husband to get her cigarettes and then asked Amaral if he would be bothered if she swam in the nude.

Not a problem, Amaral said.

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Credit: Scottsdale Police
Jason London Suffered 'Brutal Attack' While Being Arrested: Rep

Jason London Suffered 'Brutal Attack' While Being Arrested: Rep

Originally posted 01/30/2013 08:30PM

After being arrested following a bar fight in Scottsdale, Ariz., over the weekend, Jason London insists the incident isn't what it seems.

"The details of the events leading up to the incident are still being worked out with the help of many eyewitness testimonies; people who were there with Jason for the duration of the evening and with the recollection Jason does have. We will undoubtedly get to the bottom of the specifics. Neither Jason nor any of the witnesses we have spoken to have any recollection of anything even feeling like it was going south," according to a statement released by London's rep.

The statement claims that "excessive force" was used by the four bouncers during the altercation at the Martini Ranch.

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Credit: Steven Lawton/FilmMagic
Criss Angel Offers $5K Reward to Conjure Up His Stolen Dog | Criss Angel

Criss Angel Offers $5,000 Reward for Stolen Yorkshire Terrier

Originally posted 01/29/2013 12:15PM

Criss Angel's puppy has disappeared – and it's not a part of his act.

The magician's new teacup Yorkshire terrier was stolen from a pet store along with three other puppies in a weekend heist, according to the Las Vegas Sun, and Angel has offered a $5,000 reward for their return.

Angel, 45, who stars in Cirque du Soleil's Believe tour at the Luxor Hotel Casino, purchased the pup several days ago from Prince & Princess Puppies & Boutique on South Rainbow Boulevard in Las Vegas and left the dog in the care of the store's owner, Gloria Lee, before leaving Monday on a weeklong vacation to Mexico.

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Credit: David Guralnick/Detroit News/AP
Pastor Who Gave Whitney Houston's Eulogy Is Beaten, Carjacked

Rev. Marvin Winans Beaten, Carjacked in Detroit

Originally posted 05/17/2012 10:30AM

The pastor and gospel recording artist who gave the eulogy at Whitney Houston's funeral in February was beaten and carjacked in Detroit on Wednesday.

The Rev. Marvin Winans suffered cuts and bruises and had his wallet, a $15,000 Rolex watch and his 2012 Infiniti SUV stolen, according to the Detroit Free Press.

The three or four men who attacked Winans at a gas station in a northwest part of the city likely did not know who he was, police said.

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Credit: AP
Barefoot Bandit Expected to Plead Guilty to More Charges

Barefoot Bandit Expected to Plead Guilty to More Charges

Originally posted 12/16/2011 09:30AM

Colton Harris-Moore, the "Barefoot Bandit" whose two-year crime spree included stealing airplanes and committing a number of thefts in several states, is expected to plead guilty to state charges Friday, including burglary, the Associated Press reports.

Friday's court appearance corresponds to crimes committed in various counties around Washington state. In June, Harris-Moore, 20, pleaded guilty to seven federal charges. He is scheduled to be sentenced for those charges in early 2012 and will serve his state and federal sentences concurrently.

Prosecutors are pressing for a nine-and-a-half-year prison sentence, according to the AP, but Harris-Moore's attorneys are hoping information about his troubled childhood will lead to a lesser sentence.

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