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Cute Pets

UpdatePosted 07/14/2014 03:30PM

Lions, Tigers and Bears Help Pre-Distress Denim at Japanese Zoo

Originally posted 07/14/2014 02:00PM

Allowing consumers to make bold new fashion statements such as "I was mauled by a wild tiger," the Kamine Zoo in Hitachi City, Japan, has elected to raise money by auctioning off Zoo Jeans, which have been stylishly ripped by its own four-legged residents.

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Are These 7 Dancing Kittens the Next 'NSYNC? (VIDEO)

WATCH: Are These 7 Dancing Kittens the Next 'N SYNC?

Originally posted 07/10/2014 07:50AM

Play testcaption testcredit Share on Facebook Tweet Pin on Pinterest Share on Tumblr Pump up Haddaway's "What Is Love (Baby Don't Hurt Me No More)", because these Maine Coon kittens are ready for a Night at the Roxbury.

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VIDEO: Hedgehog Befriending Pinecones Is the Cutest Thing You'll See Today

Hedgehog Trying to Befriend Pinecones May Be the Cutest Thing You See Today

Originally posted 07/07/2014 03:15PM

In case you ever felt like your life would be more complete with a hedgehog-starring riff on Are You My Mother?, we've got a Vine you need to see.

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Watch: Small Dog Settles Argument Between Two Other Dogs with Authority

Originally posted 07/06/2014 05:00PM

When it comes to pack leaders, size doesn't always matter. That's the lesson imparted to us by this video, in which a small Bichon Frisé breaks up a fight between two other members of his pack.

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UpdatePosted 07/02/2014 08:00AM

Watch: This Cat Took Some Serious Chill Pills

Originally posted 07/01/2014 02:50PM

We'll have what this cat is having.

It's the middle of the week, and this kitty could not care less. Instead of fretting over World Cup brackets, unanswered emails and Supreme Court decisions, this feline is content just sitting in a chair and straight chilling.

The video above is brought to us by calm cat connoisseur and YouTube user shironekoshiro, the same feline whisperer who impressed the Internet with Basket Cat and Stacking Cat. This leads us to wonder, how does shironekoshiro keep their kitties so relaxed? Catnip hypnosis? Reggae music? Aromatherapy? Whatever it is, it would be nice if they shared.

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Cuteness Alert! Baby vs. Bulldog Will Make You Smile

Originally posted 06/30/2014 04:30PM

It's baby versus bulldog – and it's unclear who the real winner is.

Is someone upset because the dog took her spot on the couch? Is her diaper dirty? Or is she simply informing him about the latest viral cat video?

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Happy Sunday: Here's a Capybara Playing with Two Puppies

Happy Sunday: Here's a Capybara Playing with Two Puppies

Originally posted 06/29/2014 05:40PM

Considering capybaras are essentially giant rats, they're actually pretty cute. Maybe it's the unparalleled authority that comes from being the world's largest rodents, but they seem like wise old men.

Case in point: Take this video, in which JoeJoe the capybara good-naturedly tolerates two husky puppies who are equal parts adorable and demanding.

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TGIF! Celebrate the Weekend with a 2.5-Legged Dog Who Loves to Fetch | Animals & Pets, Funny Pets, Pet Videos, Talented Pets, Unusual Pets

UpdatePosted 06/27/2014 03:30PM

TGIF! Celebrate the Weekend with This 2.5-Legged Dog Who Loves to Play Fetch (VIDEO)

Originally posted 06/27/2014 01:15PM

Play testcaption testcredit Share on Facebook Tweet Pin on Pinterest Share on Tumblr Hope is a pup that certainly lives up to her name. Even though this dog has been through some rough times, her adorable and friendly demeanor has never waned and now it's paying off.

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It's a Frog, It's a Gorilla? No, It's Pig the Dog (VIDEO)

Originally posted 06/24/2014 11:00AM

It's impossible not to stare at Kim Dillenbeck's dog, Pig.

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Man Finds Sweet and Squeaky Surprise at Power Station: WATCH

UpdatePosted 06/19/2014 12:30PM

WATCH: Man Finds Sweet and Squeaky Surprise at Power Station

Originally posted 06/18/2014 09:00AM

DANGER! Not only is this area high voltage, it also contains an overwhelming amount of adorableness.

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