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Lilo the Husky and Rosie the Kitten Continue Their Adorable Friendship on Instagram

Originally posted 08/04/2015 12:30PM

Took the monkey on the right to the vet for her first set of shots She didn't handle it very well But at least she's protected! Back for round 2 in a month! #liloandrosie ----------------- P.S. If you would like to follow us on Twitter, our username is: lilothehusky A photo posted by Hello! We Are Lilo&Infinity! (@lilothehusky) on Jun 29, 2015 at 6:43pm PDT

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Watch This Pomeranian Pooch's Whole Body Shake After a Hilarious Sneeze

Originally posted 08/01/2015 12:40PM

Gesundheit, little buddy!

Meet Roux the Pomeranian, the newest addition to the Internet's bevy of cute pooches.

In an adorable new YouTube video, posted Thursday, Roux has a serious case of the sniffles. The pup tries to hold in a sneeze before letting loose a shockingly loud noise, sending its entire body into a quake.

Roux shakes off the sneeze, all while looking like a shimmying, little cotton ball.

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Credit: Brad Barket/Coach/Getty
5 Things You Need to Know About Ariana Grande's Coach Model Dog

5 Things You Need to Know About Ariana Grande's Coach Model Dog

Originally posted 07/29/2015 04:25PM

Growing up as Ariana Grande's puppy, Toulouse Grande is accustomed to life in the spotlight. But now that Toulouse is the new face of Coach Pups, a high-end dog accessories line, that light is about to get a whole lot brighter. 

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Police Officers Escort Quacking Duck Family Across the Street (VIDEO)

Originally posted 07/28/2015 03:40PM

Why did the ducklings cross the road? Because they had an adorable police escort.

In a YouTube video only slightly less exciting than a high-speed car chase – but more than slightly cuter – two St. Andrews police officers protected a rogue family of ducks that somehow found their way into the middle of the road. By slowing down traffic and directing them away from the bizarrely-oriented cars (driving on the left side will never look right to us), the two officers fulfilled their sworn duty to protect and serve adorable ducks.

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Tiny Baby Skunk Just Hangs out in Man's Pocket (VIDEO)

Originally posted 07/28/2015 10:05AM

Meet Sweet William. Sweet William is a baby skunk who this gentleman, Farmer Bob, found sick and orphaned on the side of the road.

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Orangutan Affectionately Smooches Pregnant Woman's Belly (VIDEO)

Originally posted 07/27/2015 02:50PM

Don't knock people for being "baby crazy" – it's just animal instinct.

An orangutan at Britain's Colchester Zoo named Rajang got rather affectionate recently with a pregnant guest at the park, according to Mashable.

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Chill Owl Just Chills in Bath (VIDEO)

Originally posted 07/24/2015 09:00AM

Hey man, like, what's your damage?

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Here, Watch this Puppy and Kitten Fight for a Spot on the Couch (VIDEO)

Originally posted 07/23/2015 02:00PM

Ugh, it's Thursday afternoon.

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Baby Hedgehog Sneezes Are the Most Glorious Thing in the World (VIDEO)

Originally posted 07/22/2015 11:00AM

These three baby hedgehogs have seriously thick (and pointy!) skin.

After being abandoned by their mother immediately after birth, the resilient hoglets were left alone for a full 24 hours before being found and brought to Wildlife Rescue Centre for treatment. Despite a troubling start, the three hedgehog siblings are getting back on their feet – and letting out the world's most adorable sneezes, which are basically gentle squeaks.

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Credit: Maria Yagoda
How Dog-Friendly Ice Cream Tastes, According to Dogs

We Tried It: PetSmart's Dog Ice Cream

Originally posted 07/19/2015 11:10AM

WHAT IS IT: PetSmart's Dog Ice Cream "Treat Time," which is served at their PetsHotels

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