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Harley Pasternak: 5 Reasons You Need to Eat Breakfast ... Plus 7 Delicious Ideas | Harley Pasternak

Harley Pasternak

Harley Pasternak Blogs: 5 Reasons You Need to Eat Breakfast – Plus 7 Delicious Recipe Ideas

Originally posted 04/10/2013 12:00PM

Your mother was right when she said that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. Some of the (many) reasons why, however, may surprise you.

1. Eating Breakfast Helps You Lose Weight
If you skip breakfast, you're saving calories, therefore losing weight, right? WRONG. Contrary to popular belief (and maybe counterintuitively) eating breakfast actually helps you lose weight.

If you eat dinner at 7, go to bed at 10:30 p.m. and skip breakfast, by the time you're eating lunch at 1 p.m., your body hasn't fueled up in 18 hours! When you go that long without eating, our body goes in to preservation mode, meaning that it conserves energy. Conserving energy means that your metabolism is slowing down. So not only are you not burning calories and fat as efficiently, you're also going to be plagued with low energy all day.

Eating breakfast revs our metabolic engines so that they're ready for prime calorie burn all day. In addition, studies show that people who skip breakfast actually end up eating more throughout the day – to the tune of about 100 calories, according to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

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Is the Latest Weight-Loss Craze Helpful or Harmful?

The Fast Diet: Inside the New Weight-Loss Craze

Originally posted 03/17/2013 08:50PM

The thought alone of eating just 500 calories a day is enough to make any woman feel faint. But for two days a week that's exactly what the latest blockbuster diet from Britain recommends.

The Fast Diet, coauthored by London-based doctor Michael Mosley and writer Mimi Spencer, outlines a weight-loss plan that limits a woman's daily intake to 500 calories twice aweek (men get 600 calories) but allows dieters to eat whatever they want on the remaining five days.

"It's not really fasting. It's just a break from your normal routine," says Mosley, 56, who dropped 20 lbs. in three months on the plan. "It's not like an ordinary diet where you think about it all the time. The joy is that you get on with your ordinary life."

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Jim Carrey: Dieting Was 'Not a Happy Place to Be' | Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey: Dieting for The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Was Not a 'Happy Place'

Originally posted 03/04/2013 06:45PM

In his upcoming film, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, Jim Carrey has quite the body.

The funnyman, 51, forgoes a shirt in several of the film's scenes, showing off his svelte physique – which the actor credited to a strict diet.

"It's not a happy place to be," Carrey told PEOPLE at the movie's junket in Las Vegas on Saturday. "I'm back now. I've got Mr. Cuddly back and we're happy," he added while rubbing his stomach.

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Wynonna Says Kirstie Alley Is Her Dancing with the Stars Weight Loss 'Mentor'

Dancing With the Stars

Wynonna Says Kirstie Alley Is Her Dancing with the Stars Weight Loss 'Mentor'

Originally posted 02/27/2013 03:45PM

Country icon Wynonna's size is no laughing matter.

Despite playfully telling Tuesday's Good Morning America audience about signing on to Dancing with the Stars so that she can get down to her birth weight, the singer says her health has actually become a growing concern.

"This is a great diversion for me, because it will focus on self-care, which for women – especially working as hard as I do – we forget to put ourselves on the list," Wynonna, 48, told PEOPLE shortly after it was announced she'd be joining the cast of ABC's hit show. "This will force me to take care of myself."

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PHOTO: Boy George Shows Off Dramatic Weight Loss | Boy George

Boy George Shows Off Dramatic Weight Loss in London

Originally posted 02/18/2013 05:30PM

By George, he's lost it!

Boy George showed off a svelte new figure when attending the Whatsonstage.com Awards on Sunday night in London.

Sporting his trademark eyeshadow, Boy George, 51, wore all black, save for a baby blue tie and beige hat, to the event.

As he's shed the pounds, the singer-songwriter has documented his journey on Twitter, sharing everything from advice from his doctor to reactions on his healthy lifestyle.

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What's Jada Pinkett Smith's Favorite Diet Cheat? | Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith Reveals Her 'Craziest' Diet Ever

Originally posted 02/13/2013 07:00PM

Jada Pinkett Smith knows a thing or two about diet and exercise.

The 41-year-old mom to Jaden, 14, and Willow, 12, who recently showed off an extremely toned beach body, says the craziest diet she's ever done actually involved a whole lot of eating.

"My craziest diet was for The Matrix," Smith told PEOPLE at the Vera Wang Fall 2013 Collection fashion show at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week on Tuesday. Seated front row next to model Chrissy Teigen, Pinkett Smith enjoyed some girl time away from husband Will Smith, who recently vacationed with pals – and parents-to-beKim Kardashian and Kanye West in Brazil.

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Harley Pasternak: How Alcohol Can Sabotage Your Goals | Harley Pasternak

Celebrity Blog

Harley Pasternak Blogs About the Surprising Ways Alcohol Can Hurt Your Diet

Originally posted 02/06/2013 02:00PM

Last week, country singer Tim McGraw made a splash when PEOPLE magazine featured an article about his complete physique transformation.

What I found most interesting about Tim's turn around was his revelation that drinking had been the primary roadblock. Tim realized that his alcohol intake not only added more girth to his gut, but it led to his poor dietary decisions, and sapped his desire to work out.

Tim also went on to explain how his family was the main reason behind his decision to give up drinking, get healthy, and be a positive/healthy role model. And he looks better than he ever has at 45!

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Credit: Courtesy Harley Pasternak
Trying Weight Loss Cheats? Trainer Harley Pasternak Has Some Warnings | Harley Pasternak

Celebrity Blog

Harley Pasternak: Are You Guilty of Weight Loss Cheats?

Originally posted 01/30/2013 02:00PM

Long before I trained entertainers, I was an exercise and nutrition scientist for the military.

I worked in a lab that specialized in performance-enhancing substances. We gave drugs to soldiers in an effort to make them run faster, jump higher and lift more.

For a time, I was an authority on drugs and foods that improved performance. You can therefore imagine my fascination with athletes – most recently, Lance Armstrong, who confessed to doping in an interview with Oprah Winfrey – who choose to take an illegal short cut to win.

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Paula Deen: How My Whole Family Got Fit! | Paula Deen

Paula Deen: How My Whole Family Got Fit!

Originally posted 01/23/2013 07:45AM

Paula Deen is the first one to admit: "When I first found out I was diabetic, I had no solutions. I couldn’t even help myself, much less somebody else." 

Now – one year after she announced her Type 2 diabetes diagnosis to a mix of criticism and support – Deen is not only showcasing how she trimmed off 40 lbs. 

In this week's issue, the 66-year-old Food Network star invited PEOPLE into her Savannah home to share how her family members adopted different weight loss strategies and lost an astounding 178 lbs. total.

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5 Stay-Slim Secrets from America's Top Chefs

Five Stay-Slim Secrets from America's Top Chefs

Originally posted 01/12/2013 09:45AM

"You can be fit and enjoy wonderful food," says Art Smith, who proved it when he dropped 120 lbs., while still keeping fans like Oprah happy with his famous fried chicken, and occasionally indulging himself. The Top Chef Masters star was one of three-dozen chefs whom PEOPLE senior editor Allison Adato spoke with for her book, Smart Chefs Stay Slim: Lessons in Eating and Living from America's Best Chefs, just out in paperback.

Each one of them has managed to either maintain a healthy weight – or lose a lot – despite working around rich and delicious food everyday. If you're kicking off the year with a resolution to eat better, chefs have a lot great, easy ways to do it. Here are 5 things you can start today:

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