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Credit: Lisa Skelton
Famous Albino Whale Makes Rare Appearance in Queensland

Superstar Albino Whale Migaloo Makes Rare Appearance in Queensland

Originally posted 06/23/2014 10:50AM

It's like spotting the J.D. Salinger of the whale world.

Friday, whale-cruise operators near Australia's Port Stephens were alerted to the fact that elusive albino humpback whale Migaloo was in the area, sending whale watchers on a merry chase as he joined other migrating humpbacks heading towards Queensland.

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Watch the Oddly Riveting Mating Dance of the Galapagos Albatross

UpdatePosted 06/16/2014 06:45PM

The Mating Dance of the Galapagos Albatross Is Oddly Riveting (VIDEO)

Originally posted 06/16/2014 08:25AM

Coming soon to a bar near you.

The "funny-looking bird does its strange mating dance" portion of nature shows is clearly the best portion, so why not just cut to the chase and watch only that part?

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Credit: Courtesy The Tsavo Trust
Poachers Kill One of the World's Largest Elephants

Poachers Kill Satao, One of the World's Largest Elephants

Originally posted 06/15/2014 07:25PM

The Tsavo Trust, a not-for-profit organization located in Kenya, reported Friday that one of the largest and oldest bull elephants in Kenya's Tsavo Conservation area – and likely the world – Satao, had been killed by poachers.

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Credit: Courtesy Carl Moore/NOAA
Rare, Deeply Upsetting 'Goblin Shark' Caught Off Gulf of Mexico

UpdatePosted 05/06/2014 04:35PM

Rare, Deeply Upsetting 'Goblin Shark' Caught Off Gulf of Mexico

Originally posted 05/06/2014 12:45PM

Frankly, we don't find Jaws all that scary anymore ... now that we know something like this exists.

Photos of a rare – and terrifying – species of shark known as the goblin shark have surfaced, and now we don't think we'll ever sleep again.

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Credit: Tim Rooke/REX USA
PHOTOS: William & Kate Tap into Their Animal Instincts Down Under

UpdatePosted 04/18/2014 06:30PM

The Daily Treat: Prince William & Duchess Kate Tap into Their Animal Instincts

Originally posted 04/18/2014 02:35PM

Their dog Lupo may be thousands of miles away at home, but Prince William and Kate Middleton have been far from starved for animal encounters.

The royal couple's tour of New Zealand and Australia has been filled with frequent furry meet-and-greets in the form of puppies, sheep and a wombat.

At the Sydney Royal Easter Show on Friday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were on hand for a sheep shearing display where a ram named Fred made them smile by welcoming them with a gentlemanly bow. The royals fed Fred some yummy apples (above), and the press ate up Kate's playful joke: she suggested that her handsome husband cover his bald spot with a wig made of alpaca wool.

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Credit: Steve Torres/California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife/AP
Crocodile Caught Wandering Around California Mall

UpdatePosted 04/11/2014 03:55PM

Crocodile Caught Wandering Around California Mall

Originally posted 04/11/2014 09:45AM

Don't shed any tears for a crocodile that was captured wandering outside a pet store at a Northern California shopping mall.

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Credit: Toby Zerna/Newspix/REX USA
Koalas Are Taking Selfies Now | Animals & Pets, Cute Pets, Exotic Animals & Pets, Funny Pets, Pet News, Talented Pets, Unusual Pets, Zoo Animals

UpdatePosted 04/04/2014 05:15PM

The Daily Treat: Koalas Are Taking Selfies Now

Originally posted 04/04/2014 02:10PM

Ever since Ellen DeGeneres took the mother of all selfies at the Oscars last month, people everywhere have been trying to top it. Well, it appears someone finally has – a koala.

The cuddly residents of the Wild Life Sydney Zoo are the latest members of the animal kingdom to become selfie-obssessed. When a camera was set up on a moveable tripod in their enclosure a few weeks ago, Bruce, Aaron and Bill immediately started posing for snaps.

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Credit: Courtesy of Gordon Cole/AP
Firefighter Saves 7-Ft. Boa Constrictor from Burning House

UpdatePosted 04/02/2014 07:30AM

Firefighter Saves 7-Ft. Boa Constrictor from Burning House

Originally posted 04/01/2014 01:45PM

A firefighter put his reptile-handling experience to good use when he rescued a 7-ft.-long boa constrictor from a burning home in western Michigan.

Muskegon firefighter Scott Hemmelsbach told the Muskegon Chronicle that he reluctantly agreed to enter the two-story, smoke-filled house Sunday night to retrieve the snake. He says he cradled the "weighty" snake before carrying it to safety.

"It was trying to crawl up the side of his terrarium and get out," Hemmelsbach said. "His face was pushed up on the screen and trying to get out. There was a lot of smoke, and he was trapped."

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Credit: Courtesy Prince Michael Jackson
Prince Jackson's Slimy Tribute to His Father: 10 Snakes

Prince Jackson's Love of Animals 'Comes from His Father'

Originally posted 03/20/2014 05:45PM

Like father, like son: Prince Jackson appears to have inherited late dad Michael Jackson's love of animals.

Days after being spotted leaving a Woodland Hills, Calif., pet supply store with his arms full, the king of pop's son updated his fans with a Vine video showing off his latest pet project.

"80 hours of actual work in total 7 hours just today of work with 1hr of transporting the materials it should be done in a couple weeks," Jackson, 17, captioned the video, which documents an in-the-works structure for reptile cages (and a parrot!).

"Prince has about 10 snakes. He started with them after his father died when he went to live with his grandmother. He's got lizards, too," a family source tells PEOPLE.

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