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Exotic Animals & Pets

Lions vs. Crocodile: This Time, It's Personal (VIDEO)

Originally posted 03/28/2015 09:40PM

Warning: Semi-Graphic Footage of the Inherent Violence of the Natural World

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UpdatePosted 03/26/2015 10:50AM

Meet the San Diego Zoo's New Baby Hippo (VIDEO)

Originally posted 03/26/2015 09:15AM

The San Diego Zoo got a new hippo on Monday. It looks like a pretty good one.

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UpdatePosted 03/18/2015 02:00PM

Two Koalas Wrestling Is a Thing You Can Just Stumble Across in Australia (VIDEO)

Originally posted 03/17/2015 10:20AM

Australia is a magical place. A hot, spider-filled, magical place where even the trees explode and you can come across crazy stuff just walking your dogs.

Crazy stuff like two cuddly marsupials holding their own fuzzy Wrestlemania on the ground.

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Meet Pancake: The Impossible Cuteness of a Newborn Cheetah Cub

Originally posted 03/17/2015 06:50PM

Winston, Oregon's Wildlife Safari is "dedicated to conservation, education and research of native and exotic wildlife," per its website.

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Camera-Rigged Eagle Flies from World's Tallest Building (VIDEO)

Originally posted 03/15/2015 11:10AM

This is what it's like to go where eagles dare.

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Llamas on the Lloose in Phoenix? Twitterverse Has a Meltdown

Llamas on the Lloose in Phoenix Now Safely in Custody

Originally posted 02/26/2015 04:30PM

Citizens of Phoenix can now rest easy: two escaped llamas previously terrorizing (and most likely fertilizing) the streets have been captured.

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Credit: DeAgostini/Getty
Protected Owl Terrorizing Dutch Town

Protected Owl Terrorizing Dutch Town

Originally posted 02/26/2015 01:30PM

Purmerend, an otherwise sleepy town in the Netherlands, has been haunted lately by a rogue European eagle owl, responsible for at least 15 attacks over the past three weeks.

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Credit: Courtesy Diana Moyer/Facebook; Justin Sullivan/Getty
Couple Kicked Out of McDonald's for Bringing in Kangaroo

Couple Kicked Out of McDonald's for Bringing in Kangaroo

Originally posted 02/05/2015 02:45PM

McDonald's may say they are "lovin' it," but this slogan does not extend to kangaroos.

On Friday, Diana and Larry Moyer brought one of their five pet kangaroos to a McDonald's in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, prompting a customer to call the police, reports WISN.

"He's just a little guy, but you can touch him and pet him," Larry says of Jimmy the kangaroo.

The couple often brings the smaller marsupial with them on errands to keep Diana, who is battling cancer, company. Jimmy isn't a licensed service animal, but the kangaroo is a therapy pet.

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Credit: Rhaydz Barcia/Reuters/Landov
Rare Megamouth Shark Washes Up on Philippines Beach

UpdatePosted 01/29/2015 04:50PM

Rare Megamouth Shark Washes Up on Philippines Beach

Originally posted 01/29/2015 12:50PM

Fishermen in the Philippines happened across a shocking discovery on Wednesday: a rare megamouth shark was found floating in the water near the beach, reports Business Insider.

The creature, which was found dead, was brought to the shore to be examined. This marks the 60th sighting of the species. At 15 feet, this specimen is larger than most estimates for male megamouths. Researchers also counted 50 sets of tiny teeth on the shark

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Credit: Anup Shah/Getty
Scientists Reveal What Chimpanzees Are Actually Saying to Each Other

Scientists Reveal What Chimpanzees Are Actually Saying to Each Other

Originally posted 01/25/2015 07:45AM

What do chimpanzees talk about when they talk about love? (Or anything else, really?)

Scientists are finally getting to the root of that question. A new study published in Animal Behaviour details the efforts of scientists who studied chimpanzees in the Ivory Coast's Taï Forest for over 750 hours.

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