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Heroes Among Us

Credit: Courtesy of LDS Philanthropies
Heroes Among Us: The Most Moving Stories of 2014

Heroes Among Us: The Most Moving Stories of 2014

Originally posted 11/21/2014 12:10PM

Helping the homeless, supporting cancer patients and aiding animals – meet the incredible people whose stories touched us all


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Credit: Courtesy Highland Mortgage
Meet the 'SoupMan' Who Has Served Up One Million-Plus Meals to Dallas's Hungry

Heroes Among Us

'SoupMan' David Timothy Has Provided More Than a Million Meals to Dallas's Hungry

Originally posted 12/04/2014 07:00PM

Every weekday at lunch time, a white van pulls up in a nondescript parking lot in south Dallas.

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Credit: Melissa Groves
Meet the Nebraska Family Who Adopted Eight Brothers

Heroes Among Us

Nebraska Family Adopts Eight Brothers

Originally posted 11/27/2014 03:30PM

It all began with a phone call that would forever change the lives of one Nebraska couple – and eight brothers who needed a loving home.

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Credit: Melanie Grizzwl
Heroes Among Us: A Former Student Becomes Her Teacher's Caregiver

Heroes Among Us

After 30 Years, Carolyn Denson James Becomes Her Music Teacher's Caregiver

Originally posted 11/20/2014 04:50PM

In 1969, teacher Marty Hayes wrote in the yearbook of one of her favorite students, "If I ever have a daughter, I hope she is a replica of my Carolyn Denson."

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Credit: Courtesy of Lisa Smith
School Lunch Buddies Make a World of Difference for 13-Year-Old with Autism

A Lesson in Kindness: Seventh-Graders Form a Lunch-Buddies Club for Classmate with Autism

Originally posted 11/15/2014 04:30PM

Kansas teen Tate Smith's diagnosis of autism at age 2 sent his mother, Lisa, scrambling for answers. But first came the dread.

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Credit: Jenny Hall
Florida Man Helps Veterans Heal Through Water-Bound Recreational Therapy

Heroes Among Us

Florida Man Helps Veterans Heal Through Water-Bound Recreational Therapy

Originally posted 11/13/2014 05:00PM

For the past five years, Branson Rector has taken veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder out onto the water not just to experience the warm Miami breeze – but to heal and rebuild their lives.

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Credit: Courtesy Lisa Freeman
Heroes Among Us: Lisa Freeman Offers Teddy Bears and Scholarships to Grieving Siblings

Heroes Among Us

Mom of Fallen Marine Comforts Grieving Families with Teddy Bears Sewn from Soldiers' Uniforms

Originally posted 11/06/2014 03:35PM

It was Aug. 7, 2009, the first day of school. Math and science teacher Lisa Freeman was assembling packets of pens and paper in her classroom at Richmond Hill Middle School in Georgia when she saw two Marines somberly walking down the hall.

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Credit: Courtesy Pittsburgh Mercy Health System
Heroes Among Us: Doctor Makes 'House' Calls to the Homeless – and Finds Them Homes

Heroes Among Us

Pittsburgh Doctor Heads to the Streets to Treat the Homeless – and Finds Them Homes

Originally posted 10/30/2014 05:20PM

For the past 22 years, Dr. Jim Withers has been putting an entirely new spin on the concept of house calls.

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Credit: Courtesy Mike Hill/Boomer Esiason Foundation
Heroes Among Us: Man with Cystic Fibrosis Runs Marathons 'Because I Can'

Heroes Among Us

Man with Cystic Fibrosis Runs Marathons to Raise Money for the Cause

Originally posted 10/09/2014 02:30PM

Steve Bell loves marathons.

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