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Girl Killed After Reportedly Texting, 'I Think I'm Being Kidnapped'

Murdered Teen Reportedly Texted Boyfriend, 'I Think I'm Being Kidnapped'

Originally posted 07/30/2014 07:00PM

Police are searching for a suspect in the slaying of a Michigan teen who was killed while walking her dog.

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Which Modern Family Star Discovered a Murder in His Family Tree?

Jesse Tyler Ferguson Discovers a Dark Crime While Tracing His Family Tree

Originally posted 07/30/2014 11:40AM

When two different celeb friends told Jesse Tyler Ferguson that he should appear on Who Do You Think You Are? to learn more about his family ancestry, the actor was sold on the idea.

Except Ferguson never would have guessed what he ended up discovering about his family.

"We followed my great-grandfather's line, and I had no information about him at all," Ferguson tells PEOPLE. "He passed away before my dad was even born."

But only one day into researching his great-grandfather's life, the Modern Family star was stunned at the findings.

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Kennedy Cousin Michael Skakel Seeks to Suppress Evidence in Murder Retrial

Michael Skakel Seeks to Suppress Evidence in Murder Retrial

Originally posted 07/24/2014 08:00PM

A lawyer for Michael Skakel is seeking to keep the government from using audio tapes made by the Kennedy cousin for a memoir as evidence in his upcoming murder retrial.

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Pregnant Teen Strangled and Boyfriend Decapitated After Connecting with a Man on Craigslist for Sex

Pregnant Teen Strangled and Boyfriend Decapitated After Connecting with a Man on Craigslist for Sex

Originally posted 07/22/2014 01:50PM

A pregnant Michigan teenager was strangled and her boyfriend was decapitated after apparently connecting with a stranger through the online service Craigslist for a sexual encounter, police said Monday.

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Watch: Seattle Pacific Shooting Victims Honored in Moving Music Video

Filmmaker Pays Tribute to Seattle Pacific College Shooting Victims in Bear's Den Video 'Elysium'

Originally posted 07/19/2014 07:10PM

When filmmaker Marcus Haney visited Seattle in June, he intended to shoot a music video for British band Bear's Den's new song "Elysium." But the end product was much more heartbreaking than anyone could have imagined.

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Cassidy Stay Weeps at Her Family's Funeral

Funeral Held for Family Gunned Down in Texas

Originally posted 07/17/2014 10:45AM

Six white caskets containing the bodies of a suburban Houston couple and four of their five children were wheeled into a church Wednesday for funeral services not far from where the family was gunned down at their home a week ago.

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Credit: Courtesy Maui Police
Missing Pregnant Maui Woman's Ex-Boyfriend Pleads Not Guilty

Steven Capobianco, Ex-Boyfriend of Missing Pregnant Maui Woman, Pleads Not Guilty

Originally posted 07/16/2014 09:15AM

The ex-boyfriend of a Maui woman, who was five months pregnant when she disappeared, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to a murder charge in her death.

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Wife of Man Who Left Toddler in Hot Car Speaks Out

Justin Ross Harris's Wife 'Is Living Every Parent's Nightmare'

Originally posted 07/15/2014 07:15PM

There are many unanswered questions in the case of Justin Ross Harris, the Georgia man who was arrested for killing his 22-month-old son, Cooper, by leaving him in a hot car.

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Killer of Pamela Smart's Husband Moved to Work-Release Program

Billy Flynn, Killer of Pamela Smart's Husband, Is Moved to Work-Release Program

Originally posted 07/14/2014 06:00PM

William "Billy" Flynn, who committed the 1990 murder for which Pamela Smart was convicted for conspiracy and sentenced to life without parole, has been moved to a medium-security prison as he approaches his own chance at parole next year.

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Houston Shooting Survivor Out of Hospital

Houston Shooting Survivor Cassidy Stay Out of Hospital

Originally posted 07/12/2014 04:35PM

The lone survivor of a suburban Houston shooting that left six members of her family dead is out of the hospital.

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