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Kylie Jenner Shares Adorable Video Celebrating Dog Norman's First Birthday

Originally posted 09/09/2015 08:00PM

[BRIGHTCOVE "4402952783001" "" "" "auto"] Kylie Jenner certainly knows how to throw a birthday celebration.

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Hero Cop Rescues Groundhog with Can Stuck on Its Head (VIDEO)

Originally posted 08/13/2015 03:15PM

Ground hog rescue!Good job Officer O'Hay & Sgt. Smith!

Posted by Lehigh University Police Department on Tuesday, August 11, 2015
It's a hard life being a groundhog. It's hard to predict the weather and take the fall for when it doesn't play out, and it's especially hard to predict the weather with your head stuck inside of a can. That's where the fine police officers of Lehigh University come in.

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We Could Watch this Bear Blunder Around for Salmon Forever (VIDEO)

Originally posted 08/13/2015 10:00AM

Do you ever see animals doing animal things and think, "Same, dude. Same." (Of course you do.)

That's us with this bear today. We could watch this guy clumsily clomp around in the stream for salmon forever, and not just because he reminds us of ourselves at Old Country Buffet.

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A Tale of Two Kitties: One of Taylor Swift's Cats is More Excited to See Her Than the Other

Originally posted 08/07/2015 10:55AM

Coming Home to Mixed Reactions - A Short Film pic.twitter.com/p8W2TLSPzN— Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13) August 6, 2015

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Watch This Pomeranian Pooch's Whole Body Shake After a Hilarious Sneeze

Originally posted 08/01/2015 12:40PM

Gesundheit, little buddy!

Meet Roux the Pomeranian, the newest addition to the Internet's bevy of cute pooches.

In an adorable new YouTube video, posted Thursday, Roux has a serious case of the sniffles. The pup tries to hold in a sneeze before letting loose a shockingly loud noise, sending its entire body into a quake.

Roux shakes off the sneeze, all while looking like a shimmying, little cotton ball.

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Here, Watch this Puppy and Kitten Fight for a Spot on the Couch (VIDEO)

Originally posted 07/23/2015 02:00PM

Ugh, it's Thursday afternoon.

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WATCH: This Pooch Is a Pinball Wizard

Originally posted 07/21/2015 02:50PM

This English bulldog prefers the shiny excitement of the silver ball to the mundane monotony of a chew toy.

All it takes is the suggestion of "pinball" from his owner, and this pup is running toward the basement faster than you can say "multi-ball bonus."

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Taishan the Giant Panda Turns 10: A Look Back (VIDEO)

Originally posted 07/16/2015 02:00PM

Taishan the Panda has lived his whole life in front of cameras, much like Jim Carry in The Truman Show. And like Jim Carrey in The Truman Show, that means you can watch his whole life in a series of neatly-edited clips. (No Ed Harris, but you can supply your own Philip Glass soundtrack if you want.)

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They Found a Shark Near an Underwater Volcano and Now We Can Never Feel Safe (VIDEO)

Originally posted 07/13/2015 05:00PM

Brennan Phillips is a Ph.D. student who specializes in underwater volcanoes – which is awesome – at the University of Rhode Island.

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This Panda Had Too Much to Drink and We Empathize (VIDEO)

Originally posted 07/13/2015 02:00PM

Here's a thing we learned about pandas today: Apparently, they can drink so much water at a clip that they become "drunk" on it and can't move, immobilized by their swollen bellies.

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