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Me-Wow! Kickstarter for Kitty Hamster Wheel Far Exceeds Goal with Nearly $100,000 Funded

Originally posted 07/21/2014 04:45PM

Got a fat cat? This Kickstarter has an interesting answer to fighting pussycat pudge: hamster wheels!

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Watch: Cats Rock Out and Play Synth in This Tail-Quivering Music Video from sElf

Originally posted 07/21/2014 03:55PM

It has been nine years since the synth-loving rock band sElf has released a new album, but they certainly know how to make up for lost time.

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UpdatePosted 07/19/2014 11:35AM

Your Daily Inspiration: Five Wheelchair Dogs Playing Fetch

Originally posted 07/16/2014 04:55PM

Just in case you're having a bout of "I can't" or "I won't" or "Why bother even trying?" we present to you this: five wheelcart dogs playing fetch alongside three able-legged dogs. Everyone is barking.

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UpdatePosted 07/03/2014 08:00PM

Funny Video: Clumsy Cat Finally Masters Its Hammock

Originally posted 07/04/2014 07:15AM

All it took was a little purrseverance.

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TGIF! Celebrate the Weekend with a 2.5-Legged Dog Who Loves to Fetch | Animals & Pets, Funny Pets, Pet Videos, Talented Pets, Unusual Pets

UpdatePosted 06/27/2014 03:30PM

TGIF! Celebrate the Weekend with This 2.5-Legged Dog Who Loves to Play Fetch (VIDEO)

Originally posted 06/27/2014 01:15PM

Hope is a pup that certainly lives up to her name. Even though this dog has been through some rough times, her adorable and friendly demeanor has never waned and now it's paying off.

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Who Needs a Dog? Watch This Cat Welcome Home Its Soldier Owner (Video)

Excited Cat Welcomes Home Its Soldier Owner (Video)

Originally posted 06/21/2014 03:50PM

We all love those videos of soldiers being welcomed home by their loving dogs, but this one of a cat doing the same thing takes it up a notch.

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Man Finds Sweet and Squeaky Surprise at Power Station: WATCH

UpdatePosted 06/19/2014 12:30PM

WATCH: Man Finds Sweet and Squeaky Surprise at Power Station

Originally posted 06/18/2014 09:00AM

DANGER! Not only is this area high voltage, it also contains an overwhelming amount of adorableness.

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WATCH: Crazy Cat Adores Getting Sprayed by Water Bottle

Originally posted 06/17/2014 12:05AM

Looks like someone has forgotten how to cat.

In this bizarrely adorable video, things are not what they seem. The scene opens on a kitty owner taking out the dreaded spray bottle – often used for discipline – and shaking the container. But the clip's star feline doesn't cower in the face of H2O; instead he comes running to meet the spray bottle head-on, strangling it in a tight-pawed love embrace.

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'The Running of the Goats' at This Farm is Exactly as Cute as You'd Think (VIDEO)

'The Running of the Goats' at This Farm is Exactly as Cute as You'd Think (VIDEO)

Originally posted 06/10/2014 10:30AM

It's not quite as iconic as the Running of the Bulls – but it's much cuter.

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Watch a Baby Prairie Dog & Cat Become BFFs

VIDEO: Baby Prairie Dog and Cat Become the Best of Friends

Originally posted 06/09/2014 11:45AM

Friendship is magic.

Jason Hilt has had a baby prairie dog in his Auburndale, Florida, home for a few weeks now, and apparently, the little guy is getting on better than expected with Hilt's cat.

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