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Orphaned Flying Fox Receives Massage, Lights Up Our Lives (VIDEO)

Originally posted 03/04/2015 10:00AM

Everyone, meet Charlotte. Charlotte is a baby flying fox from Brisbane, Australia.

Recently, heavy rains in Brisbane have damaged the local flying fox population, with casualties including Charlotte's parents. Fortunately, there are people like Denise Wade, a videographer who takes in orphans like Charlotte and cares for them until they're strong enough to return to the wild.

Wade's clearly going above and beyond for her charges: Look at the TLC Charlotte is receiving in this clip.

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UpdatePosted 02/23/2015 08:00PM

Prank of the Day: Wearing Squeaky Shoes to the Dog Park

Originally posted 02/23/2015 03:20PM

Do you love dogs … but have trouble attracting them when visiting your local dog park? Finally, there's a solution!

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Meet Moritz, the Puzzle-Solving Pig (VIDEO)

Originally posted 02/17/2015 11:40AM

And we still haven't solved Monday's crossword.

Moritz is a pig who lives in Berlin, Germany. He happens to be very good at solving puzzles. Nicolle von Eberkopf, Moritz's owner, has trained him to perform a variety of tricks, and posts a ton of videos of the pig and her other pets to advocate for animals worldwide.

"Animals are an important part of our society," she writes in one her video posts.

And we're not disagreeing – can we get Moritz's help with our taxes?

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Dog vs. Drone: Dog Wins (VIDEO)

Originally posted 02/13/2015 09:30AM

Ah, there's nothing like a serene, airborne view of Dutch suburbs, is there?

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Funny Video: Golden Retriever Loves Tennis More Than We Love Most Things (VIDEO)

Originally posted 02/03/2015 10:15AM

What Super Bowl?

George the Golden Retriever likes all sports, according to his owner, but tennis is far and away his favorite.

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Super Bowl

All About That Adorable Budweiser 'Lost Dog' Commercial

Originally posted 01/31/2015 06:45PM

You'd be hard-pressed to find something cuter.

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Super Bowl

UpdatePosted 01/28/2015 12:55PM

The Full Budweiser Puppy Super Bowl Ad Is Here – and It Does Not Disappoint

Originally posted 01/28/2015 11:40AM

Release the puppy!

Sure, it was fun to speculate about what might happen in Budweiser's Super Bowl ad "Lost Dog," but now fans of cuteness everywhere can enjoy the real thing.

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UpdatePosted 01/22/2015 09:15AM

Watch This Totally SFW Video of Sloths About to Get Busy

Originally posted 01/21/2015 05:50PM

Full disclosure: To keep his video feed PG-13 and to protect the privacy of Mr. and Mrs. Sloth, the creator of this video stops just short of showing sloth-on-sloth action. But you'll get the idea.

Mark Rosenthal, who also narrates this video, claims that it's rare to glimpse sloths breeding, and perhaps one of the reasons why is that it takes … sloths … a … long … time … to … do … anything. In fact, you might not even be able to tell what these two sloths have in mind if you didn't have a narrator explaining it to you.

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Dog Rides Bus Alone Every Week in Seattle

Dog Rides Bus Alone Every Week in Seattle

Originally posted 01/13/2015 08:05PM

If you find yourself riding the bus sometime soon, you might find someone unexpected sitting it the seat next to you.

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