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VIDEO: Greatest Cat Ever Saves Boy from Dog Attack

Originally posted 05/14/2014 03:55PM

Stop the cat-presses. The world's greatest cat has been found. Her name is Tara, she lives in Southwest Bakersfield, California, and she's a real American Hero.

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Watch Hamster Eat the Tiniest Pizza Slice Ever

Watch Hamster Eat the Tiniest Pizza Slice Ever

Originally posted 05/09/2014 09:30AM

Play testcaption testcredit Share on Facebook Tweet Pin on Pinterest Share on Tumblr Hamsters continue to have an appetite for the adorable. Following the viral success of "Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos," another animal lover decided to create a mini meal for their furball.

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Credit: Terry Wyatt/Landov
VIDEO: Carrie Underwood's Dog Gives Her the 'Supper Stare-Down' | Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood's Dog Gives Her the 'Supper Stare-Down' (Video)

Originally posted 12/01/2013 08:30AM

Most dog owners will know that look. The penetrating store from your furry friend that says it's time for dinner, even though it's only the early afternoon.

Carrie Underwood shared a video of her dog Ace trying to telepathically force her to feed him. Watch it below.

"I get the 'supper stare-down' starting at about 4 o'clock!" the animal lover Tweeted.

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Dreaming Puppy Yelps in Its Sleep: Watch the Adorable Clip

Dreaming Puppy Yelps in Its Sleep: Watch the Adorable Clip

Originally posted 11/16/2013 05:00PM

This video of a puppy talking in its sleep is so adorable – we just wish we knew what the little Shiba Inu was saying.

We're going to bookmark the cute clip from 2009 – it's getting attention this week thanks to a repost by The Pet Collective – because it's the perfect pick-me-up for a bad day.

There's just something so sweet about the way the pup tilts its head back and issues a high-pitched puppy call-out, and it's made even more heart-warming by the fact that the pup is lying on its back in its owner's lap, alongside a doll in an animal costume.

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Wagons Full of Puppies, Protests in Egypt & the Other Most Important Things on the Internet (This Week)

Scientific Puppies, Egypt & More: The Most Important Things on the Internet (This Week)

Originally posted 07/07/2013 04:50PM

While we were busy grilling and posting Instagram video of fireworks in celebration of America's independence, Egyptians were posting pics of protests, as they demanded a more inclusive government. President Mohammad Morsi was eventually ousted – and the whole coup played out online.

Stateside, things online were much calmer – and cuter. Check out what happened this week.

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Caught in the Act! Zoo Leopard Eats Squirrel

Caught in the Act! Zoo Leopard Eats Squirrel

Originally posted 08/01/2012 04:20PM

What began as a fun day at the zoo ended with a lesson in the sometimes brutal nature of life.

A man accompanying a boy to the zoo caught the circle of life on camera when a snow leopard attacked – and devoured – a squirrel in its enclosure.

"Look, Justice, the tiger is coming to talk to you!" the man says excitedly, right before the big cat pounces on its prey.

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There Goes Your Day: The Puppy Cam Is Back!

Shiba Inu Puppy Cam Returns with Fourth Litter

Originally posted 06/07/2012 06:00PM

We've been waiting all year to say these words: The Puppy Cam is back.

It's been four years and four litters since the Internet discovered that watching lumpy, wiggly mounds of fluff could be the most engrossing and blood-pressure-reducing activity known to man, and it's a thrill to say hello to the latest group of Shiba Inu puppies from San Francisco.

This litter, named the D-Team, consists of five puppies: boys Dalichi and Dango, which means dumpling (could this get any cuter?), and girls Dosha, Daisuki and Dakota (the only one in the litter with a cream-colored coat).

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Beachgoers Rescue Pod of Stranded Dolphins

Originally posted 03/08/2012 02:00PM

These humans had a working vacation for a good cause.

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Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty, Stacey T. Chen/Getty
Why Kristen Bell Loves Sloths: 3 Adorable Reasons | Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell Loves Sloths: 3 Adorable Videos

Originally posted 02/01/2012 04:00PM

Kristen Bell has a thing for sloths – by now, the whole world knows this.

The actress outed herself as an extreme sloth enthusiast this week when she told Ellen DeGeneres the story of how she suffered an all-out meltdown after fiancé Dax Shepard surprised her with a sloth visit for her birthday. What's there to love – so much – about the tree-dwelling animals?

"Whenever I'm feeling down, I Google 'baby sloth videos,'" she once said. "I challenge you to do it right now if you're in a bad mood and not absolutely have a smile on your face."

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