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UpdatePosted 01/22/2015 09:15AM

Watch This Totally SFW Video of Sloths About to Get Busy

Originally posted 01/21/2015 05:50PM

Full disclosure: To keep his video feed PG-13 and to protect the privacy of Mr. and Mrs. Sloth, the creator of this video stops just short of showing sloth-on-sloth action. But you'll get the idea.

Mark Rosenthal, who also narrates this video, claims that it's rare to glimpse sloths breeding, and perhaps one of the reasons why is that it takes … sloths … a … long … time … to … do … anything. In fact, you might not even be able to tell what these two sloths have in mind if you didn't have a narrator explaining it to you.

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Dog Rides Bus Alone Every Week in Seattle

Dog Rides Bus Alone Every Week in Seattle

Originally posted 01/13/2015 08:05PM

If you find yourself riding the bus sometime soon, you might find someone unexpected sitting it the seat next to you.

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Norman the Bullmastiff Really Hates His Owner's Singing

Originally posted 12/26/2014 05:30PM

[YOUTUBE "rh87_hrVP5c"] We'd like to introduce you to the canine Simon Cowell.

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A Dog Dressed Like Santa Zooms Around on a Roomba, and It's Awesome

Originally posted 12/25/2014 01:30PM

[YOUTUBE "J9P20HuX7mo"] We can't stop watching this video of a dog riding around on a Roomba. Yes, the vacuum cleaning robot.

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UpdatePosted 12/24/2014 10:15AM

Owl and Rabbit's Friendship Is the Christmas Message We Need (VIDEO)

Originally posted 12/22/2014 05:00PM

Peace on earth and goodwill to all adorably small animals.

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UpdatePosted 12/23/2014 08:30AM

Farm Animals Invade PEOPLE Office, Spread Holiday Cheer (VIDEO)

Originally posted 12/22/2014 04:30PM

You think you're ready for the holidays: presents are wrapped, stockings are stuffed, the background on your phone is a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio Photoshopped to look like a reindeer.

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Watch a Kangaroo Punch a Drone Out of the Sky (VIDEO)

Originally posted 12/20/2014 03:35PM

[YOUTUBE "EZjFz5iN8BE"] Kangaroo: 1, Drone: 0.

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Dog Comforts Her Friend Mid-Bad Dream (VIDEO)

Originally posted 12/09/2014 09:05AM

The top comment on this video's YouTube page pretty much sums it up: "Dogs > people."

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UpdatePosted 12/01/2014 01:10PM

Girl Gets Surprise Birthday Kitten, Our Hearts Grow 3 Sizes

Originally posted 12/01/2014 07:25AM

Quite simply, this video of a six-year-old girl getting her long-awaited birthday present – a kitten – has shattered us.

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