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Talented Pets

Credit: Cynthia Malvin/The County of San Bernardino/AP
Abandoned Two-Legged Chihuahua Zooms into Forever Home

UpdatePosted 02/10/2015 07:50PM

Abandoned Two-Legged Chihuahua Zooms into Forever Home

Originally posted 02/09/2015 04:30PM

It's hard to tell when Joey the chihuahua zips by that he is only running with two legs.

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UpdatePosted 02/10/2015 10:50AM

Daily Treat: Deaf Puppy Learns Sign Language Commands

Originally posted 02/09/2015 02:30PM

Bambi is a new dog ready to learn new tricks.

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Credit: Courtesy Anheuser-Busch
There Is Just Too Much Cuteness in the Budweiser Puppy's Adventurous New Super Bowl Ad

Super Bowl ads

UpdatePosted 01/22/2015 06:15PM

There Is Just Too Much Cuteness in the Budweiser Puppy's Adventurous New Super Bowl Ad

Originally posted 01/22/2015 05:40PM

Forget the Puppy Bowl on Feb. 1!

Okay, don't forget the Puppy Bowl (what are you, a monster?), but at least click away for a few minutes because Super Bowl XLIX will feature the triumphant return of the precious Budweiser puppy in the ad "Lost Dog."

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UpdatePosted 01/20/2015 07:00AM

Heroic Pot-Bellied Pig Foils Attempted Robbery in England

Originally posted 01/19/2015 02:05PM

There are a lot of heroic pets in the world, but none more unlikely than Ludwig.

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Dog Rides Bus Alone Every Week in Seattle

Dog Rides Bus Alone Every Week in Seattle

Originally posted 01/13/2015 08:05PM

If you find yourself riding the bus sometime soon, you might find someone unexpected sitting it the seat next to you.

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The Tonight Show

Ohio State vs. Oregon: Jimmy Fallon Asks Puppies to Predict Football Championship

Originally posted 01/08/2015 11:15AM

Jimmy Fallon and puppies: What more do you even need?

Well, how about football, too?

On Wednesday's The Tonight Show, Fallon called upon a snuggly pack of golden retrievers to look into the crystal (okay, metal) chow bowl and determine who will win the 2015 college championship between the Ohio State Buckeyes and Oregon Ducks.

As ever, the starting line-up consisted of Brad Johnson, Kyle McAdams, Mary Kennedy, Ted Mooney, Roger Blain, Lisa Armstrong and Gary Frick, Jr. (the heir to Fallon's dog Gary Frick, who predicted – unfortunately, alas – the 2012 Presidential election in favor or Republican Mitt Romney).

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WATCH: Puppy Blows Bubbles in the Pool on Demand, Enjoys Dog Days of Summer

Originally posted 08/26/2014 08:10PM

Diesel the dog isn't about to let these last days of summer slip away without showing off his new trick.

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UpdatePosted 07/19/2014 11:35AM

Your Daily Inspiration: Five Wheelchair Dogs Playing Fetch

Originally posted 07/16/2014 04:55PM

Just in case you're having a bout of "I can't" or "I won't" or "Why bother even trying?" we present to you this: five wheelcart dogs playing fetch alongside three able-legged dogs. Everyone is barking.

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UpdatePosted 07/18/2014 04:25PM

WATCH: Hawaii's Most Famous Surfer Is Kama the Pig

Originally posted 07/17/2014 03:25PM

Surfers in general are not a tidy group of people, but there's only one who lives in a literal pigsty: Kama the surfing pig, who has quickly become the Internet's favorite surfing quadruped.

Kama met his current owner, Kai Holt, when the latter was on vacation. The piglet was living by himself on the beach when he wandered into Holt's cabana and soon found himself adopted. Only a little while later, he fell in Holt's pool and surprised his owner with a tiny doggie paddle – or rather, piggy paddle.

Amazed by Kama's love of aquatics, Holt started taking his pet along on his surfing trips; before he knew it, the little pig was hopping on the surfboard too. In February, the story of the surfing pig attracted a number of local news outlets, which then spread Kama's story to the mainland. The Internet had a new talented animal to celebrate!

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