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Credit: Courtesy of Charles The Monarch
Doh! Woman Mistakes Labradoodle for Escaped Baby Lion (Photo)

UpdatePosted 01/09/2013 02:45PM

Woman Mistakes Labradoodle for Baby Lion in Virginia

Originally posted 01/09/2013 01:30PM

Charles the Labradoodle loves kids, pizza and tailgating at Old Dominion University football games.

But on the outside, his appearance is – dare we say – just a little fur-ocious.

Groomed to look like a lion, Charles (full name: Charles the Monarch) earns plenty of attention – this time, from a concerned Norfolk, Va., resident who mistook the dog for the real deal.

A 911 caller told police that a baby lion was on the prowl down Colley Avenue on Tuesday, reports the Virginian-Pilot. Perhaps the animal was on the hunt for food, the caller worried, so police contacted the Virginia Zoo to see if any lions were on the loose.

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Credit: Keren Su/Getty
Meet the Ultimate Lovebirds: Penguin Couple Has Stayed Together for 16 Years (& Counting!)

Penguin Couple Together for 16 Years (& Counting!)

Originally posted 11/20/2012 02:00PM

It's a love story for the ages, like Prince William and Kate, or Beyoncé and Jay-Z. It's a tale perhaps even more complicated than the storied saga of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

Meet the ultimate lovebirds: a pair of Magellanic penguins who have stayed committed to each other, through thick and thin ice, for the past 16 years.

Biologists say their relationship has lasted almost their entire breeding life, including gaps of time apart that included 200,000 miles worth of solo trips, according to the U.K.'s Telegraph. Penguins typically live about 20 years after they start breeding, proving these two truly have grown old together.

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Credit: Courtesy Tallon NIghtwalker
16-Year-Old Tries to Take a Picture with (Almost) Every Animal on Earth

16-Year-Old Attempts to Take Picture with Every Animal on Earth (Almost)

Originally posted 10/18/2012 05:40PM

Call it Tallon's Ark: One by one, this 16-year-old from Fort Collins, Colo., has been taking his picture with every new animal species he encounters. His tally so far: 840.

Tallon Nightwalker began his quest when he was 5 years old. His father Bob Nightwalker, a single dad, has helped in documenting the project, which is an attempt to "get pictures with as many different species of mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians before they disappear," according to Tallon's Facebook page.

The rules are that the animal must be touching or close to Tallon, but there cannot be a barrier (like a cage) between them. He has held boa constrictors, let a peace-faced lovebird sit on his head and kissed a wolf.

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Credit: Reddit
PHOTO BOMB! Stingray Crashes Vacation Picture

Photobomb! Stingray Just Wants to Be in Your Vacation Album, Ladies

Originally posted 09/28/2012 09:35AM

Maybe they went on vacation to soak up some rays.

In that case, these three ladies got their money's worth.

In a photo posted Wednesday that has since gone viral on Reddit, a stingray steals the spotlight (with the apparent help of one strong man holding him up). We're guessing they didn't need to purchase a postcard after this extra-special (but perhaps a little reluctant) close encounter.

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Credit: VPI Pet Insurance
Dog Survives Skunk Attack (After Being Buried Alive)

How Peanut the Dog Survived a Skunk Attack – and Won an Award for It

Originally posted 09/28/2012 09:30AM

A quick glance at Peanut reveals not the biggest of dogs, nor the most intimidating of stares, but a doe-eyed – did we say adorable? – dachshund-terrier mix.

But this little pooch found herself in some big trouble last October, when a scuffle with a wild skunk left her buried alive – and almost dead.

Now, almost a year later, Peanut is the 2012 recipient of the Veterinary Pet Insurance Hambone Award, which honors the most unusual pet insurance claims of the year. (The accolade itself is named after a VPI-insured dog who ate an entire Thanksgiving ham while stuck in a walk-in refrigerator.)

While Peanut has something to celebrate now, there was nothing happy about the situation that followed when Keith and Christy Wolfram of Sicklerville, N.J., couldn't find their canine companion. Peanut, who seldom shies away from a little face time with wildlife, had clashed with a skunk and slipped beneath the deck in the backyard. The Wolframs then called the local fire department.

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Credit: Kevin Scott Ramos/Guinness World Records
PHOTO: See the World's Longest Snake (25 Ft.!)

New World's Longest Snake Is 25-Ft. Python

Originally posted 09/21/2012 05:05PM

A frightfully large beast slithers through the Edge of Hell – which is, funnily enough, located in Kansas City, Mo. – but she's getting her moment in the sun.

Medusa, an 8-year-old giant of a python, measures 25 feet and 2 inches in length, and has just been named the longest snake ever in captivity by the Guinness World Records, landing with a 350-lb. thud in the 2013 edition of the record books.

The snake lives in the Edge of Hell, a haunted house attraction located within a brick warehouse, and prefers to stay "coiled up in a nook," according to a press release.

On top of being huge, she has a reputation for being "the sloppiest eater" when having her meals of rabbits, hogs and deer, and has actually bitten herself instead of her dinner.

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Credit: Kevin Scott Ramos/Guinness World Records
Meet Zeus, the World's Tallest Dog

Exclusive: Meet the New World's Tallest Dog

Originally posted 09/13/2012 09:00AM

Denise and Kevin Doorlag weren't looking for a purse pooch or some scrappy little Dachshund. No, they wanted a big dog.

So almost four years ago, they brought home a Great Dane named Zeus, then just a little ball of black fur.

As Zeus grew, the Doorlags's hopes did, too, one inch at a time. Now 3 feet, 8 inches tall – and 150 lbs. – the aptly named canine is officially the world's tallest dog, according to the Guinness World Records 2013 edition (which launches Sept. 13).

"It's kind of comical," Kevin Doorlag tells PEOPLE.com. "Everybody we see is like, 'Is that a horse? Is he part horse, part giraffe?'"

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Amazing! Watch a Family of Ducks Safely Cross a Toronto Highway

Originally posted 09/05/2012 02:30PM

No need to sit on the edge of your seat, because here's a spoiler: This video has a happy ending.

But it's still a nail-biter to watch a family of ducklings follow their mom on to a five-lane highway in Toronto (watch above).

Lane by lane, the ducks dodge incoming traffic as they try to stick together, sometimes stopping in order to collect themselves.

Cars zoom by, but the little birds manage to weave in and out and stay out of harm's way.

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Credit: Courtesy Facebook
Meet Venus, the Two-Faced Cat

Meet Venus, the Two-Faced Cat

Originally posted 09/01/2012 08:00AM

As adorable cats go, Venus earns a double take. Literally.

Her face appears to be split in two: half black cat, half ginger tabby cat.

The latest Internet feline fixation is a chimera cat by genetics. Three vets have confirmed this to Venus's owner, according to a post on the kitty's Facebook page, which has already garnered 32,000 Likes – and counting.

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Credit: Denise Truscello
Holly Madison Cuddles a Ferret | Holly Madison

Holly Madison

Holly Madison Cuddles a Ferret

Originally posted 08/15/2012 03:30PM

There's a picture-perfect couple!

Holly Madison holds on tight to one of her two ferrets in a new photo shoot, happily cradling the little furball in her arms.

"My ferrets are some of the best pets I've ever had," she tells PEOPLE. "They are sweet, playful and surprising!"

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