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Wacky Animal Stories

Australian Goat Is Positive He's a Kangaroo

Originally posted 06/25/2015 02:20PM

Despite his horns, size and unmistakably goat-shaped body, one Australian goat is pretty certain he's a kangaroo.

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Me-WOW: Terrified Stowaway Cat Survives Plane Ride by Clinging to Wing

Originally posted 06/22/2015 12:15PM

Hello, this is your pilot speaking. Before takeoff, please check your surroundings for any loose articles that could be disturbed during flight; this includes luggage, purses and cats.

A light-aircraft pilot was treated to a shocking surprise while gliding hundreds of feet above the ground. Shortly after starting his trip from aviation school Club ULM in Kouroi, French Guiana, the flyer realized his feline had somehow snuck aboard the plane and was clinging to the wing, reports The Independent.

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Credit: Craig Armstrong
Climber Takes Cat on Hikes, Adventurous Adorableness Ensues

Climber Takes Cat on Hikes, Adventurous Adorableness Ensues

Originally posted 06/15/2015 05:40PM

Faster than a tumbleweed, more powerful than an indoor cat, able to leap boulders in a single bound. The face of feline domesticity is now the Kitty of Climbing: Millie!

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Credit: Amazon (2)
Amazon Customer Dresses Cat in Crop Top to Prove Just How Small It Is

Amazon Customer Dresses Cat in Crop Top to Prove Just How Small It Is

Originally posted 06/10/2015 03:00PM

The cat never saw it coming.

An Amazon customer dressed her feline in a revealing crop top that her daughter purchased on the website to purr-ove a point – and the wacky post has gone viral.

"My 16 y.o. daughter bought this thing. It is ridiculously small and I probably couldn't legally post a picture of what it looks like if she attempts to wear it. But, so you can see ... here is a picture of our cat wearing it. To be fair, it does cover all of the cats nipples, however, she hates the weave. In summary, do not buy this, even for your cat," reads the message posted by sbo43 from Houston, Texas.

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Credit: RSPCA/SWNS(2)
Miracle Kitten Accidentally Rides Through Industrial Shredder and Emerges Without a Scratch

Miracle Kitten Accidentally Rides Through Industrial Shredder and Emerges Without a Scratch

Originally posted 06/09/2015 02:15PM

Stig may have cashed out all nine lives when he took a ride through an industrial shredder at a recycling plant.

Staff at the plant in Rainham, Essex, spotted the gray kitten traveling on the conveyor belt towards the machine, but they were too late to help, reports The Mirror.

Site supervisor Daniel Coker watched in horror as the kitten started meowing as it entered the machine used for sorting recyclables. Seconds later, the little cat emerged from the other end of the shredder – totally unharmed.

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Owl Surprises Bride by Delivering Rings at Wedding Ceremony (VIDEO)

Originally posted 05/27/2015 02:50PM

Deciding hoo to trust with your rings at your wedding is a big deal.

This couple chose an owl named Bilbo.

For his wedding last year, Shaun Palmer decided to surprise his bride Adele with an owl ring bearer – one reminiscent of Hedwig from the Harry Potter films – who flew down the aisle to deliver their rings to his best man. And, yes, there's video of the sweet exchange.

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Credit: Getty
This Is How Spiders Tell Each Other They Want to, Ahem, Make Love

Now You Can Hear How Spiders Tell Each Other They Want to Go All the Way Tonight

Originally posted 05/26/2015 06:45PM

Boyz II Men's "I'll Make Love To You," Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On," the faint purr of a wolf spider – as it turns out, these are all basically the same thing.

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Benno the Dog Eats 23 Bullets, Has Surgery to Remove Ammo from Belly

Originally posted 05/08/2015 01:40PM

Benno the dog almost literally had a fire in his belly.

Last month, the dog swallowed 23 live rounds of .308 caliber ammunition and had to undergo surgery to have it removed.

According to Arkansas' Baxter Bulletin, the Belgian Malinois' owner, Larry "Sonny" Brassfield, was putting rounds of his ammo into cans on April 21, and he didn't have enough room for the last 200 or so.

"He's never messed with ammo before," Brassfield said of the dog, who's been known to swallow other bizarre items. "I just left them in a bag by the bed."

Well, Benno bit the bullet.

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Credit: Courtesy Osiris + Riff Ratt
Therapy Dog and Rat Team Up for Adorable Instagram Account

Therapy Dog and Rat Team Up for Adorable Instagram Account

Originally posted 05/08/2015 11:55AM

Odd couples don't get much cuter than this.

Osiris and Riff Ratt are a therapy dog and a rat (respectively) that have formed an adorable bond that's about to take over Instagram, reports Mashable.

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Ruh Roh! Dog Drives Owner's Truck into Swimming Pool

Originally posted 05/06/2015 03:25PM

That's one way to chill out.

Caroline the black Lab sent her owner's truck into a swimming pool when she got scared during a grocery store run in North Carolina.

According to FOX 11 news, Ruth and Michael Smith's pooch gets nervous in the car and always does the same thing. "When she gets scared, she'll go down on the floorboard of the truck," said Michael Smith.

This time, 90 lbs. of dog landed on Ruth's foot and the gas pedal. In an effort to avoid people or cars, Ruth steered the Dodge Ram (which was going about 55 miles per hour) across a parking lot, through a fence and into John McNamara's swimming pool.

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