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Wacky Animal Stories

Benno the Dog Eats 23 Bullets, Has Surgery to Remove Ammo from Belly

Originally posted 05/08/2015 01:40PM

Benno the dog almost literally had a fire in his belly.

Last month, the dog swallowed 23 live rounds of .308 caliber ammunition and had to undergo surgery to have it removed.

According to Arkansas' Baxter Bulletin, the Belgian Malinois' owner, Larry "Sonny" Brassfield, was putting rounds of his ammo into cans on April 21, and he didn't have enough room for the last 200 or so.

"He's never messed with ammo before," Brassfield said of the dog, who's been known to swallow other bizarre items. "I just left them in a bag by the bed."

Well, Benno bit the bullet.

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Credit: Courtesy Osiris + Riff Ratt
Therapy Dog and Rat Team Up for Adorable Instagram Account

Therapy Dog and Rat Team Up for Adorable Instagram Account

Originally posted 05/08/2015 11:55AM

Odd couples don't get much cuter than this.

Osiris and Riff Ratt are a therapy dog and a rat (respectively) that have formed an adorable bond that's about to take over Instagram, reports Mashable.

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Ruh Roh! Dog Drives Owner's Truck into Swimming Pool

Originally posted 05/06/2015 03:25PM

That's one way to chill out.

Caroline the black Lab sent her owner's truck into a swimming pool when she got scared during a grocery store run in North Carolina.

According to FOX 11 news, Ruth and Michael Smith's pooch gets nervous in the car and always does the same thing. "When she gets scared, she'll go down on the floorboard of the truck," said Michael Smith.

This time, 90 lbs. of dog landed on Ruth's foot and the gas pedal. In an effort to avoid people or cars, Ruth steered the Dodge Ram (which was going about 55 miles per hour) across a parking lot, through a fence and into John McNamara's swimming pool.

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Cat Stuck in Tree for 5 Days Finally Gets Freedom

Originally posted 05/06/2015 02:30PM

A Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, cat has all four paws back on the ground after spending five days stuck in a tall tree.

On Friday, Joel and Lori Boutin spotted the ginger tabby sitting 40 feet up a towering pine tree in their heavily wooded backyard, reports WQOW.

The couple attempted to reach the cat with a ladder and coax it down to the ground with food, but the feline wouldn't flinch.

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Credit: Courtesy Concerned Kitten/Facebook
Check Out this 'Concerned' Kitten's Amazing Eyebrows

PHOTO: Everything Is Troubling to This 'Concerned Kitten'

Originally posted 05/05/2015 05:25PM

A cow with two heads. Kylie Jenner's interesting Met Gala afterparty outfit.

They're matters that are curious to all of us, but none of us more than Gary the cat.

Gary, a.k.a. Concerned Kitten on Facebook, is a baby cat with purr-fectly expressive eyebrows that are gaining traction on the inter-webs, much like Sam the cat did in 2013.

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Koala Casually Enters Australian Hospital's Emergency Room

Originally posted 05/05/2015 03:30PM

A curious koala left the Australian Outback to explore the emergency room of a Hamilton hospital.

CCTV footage at Hamilton Base Hospital in western Victoria, Australia, captured the marsupial padding into the emergency department, reports AFP.

The koala spends several minutes sniffing around the waiting room before leaving through the hospital's sliding glass doors.

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Florida Farm Welcomes 2-Headed Calf

Originally posted 05/01/2015 12:30PM

The Crews family of Baker County, Florida, received a special delivery on Monday.

A cow on their farm gave birth to a two-headed calf named Annabel, reports FCN. Along with two heads, the newborn also has four eyes, two noses and two ears.

"It was just like a surprise because no one has even seen anything like this around here," said Carolyn Crews.

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Credit: Max Ellis/Caters News
This Squirrel Wants to Know: Do You Even Lift?

This Squirrel Wants to Know: Do You Even Lift?

Originally posted 05/01/2015 09:50AM

Want to lose that post-hibernation blubber? This squirrel is ready to pump you up.

Photographer Max Ellis captured a tree-dwelling rodent handling some 4.4-lb. weights in London, reports Mashable.

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Credit: Danny Lawson/AP
Tractor-Driving Dog Causes Traffic Mayhem

Tractor-Driving Dog Causes Traffic Mayhem

Originally posted 04/23/2015 02:35PM

Don the sheepdog is an expert herder, but his driving skills need some work.

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Credit: Captain Greg Kelly
Firefighters Rescue Duck Stuck in Fireplace

Firefighters Rescue Duck Stuck in Fireplace

Originally posted 04/21/2015 05:45PM

Santa isn't the only chimney intruder.

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