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Wacky Animal Stories

Credit: Royal New Zealand Navy/Facebook
Dog Drifting at Sea Rescued by New Zealand Navy

Dog Drifting at Sea on Log Rescued by New Zealand Navy

Originally posted 06/16/2014 07:30PM

Last week, Tiny the dog found himself in big trouble.

The Royal New Zealand Navy rescued the small pooch from a log drifting out to sea on Thursday.

According to the New Zealand Herald, crew from the Inshore Patrol Vessel HMNZS Hawea spotted the distressed pup standing on floating driftwood in Smokehouse Bay, Great Barrier Island.

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UpdatePosted 06/14/2014 01:15PM

See This Swamp Tour Guide Feed Alligators – with His Mouth

Originally posted 06/13/2014 11:25AM

A tour guide in Louisiana has given new meaning to the phrase "to serve gator."

In a viral video uploaded to YouTube in May, a guide from Airboat Adventures tour company, known only as "Lance," is seen cavorting with alligators and feeding them – including, at one point, giving the gator a marshmallow from his mouth as if it were a baby bird.

Now the tour guide's swim may have landed him in hot water. Sheriffs in Louisiana's Jefferson Parish say they're investigating the incident.

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VIDEO: This Dog Poops on Command, So Everyone Should Just Go Home

Originally posted 06/05/2014 04:20PM

We thought our dogs were pretty impressive because they kind of know our names and only chew on our shoes sometimes.

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Credit: Courtesy Champy and Morris
Cat Rides Horse, Makes Friendship Official

The Daily Treat: Cat Rides Horse, Makes Friendship Official

Originally posted 06/03/2014 09:40AM

Here's the long and short of it: Champy is a horse. Morris is a cat.

Despite their clear differences, the pair from New South Wales, Australia, have formed a beautiful bond. The black rescue cat sits atop the horse all the time and trots around his owner's property on horseback as often as he likes. Well, wouldn't you? (Watch the video below.)

Their owner, Jennifer Boyle, says the handsome horse was the one who initiated the friendship in January of last year, when the cat first arrived at her stable.

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Credit: Rafael C. Torres/Reuters/Landov
Watch a Bear Relax in a Hammock (You Know You're Jealous)

Watch a Bear Relax in a Hammock (You Know You're Jealous)

Originally posted 06/02/2014 03:00PM

On an regular day, you might find Vincent James of Daytona Beach, Florida, kicking back in the hammock outside his home.

Clearly, he's not the only one who wants to kick back and relax.

According to CNN, the homeowner was stunned last Thursday when he watched a black bear hop into the mesh hammock that hangs between two trees in his backyard (watch video below).

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Shark Handler Pets Shark on the Nose Like a Dog (VIDEO)

Originally posted 06/01/2014 11:20AM

Don't try this at home. Even if your home is the ocean, and you are Aquaman, this is still a risky proposition.

Filmed during Bahamas Underwater Photo Week, this video shows professional shark handler (a terrifying job description if we've ever heard one) Cristina Zenato summoning a Caribbean reef shark to her lap and scratching it on the nose like a puppy.

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Credit: Courtesy Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary
Lion, Tiger & Bear (Oh My!) Are Total Besties

The Daily Treat: Lion, Tiger & Bear (Oh My!) Are Total Besties

Originally posted 05/28/2014 06:45AM

Well this is different than any #BLT we've ever seen.

Bear, lion and tiger friends Baloo, Leo, and Shere Khan (#BLT, as they're referred to in the Twitter-verse) have attracted a lot of attention recently for their unlikely friendship.

According to Today, the three were rescued in poor condition 13 years ago from an Atlanta drug dealer's apartment. They now reside at the Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary in Locust Grove, Georgia, and while there's plenty of room there for them to roam around, the three prefer to be near each other; they often cuddle, sleep and keep watch together on the porch inside their enclosure.

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Credit: Courtesy Craig Armstrong/Instagram
Meet a Mountain-Climbing Rescue Cat | Cute Pets, Pet News, Talented Pets, Unusual Pets

The Daily Treat: Meet a Mountain-Climbing Rescue Cat

Originally posted 05/23/2014 04:30PM

Purr-fect is the best way to describe Craig Armstrong's unique mountain-climbing partner.

He adopted the stunning black feline named Millie from an animal shelter in Park City, Utah, and she is all he ever wanted in a sidekick.

"I go on a lot of weekend climbing adventures. I always figured when I have a pet friend, I'll take her with me," Armstrong tells Bored Panda. "It never seemed odd to me, just seems like something I'd do with my pet, take her places."

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Credit: Luis Robayo/AFP/Getty
New Zealand Cat Delivers Free Bag of Marijuana to Owner's Doorstep

New Zealand Cat Delivers Free Bag of Marijuana to Owner's Doorstep

Originally posted 05/23/2014 12:00PM

Hero Cat, meet Stoner Cat.

A New Zealand woman was shocked on Sunday when she discovered her beloved pet was celebrating 4-tabby: The cat had left her a small bag of marijuana right outside her front door.

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Credit: Michael Blann/Getty
High School Seniors Release Hundreds of Crickets as Prank

High School Seniors Release Hundreds of Crickets as Prank

Originally posted 05/23/2014 10:00AM

Several students will be disciplined for releasing hundreds of crickets in a western Pennsylvania high school as a senior prank.

Chartiers Valley School District tells KDKA-TV that the students involved in Thursday's prank at the high school in Bridgeville have been identified and will be disciplined. The district spokeswoman, Kara Droney, didn't say what that would entail.

School officials aren't saying how many Chartiers Valley High School seniors were involved, though the television station says it was about six.

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