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Substance Abuse

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Conrad Hilton Ordered Into Drug Treatment, Spared Jail Time: Report

Conrad Hilton Ordered Into Drug Treatment, Spared Jail Time: Report

Originally posted 01/27/2016 09:30AM

Conrad Hilton has reportedly been sent to a substance abuse treatment after failing drug tests and violating his probation.

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Matthew Perry Says He 'Can't Remember' 3 Years of Filming Friends Because of Substance Abuse: 'I Was a Little Out of It'

Originally posted 01/25/2016 10:55AM

Matthew Perry is getting candid about his difficult past.

During a recent appearance on Britain's BBC Radio 2, the actor was asked what his least favorite Friends episode was and Perry – who has struggled with substance abuse – admitted his memory of those times is lacking.

"Oh my goodness," he said. "I think the answer is I don't remember three years of it. So none of those ... somewhere between season 3 and 6."

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'Hideout' Home Once Owned By Drug Lord Pablo Escobar Torn Down – But Not Without One Last Heist

Originally posted 01/20/2016 06:00PM

The Miami Beach mansion once owned by notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar has been reduced to rubble – and it's new owners couldn't be happier.

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Charlie Sheen Concedes He 'Might' Be Bipolar: 'I've Come This Far, Might as Well Fix It All'

Originally posted 01/19/2016 10:20AM

Charlie Sheen continues to address his struggles.

The actor has appeared on The Dr. Oz Show three times this month to discuss his struggles with substance abuse as well as what he's learned about his HIV diagnosis. During his Monday appearance on the talk show, he also opened up about potential mental health issues.

When asked by Dr. Mehmet Oz if he's ever thought he might be manic, Sheen said he has been described and "diagnosed" as that before, saying there are "certain medical opinions, certain personal opinions that I might be bipolar."

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Credit: Jeb Bush/Medium
Jeb Bush Opens Up About His Family's Experience with Addiction: 'I Never Expected to See My Precious Daughter in Jail'

2016 Presidential Elections

Jeb Bush Opens Up About His Family's Experience with Addiction: 'I Never Expected to See My Precious Daughter in Jail'

Originally posted 01/05/2016 03:45PM

Inspired by his own family's "heartbreak" at the hands of addiction, Jeb Bush is pledging to dramatically reduce drug abuse if elected president.

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Couples Therapy

Jaclyn Stapp on 'Life-Changing' Couples Therapy Journey: 'Scott and I Have Come So Far'

Originally posted 12/10/2015 01:40PM

Just one year ago, Jaclyn Stapp was living in a nightmare.

In November and December of 2014, her husband, Creed frontman Scott Stapp, suffered a psychotic break that was exacerbated by his drug and alcohol abuse. He released a disturbing video claiming that he was broke and "under some kind of pretty vicious attack."

As Scott's struggles became frontpage news, Jaclyn was going through her own personal torment as she tried to figure out her next steps to protect the couple's three children.

Scott was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He entered treatment for his addictions. A year later, he is sober – but the family is still rebuilding and healing.

To help them move forward, the couple signed up for Couples Therapy, where they had intense conversations about their relationship.

Jaclyn, 34, tells PEOPLE about the past year: what she's learned, how she coped, and where she goes from here.

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Charlie Sheen's Ex-Fiancée Brett Rossi on Their Allegedly Abusive Relationship: 'It Was Just So Toxic and So Violent'

Originally posted 12/07/2015 06:15PM

Last month, Charlie Sheen went on national TV to tell the world he is HIV-positive. Now, his former fiancée, ex-porn star Brett Rossi, is sharing her story, suing her onetime "Prince Charming" and giving a decidedly darker glimpse into a romance she alleges was anything but a fairy tale.

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The Dr. Phil Show

Nicholas Brendon Reveals He Tried to Kill Himself: 'I Cut My Wrists with a Steak Knife'

Originally posted 12/01/2015 03:50PM

Nicholas Brendon is opening up about a suicide attempt spurred by his substance abuse.

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Kyle Richards Opens Up About Sister Kim's Sobriety and Their 'Very Difficult' Relationship: 'We Will Probably Always Be a Work in Progress'

Originally posted 11/30/2015 05:30PM

Kyle Richards is opening up about her sometimes rocky relationship with sister Kim.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star says her sister, who has struggled with sobriety, is in a good place.

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