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The Blind Side

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Blind Side Star Vows to Lose Weight After 'Embarrassing' Dismissal from Flight

The Blind Side's Quinton Aaron Kicked Off Plane for Filling Two Seats

Originally posted 04/07/2014 03:30PM

Quinton Aaron, best known as football star "Big Mike" Oher in The Blind Side, is tackling his weight problems after being booted from a flight for being too big.

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Was Sandra Bullock's Son Louis the Baltimore Ravens' Lucky Charm?

Sandra Bullock's Son Louis: Was He the Baltimore Ravens' Lucky Charm?

Originally posted 02/05/2013 03:30PM

The Baltimore Ravens won Super Bowl XLVII – and they may have gotten an assist from Sandra Bullock's son Louis who was watching in the stands.

"The 3-year-old had the lucky No. 74 jersey on! He wore it all through playoffs,” Leigh Ann Tuohy, Bullock's real-life Blind Side inspiration, tells PEOPLE. (Tuohy was at the game with Bullock, her son and the rest of Baltimore Raven Michael Oher's adoptive family.)

"My comment was, 'It better make it to New Orleans!' And it did," she says.

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Sandra Bullock and Louis Cheer on Blind Side Inspiration at Super Bowl | Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock and Louis Cheer on Blind Side Inspiration at Super Bowl

Originally posted 02/04/2013 03:00PM

The actress's 3-year-old son sported a Michael Oher jersey as the pair watched the Ravens win with the Tuohy family

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A Kiss on the Cheek, and Quinton Aaron Falls for Angelina Jolie

A Kiss on the Cheek, and Quinton Aaron Falls for Angelina Jolie

Originally posted 07/21/2010 05:50PM

The Blind Side's Quinton Aaron may have had a crush on Sandra Bullock in the past, but it seems the actor is now head over heels for another famous actress.

"I met Angelina [Jolie] last night, and she kissed me right there," Aaron, 25, gushed to PEOPLE, pointing to his left cheek, at the fifth annual Children Uniting Nations conference in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday night.

"So I said, 'I'm not washing my face right there.' I almost passed out!"

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Sandra Bullock 'Picture Perfect' While Filming The Blind Side | Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock 'Picture Perfect' While Filming The Blind Side

Originally posted 03/23/2010 04:10PM

While her husband was allegedly engaged in an affair back home in California, Sandra Bullock was happy and completely focused on work while filming her Oscar-winning role in The Blind Side in Atlanta last year, according to sources on and off the set.

"Sandy was the picture-perfect professional while filming The Blind Side," Bullock's costar Quinton Aaron, who played football player Michael Oher, tells PEOPLE exclusively. "I learned so much from working with her. I don't think she was aware of any alleged marital problems and always spoke highly of her relationship with Jesse. My heart goes out to her in this trying time, and I know she will overcome."

Others who worked on the set also said she seemed friendly and positive. "She was really focused on the part," says one source. "It was a hard part, and it took all of her attention. She was always very sweet to everyone. But that is Sandra: always kind, always professional."

Adds another source: "She was upbeat and working, and I didn't notice anything that was odd."

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Sandra Bullock's Costar Has a Crush on Her

Sandra Bullock's Costar Has a Crush on Her

Originally posted 02/28/2010 10:00AM

Sandra Bullock's The Blind Side costar Quinton Aaron has an admission: He's long had a crush on the Oscar-nominee. But after being cast opposite Bullock in the family and football drama and learning she was attached – as in married, to motorcycle builder Jesse James, since 2005 – he was happy to take their relationship in another direction.

"I've been a fan of hers for years – I was in love with her for years!" the 6'8," 25-year-old actor – who plays real-life Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Michael Oher as a young man – told PEOPLE at Friday's NAACP Image Awards ceremony in Los Angeles. "So I found out she was married and I was like, 'Okay, I'll settle for friendship.' "

"She's just awesome," Aaron gushed. "She's the most caring, loving individual that I know. She's one of the most beautiful women inside and out that anybody can have the pleasure of knowing, meeting and working with, and I felt so honored to be in that position.

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Will This Woman Win Sandra Bullock Her Oscar? | Sandra Bullock

Movie News

Will This Woman Win Sandra Bullock Her Oscar?

Originally posted 12/25/2009 05:00PM

It's the family and football drama that's managed to score touchdowns at both the box office – where by its third week it shockingly eclipsed New Moon – and in Oscar betting pools, where its star Sandra Bullock is favored to be among the five Best Actress contenders, if not the very victor herself.

But among the elements that make The Blind Side, based on author Michael Lewis's 2006 best-seller The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game, so winning already are the two real-life characters at its center: the outspoken and protective mother Leigh Anne Tuohy (forcefully played by Bullock) and the homeless, high-school student she takes into her wealthy Memphis household, Michael Oher (touchingly portrayed by newcomer Quinton Aaron).

"You know, there never was a decision to take in Michael. Michael was there [in the snowy chill, wearing only a T-shirt and shorts], he had a need, and we were able to fill it," the real-life Tuohy told the Religion News Service a month ago, when the movie first opened. "Do I think that our faith played a part in that? Absolutely. We looked over and we said, 'Wow, that young man needs some clothes.' "

Tuohy credits a sixth sense that drew her to Michael – causing her to tell her husband Sean (played by Tim McGraw) to pull over to the side of the road, where Michael was walking.

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