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Before Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: A Brief History of Disappearing Planes

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Before Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: A Brief History of Disappearing Planes

Originally posted 03/14/2014 02:45PM

The search for a missing Malaysia Airlines jet has left many wondering: How can a commercial airplane with hundreds of passengers aboard disappear without a trace?

It's happened several times before. As NBC News reports, despite advances in technology, every plane that ventures more than 120 miles from land disappears from radar. (Intercontinental flights rely on satellites to keep air traffic controllers up to date on their position.)

If Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 did crash in the waters off of Southeast Asia as suspected, even finding the wreckage would be a tall task: Unsure of its exact location, authorities have thousands of miles of ocean to check.

Flight 370 is only the most recent aircraft to vanish without a trace. Below, a look at other famous air mysteries.

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11/12/13 – Now (and 100 Years Ago)

11/12/13 – Now (and 100 Years Ago)

Originally posted 11/12/2013 07:30PM

Tuesday, 11/12/13, marks the first sequential date since Oct. 11, 2012. But of course, it's not the first 11/12/13 in history; Nov. 12, 1913 also featured the same shorthand. So, what stories did the citizens of a hundred years ago enjoy as they opened the last newspapers dated 11/12/13? We took a gander.

In some respects, the world of journalism is unchanged since 1913. International crises and disasters dominated the front page as they do now. In the Midwest, hundreds died in the wake of one of the largest blizzards the Great Lakes have ever seen. Abroad, Chile struggled to rebuild after a magnitude 6.3 earthquake that had killed two hundred people the previous week.

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