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Credit: Courtesy of Joe Jonas
Joe Jonas Is Balding, Cuddling a Kitten in His Holiday Card

UpdatePosted 12/13/2013 06:30PM

The Daily Treat: Joe Jonas Is Balding, Cuddling a Kitten in His Holiday Card

Originally posted 12/13/2013 01:00PM

Is there an unofficial contest going on in Hollywood we don't know about?

First, Kelly Clarkson released an awkward family Christmas photo. Then, Mena Suvari. Now, we have Joe Jonas.

The middle JoBro posted this, um, thought-provoking photo to his Instagram account on Thursday, depicting himself as several years (decades?) older and without most of his thick dark hair.

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Credit: Courtesy: Kath
'Subway Kittens' Find Fur-ever Home with Brooklyn Couple | Animals & Pets, Cats, Cute Pets, Pet News, Twitter Pics

The Daily Treat: 'Subway Kittens' Find Fur-ever Home with Brooklyn Couple

Originally posted 10/24/2013 07:30PM

No need to do away with the hipster wardrobe, Arthur and August – the 'Subway Kittens' have permanently moved to Brooklyn.

In August, the feline duo stopped service along New York City's B and Q lines for several hours when they somehow managed to find their way onto the subway tracks. Following their rescue, the pair was fostered by Steven Liu, a 25-year-old Bushwick, N.Y., resident, and his roommates to prepare them for adoption. "They're still really shy. I think they've been stray for a while," he told the Daily News at the time.

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Credit: Courtesy of Ian Somerhalder
Ian Somerhalder Is Going to Be a Grandpa – Wait, What?! | Ian Somerhalder

The Daily Treat: Ian Somerhalder Is Going to Be a Grandpa – Wait, What?!

Originally posted 10/03/2013 04:15PM

The Somerhalder family is getting even bigger!

A little more than a month since The Vampire Diaries's Ian Somerhalder brought home rescue dog Nietzsche, he took to Instagram on Wednesday to announce that his "new girl" is pregnant and due any day now.

"Preparing for the launch of a whole part of life – being a GRANDFATHER," he wrote. "I've got my hand on a belly with 8 little ones about to explode out into the world."

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Credit: Courtesy Taylor Swift. Inset:Dimitrios Kambouris/Wireimage
PHOTO: Taylor Swift's Cat Is Judging Her Shoe Selection

PHOTO: Taylor Swift's Cat Is Judging Her Shoe Selection

Originally posted 09/15/2013 02:50PM

Excuse me, Taylor – I'm waiting!

Though Swift is a constant presence on best dressed lists, it seems like her cat, Meredith, has her own fierce fashion opinions.

"Somehow this adds extra pressure to the already-stressful task of choosing what shoes to wear to meet and greet," the singer Tweeted on Thursday, sharing a photo of her feline staring down several pairs of pumps. While Swift's best furry friend has often been present for some of the star's biggest moments, including to celebrate her 2013 Grammy win, perhaps this time, the country crooner would prefer to have a second to herself.

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Credit: Kai Z Feng/OUT magazine
PHOTO: When Joseph Gordon-Levitt Cuddles a Kitten, We All Win

UpdatePosted 09/13/2013 04:15PM

The Daily Treat: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Cuddles a Kitten and We All Die Happy

Originally posted 09/13/2013 02:00PM

There's a lot to love about Joseph Gordon-Levitt: his charming turn in 500 Days of Summer; his determination to do the right thing in The Dark Knight Rises; his face. But just when you think you've hit peak JGL appreciation, the sexy star of Don Jon, which he also wrote and directed, gives us one more reason to pine over him: he cuddles with a kitten.

The actor adorably cradles the tiny furbaby in a new spread for the October issue of Out magazine, which he also covers. Inside, Gordon-Levitt heaps praise on his late brother Dan, who passed away in 2010, and talks about how his parents raised him to be compassionate.

"They both instilled into me and my brother the feeling that we're part of the world, and that that's important – that we're all connected and everyone's well-being is tied to each other," he says. "They're hippies, but they were not so much about being flower children as getting something done, trying to stop this war, or changing civil rights or the feminist movement – and they still are that way."

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UpdatePosted 09/09/2013 04:00PM

Men Dressed as Batman and Captain America Rescue Cat

Originally posted 09/09/2013 05:00PM

Who says superheroes aren't real?

When a Milton, W. Va., home caught fire, trapping a kitten inside, it was Batman and Captain America who came to the rescue.

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Credit: Courtesy Mandy Moore
The Daily Treat: Mandy Moore Introduces Her New Rescue Cats

The Daily Treat: Mandy Moore Introduces Her New Rescue Cats

Originally posted 07/15/2013 02:05PM

Here's an Adams' Family we'd love to join!

Over the weekend, Mandy Moore and husband Ryan Adams became pet parents to two new rescue cats.

"Welcome Addison and Maddie to the Adams' Family!" the singer Tweeted on Sunday, posting a family photo with the furry pair. "[Thank You Los Angeles Animal Rescue] for allowing us to give them a home."

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Credit: Courtesy Jessiepon
The Daily Treat: Kitten Dressed as Mushroom Is What You've Been Missing

The Daily Treat: Kitten Dressed as Mushroom Is What You've Been Missing

Originally posted 07/13/2013 02:30PM

Who says couture can't be fashionable and practical?

A rescue kitten named Wasabi-chan is proving that statement true after photos of the itty-bitty furball went viral showing her dressed as a mushroom and in other adorable crocheted ensembles.

But the stylish kitty's purr-recious sartorial selection stemmed from necessity more than vanity. Wasabi-chan was attacked by a crow on June 2, reports Mashable, and suffered a fractured upper jaw and split tongue. She required a catheter to feed, but kept wiggling the tube out of her mouth. Thus, her owner, who goes by the Twitter handle @jessiepon, crafted a series of costumes to keep Wasabi-chan still during feedings.

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Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty
Brooke Burke-Charvet: My Cats 'Rule the House'

UpdatePosted 06/13/2013 04:30PM

Brooke Burke-Charvet: My Cats 'Rule the House'

Originally posted 06/13/2013 02:30PM

With four kids at home, Dancing with the Stars host Brooke Burke-Charvet has a full household. But if you ask her, it's really run by her other two little ones: cats Tazzy and Willow.

"They kind of rule the house," she tells PEOPLE of her pets, whom she rescued four years ago. "They love to lounge outside in the backyard. They love to eat. They love to hang on the couch with the kids. They kind of do whatever the heck they want to do in the house, to tell you the truth."

Though she originally intended to only bring home one cat, the star says she was swayed after meeting the pair of felines – to her children's delight.

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Credit: Courtesy Summer Hulme
Cat Rescued After Spending Six Days Under the Rubble in Oklahoma

Cat Rescued After Spending Six Days Under the Rubble in Oklahoma

Originally posted 05/31/2013 01:30PM

Thanks to the efforts of a 13-year-old Boy Scout, what once was lost is now found in Moore, Okla.

Justin Hulme Rangel, who accompanied his Boy Scout troop from Texas to the site ravaged by a tornado on May 20, proved to be a savior for a couple whose cat Egor was presumed dead.

Rangel was searching through the remains of Geoff and Jo Humann's home on May 26 when he came upon a litter box, and correctly guessed Egor may have hidden in it.

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