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Taylor Swift: Meredith's Fame is a 'Crazy Situation'

Taylor Swift: Meredith's Fame is a 'Crazy Situation'

Originally posted 10/26/2012 03:00PM

Taylor Swift may be making the rounds discussing her already best-selling new album, Red, but there's an even bigger star in her midst: cat Meredith.

"It's a crazy situation," she tells Katie Couric in a taped episode of Katie that airs Friday. "'Cause it's a cat."

While the world's obsession may be confusing, Meredith has easily won over her mom since being brought home almost a year ago.

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Credit: Desiree Navarro/WireImage; Inset: Courtesy Beth Stern
Howard & Beth Ostrosky Stern Adopt a Cat | Beth Ostrosky

Howard & Beth Ostrosky Stern Adopt a Cat

Originally posted 10/10/2012 04:00PM

It's a boy!

Howard Stern and wife Beth Ostrosky Stern welcomed a new member into their animal family over the weekend, bringing home a cat named Charlie Boy.

"We are in love with him," she Tweeted on Sunday, sharing a photo of her and the new addition. "Adopting an adult cat is incredible!"

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Credit: Pacific Coast News
Kim Kardashian: I Hope I'm Not Becoming a Cat Lady! | Kim Kardashian

UpdatePosted 09/27/2012 01:30PM

Kim Kardashian: I Hope I'm Not Becoming a Cat Lady!

Originally posted 09/27/2012 09:00AM

For anyone keeping up with Kim Kardashian, it's pretty clear she's had only one thing on her mind lately – kitten Mercy.

"I just hope I'm not turning into one of those cat ladies that's Tweeting too many pictures of her pet!" she tells PEOPLE at a Midori event in Santa Monica, Calif., on Tuesday.

While Kardashian certainly has taken to Twitter often to share photos of her Persian, including one with nephew Mason Disick, her love for the cat has been a long time in the making.

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Credit: Courtesy Kim Kardashian
Kim – and Mason! – Fall in Love with Mercy | Kim Kardashian

UpdatePosted 09/25/2012 06:00PM

Kim Kardashian – and Mason! – Fall in Love with Kitten Mercy

Originally posted 09/25/2012 02:00PM

Mercy the kitten is certainly feeling the love!

Since welcoming her new kitten last week, Kim Kardashian has been happily showing off her beloved ball of fur, most recently posting a photo of her and the Persian sharing a smooch.

But she's not the only family member getting in on the action.

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Credit: Justin Lubin/NBC
Is Matthew Perry a Crazy Cat Guy? | Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry Gets Feline Fever on Set

Originally posted 09/11/2012 03:25PM

Matthew Perry is back on primetime TV – and he's getting a little help from some feline friends.

The actor stars as a sportscaster grieving the death of his wife on the new NBC series Go On, and in Tuesday's episode, the process involves dealing with a handful of cuddly cats.

Though judging by the actor's expression, he's none to keen about having such a large group at home with him – perhaps what leads him to seemingly give them away later on.

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Happy Birthday! Choupette Turns 1 with Shrimp Cake | Karl Lagerfeld

Choupette Turns 1 with Birthday Cake Made of Shrimp

Originally posted 08/20/2012 02:20PM

When you're the world's most famous cat, no ordinary birthday cake will do.

So as Choupette turned one over the weekend, Karl Lagerfeld's beloved cat celebrated with a special treat: a "cake" made of shrimp.

"Happy Birthday!!" the proud papa Tweeted on Saturday, sharing an adorable photo of Choupette inspecting her treat, which was topped with a single blue candle.

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Kate Beckinsale's Pet Detective Fail

Originally posted 07/19/2012 04:30PM

When her beloved pet cat, Wabbit, went missing, Kate Beckinsale did what any distraught pet owner would do: she hired a pet detective.

"I thought, 'This is a stupid thing to do, but they have it here and I'm in L.A., and I might as well just accept it and go for it,'" she told host Jay Leno on Tuesday's episode of The Tonight Show.

But while the Total Recall star didn't have high hopes, what she received in return was far different than anything she could have predicted.

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Credit: Courtesy Kesha
Ke$ha Brings Home a Cat After Strip Club Visit

Ke$ha Brings Home a Cat After Strip Club Visit

Originally posted 07/06/2012 04:30PM

Of all the things Ke$ha could have picked up from a night out, she probably wasn't expecting a cat.

The singer announced the addition of a new feline into her family on Monday, Tweeting about its interesting arrival.

"Last night after hitting a gnarly strip club this little guy was handed to me through my car window from a Russian sketch ball," she wrote, sharing a photo of the sleeping beauty. "I think that's considered a rescue..."

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Credit: Rosie Hallam/REX USA
Millie the Security Guard Cat Patrols Toy Factory

Millie the Security Guard Cat Patrols Toy Factory

Originally posted 06/22/2012 04:30PM

Workers at the Bandai factory in Southampton, England, have found the purr-fect solution to their security needs: Millie, the Bengal cat.

As the factory starts receiving shipments of what will be this Christmas's most wanted toys, employees thought it best to add an additional security measure. Millie caught their attention while roaming around the warehouse, and was immediately deemed the best possible new hire as a result of her excellent climbing and hearing abilities and telltale meow.

"Millie has always had a very vigilant personality," said her owner. "I'm not surprised she took up a career as a security guard. The toys are lucky to have such an attentive guardian."

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Credit: Courtesy Alex McCord. Inset:Kevin Mazur/Wireimage
Former Real Housewife Alex McCord's Cat Dies | Alex McCord

Alex McCord

UpdatePosted 04/20/2012 05:00PM

Former Real Housewife Alex McCord's Cat Dies

Originally posted 04/20/2012 02:30PM

Sad news out of New York: Former Real Housewives of New York City star Alex McCord's cat, Madge, passed away Wednesday after being hit by a car.

The reality star took to Facebook to share the news with her fans, posting a photo of the feline and writing, "Rest in peace, big beautiful kitty.....we miss you so much already."

After getting out of the house Wednesday morning, Madge was struck by a passing vehicle and discovered by McCord's neighbors, who alerted the family to her death so they could recover the body and have a proper burial.

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