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Hide and Seek

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De Niro Scares Up Top Movie Hide and Seek | Robert De Niro

De Niro Scares Up Top Movie Hide and Seek

Originally posted 01/31/2005 09:00AM

Pushing aside the Oscar nominees, the new fright flick Hide and Seek, starring Robert De Niro, took the top spot at the weekend box office with earnings of $22 million, according to industry estimates.

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Elisabeth Shue | Elisabeth Shue

Elisabeth Shue

Originally posted 01/27/2005 06:00AM

She was nominated for an Oscar, then disappeared into the ivory tower. Now Elisabeth Shue, who returned to Harvard in 2000 to finish her bachelor's degree, is back on the big screen in Hide and Seek, a spooky thriller costarring Robert De Niro and Dakota Fanning, and Mysterious Skin, an entry at the Sundance Film Festival. The actress, 41, who earned her Academy Award nod for 1995's Leaving Las Vegas, also focused on family in the meantime, with daughter Stella, 3, joining son Miles, 7. Shue recently chatted about taking a hiatus from Hollywood, sharing an alma mater with Natalie Portman and enjoying the horror of working on her new film.

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