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Horrible Bosses

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How Jennifer Aniston Transformed from Horrible Boss to Cake's Painkiller Addict

How Jennifer Aniston Transformed from Horrible Boss to Cake's Painkiller Addict

Originally posted 11/21/2014 05:30PM

Jennifer Aniston is known for being one of our favorite Friends and a sex-crazed dentist in the Horrible Bosses movies, but it's her dark turn as chronic pain sufferer Claire Bennett in Cake that's garnering her early Oscar buzz.

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Jen & Justin Love Timeline: From Costars to Engaged in 15 Months! | Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: From Costars to Engaged Couple

Originally posted 08/13/2012 12:35PM

Jennifer Aniston is getting married!

Justin Theroux popped the question Friday and the actress, 43, happily accepted. Fans of the duo shouldn't be surprised – it's been a fabulous 15 months for Aniston and Theroux, 41, who first met while filming Wanderlust in May 2011.

Here's how they went from costars to engaged couple.

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5 Things to Know About Horrible Bosses's Charlie Day | Charlie Day

Charlie Day: 5 Things to Know About the Horrible Bosses Star

Originally posted 08/07/2011 04:00PM

He's the breakout star of Horrible Bosses, fighting off Jennifer Aniston's advances – and getting a little out of it during a certain vacuum scene.

Still, fans of FX's raunchy hit, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, already know actor Charlie Day, 35, as the show's lovable (but oh-so-weird) Charlie, whose character has a penchant for killing rats in the basement of Paddy's Pub and dressing up in a neon green leotard as the unofficial mascot of the Philadelphia Phillies, Green Man.

But there's so much more to Day, and here's your chance to get to know the scene-stealer before It's Always Sunny's season seven premiere arrives on Sept. 15.

1. He's Going to Be a Dad
On It's Always Sunny, Charlie constantly chases after "The Waitress" (Mary Elizabeth Ellis), a still-unnamed server at a nearby coffee shop (and sometimes theme restaurant) whom he's obsessed with. The Waitress can't stand Charlie – going as far as to sleep with two of his friends – but in real life, Day has been married to Ellis since 2006 and the two are expecting their first child in December.

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Horrible Bosses Star Charlie Day, Wife Expecting a Baby | Charlie Day

Charlie Day, Mary Elizabeth Ellis Expecting a Baby

Originally posted 07/23/2011 06:45PM

It's been a good year for comedian Charlie Day. His film Horrible Bosses is a hit at the box office, and he's going to be a dad.

"We've got a kid due in December," Day, 35, confirmed to PEOPLE at a Maxim and FX party at San Diego Comic-Con Friday night. "We're five months along, and she's feeling great. We're excited."

Day and his wife Mary Elizabeth Ellis, 32, who stars alongside the actor as "The Waitress" on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, consciously decided to expand their family, says the comedian.

"We decided now is the time, and we were fortunate that it happened," he says.

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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux's Post-Premiere Date Night | Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux's Post-Premiere Date Night

Originally posted 07/01/2011 08:15PM

They may not have made their red carpet debut together at Thursday's Horrible Bosses premiere in Los Angeles, but Jennifer Aniston's boyfriend Justin Theroux was there to keep her company.

After meeting up inside the premiere, the couple hit Chateau Marmont just past 10 p.m. with a large group of pals, including Aniston's BFF Courteney Cox and Chelsea Handler.

Aniston, 42 – still clad in her Balenciaga dress from the film's premiere – wore Theroux's jacket walking in. Theroux, 39, played the part of dapper boyfriend in a black suit, white shirt – and a clean-shaven face!

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