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The Twilight Saga: New Moon

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Rob Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Are a Couple Again: Sources

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Are a Couple Again: Sources

Originally posted 10/08/2012 04:45PM

They're back on! Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have gotten back together, several sources confirm to PEOPLE.

The Twilight pair – who play Edward Cullen and Bella Swan – broke up after Stewart admitted in July to having a brief fling with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders.

After some time apart, Stewart, 22, and Pattinson, 26, met up in Los Angeles over the weekend of Sept. 15 in L.A., and began spending more and more time together.

Now they are officially a couple again. And Pattinson has decided not to sell the L.A. home that he and Stewart shared, according to a source.

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Kellan Lutz Reveals His Dating M.O. | Kellan Lutz

Kellan Lutz Reveals His Dating M.O.

Originally posted 08/27/2012 11:00AM

After experiencing a fair amount of drama in the dating department, Twilight hunk Kellan Lutz has found the secret to winning a girl's heart: honesty.

"I've become more mature when it comes to women and relationships," Lutz, 27, told PEOPLE at Heineken's U.S. Open Player Party in New York City on Friday. "My M.O. now is to be who I really am and not be fake in order for a girl to like me back."

The actor, who previously dated 90210 actress AnnaLynne McCord, admits that in the past he would tell some lies or make exaggerations to impress a girl.

"I was in this one relationship where I told her things about myself that wasn't really me," Lutz says. "I said I liked this certain band only because she liked them. Then she bought me tickets to their concert and I was stuck in going. It's not fair to her and to me."

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Which New Moon Scene Are You Dying to Watch Again? | Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner

Which New Moon Scene Are You Dying to Watch Again?

Originally posted 03/19/2010 08:30AM

There's still a little over three months to go until Eclipse hits theaters, but fans searching for a Twilight fix should look no further than Saturday's DVD release of New Moon.

The second film in The Twilight Saga, saw Jacob (Taylor Lautner) transform from Bella's (Kristen Stewart)'s best friend to aspiring boyfriend – not to mention into a wolf! – and found Edward (Robert Pattinson) facing the wrath of the vampire world's ruling elders, the dangerous Volturi.

So before you Twi-hards can sink your teeth into the DVD, PEOPLE.com wants to know:

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A Chance to Give Taylor and RPattz a Lick

A Chance to Give Taylor and RPattz a Lick

Originally posted 12/03/2009 08:40AM

Twilight: New Moon fans who want a true taste of Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattison, the Sweet Avenue Bakery in Rutherford, N.J., has just the remedy – chocolate or vanilla cake cupcakes with edible likenesses of your favorite stars atop the vanilla bean frosting.

The $4 treats have been on sale since last month, reports Newark's Star-Ledger, which says the shop specializes in gluten-free and vegan cupcakes without eggs or dairy products.

As for the face-off between Team Edward and Team Jacob, final results are not in. But just to mix things up, the bakery is also offering Team Emmett, Jasper or Carlisle cupcakes – minimum order, a dozen.
Stephen M. Silverman

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New Moon Stars Recall Their First Kisses

New Moon Stars Recall Their First Kisses

Originally posted 11/25/2009 08:30AM

Bella and Edward steam up the screen with their smooches in New Moon, but what about the real-life first kisses of the film's stars? Kellan Lutz confesses he first locked lips at the tender age of 7, and Peter Facinelli's first kiss almost landed him a black eye.

"I was playing truth or dare when I had my first kiss," Lutz said last week at the movie's Cinema Society and D&G star-studded screening in New York. "I was probably 7. I learned to hold the girl and I won as best kisser."

So why was he so good at it? "They picked me because I actually held the girls when I kissed them," said Lutz. "I loved kissing them because they had flavored lip glosses on, which was great."

Facinelli, who plays the patriarch vampire Dr. Carlisle Cullen, had his first kiss at a carnival in New York when he was 15. "It went horribly," he said. "I found out that this girl was dating someone that I knew and the guy was very upset that I was kissing his girlfriend and I almost got my butt kicked over my first kiss."

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Top Five Best Things About New Moon | Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson

Top Five Best Things About New Moon

Originally posted 11/20/2009 03:50PM

Because The Twilight Saga: New Moon is probably the most highly anticipated movie of the year, fervent fans – whether on Team Edward or Team Jacob – are practically salivating at the prospect of seeing their favorite heartthrobs on the big screen once the movie opens Friday.

Find out the top five aspects to New Moon that fans can eagerly anticipate. (Warning: Spoiler Alert!)

Jacob Black's Body: Photos of Taylor Lautner's amazing transformation from a scrawny kid to a rippling teen werewolf already have been making the rounds for months. But the first time Lautner rips off his T-shirt to reveal his muscled chest onscreen, the sight is still gasp-worthy. In fact, Lautner sizzles and smolders throughout New Moon as he walks the line between friendship and romance with Bella (Kristen Stewart). Though Bella's heart belongs to Edward (Robert Pattinson), Launter may steal Pattinson's heartthrob status right out from under his pale nose.

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Rob & Kristen Keep Their Distance at New Moon Screening

Rob & Kristen Keep Their Distance at New Moon Screening

Originally posted 11/20/2009 03:45PM

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart caused a fan frenzy when they showed up – separately – for the Cinema Society and D&G screening of New Moon Thursday in New York City.

Wearing a sleek Dolce & Gabbana suit, a button-down and his famously touseled hair, Pattinson worked the red carpet at the Landmark Sunshine Theater as dozens of cameras flashed and fans broke down into tears. "Robert completes me!" exclaimed one 11-year-old fan.

Pattinson – who plays sexy vampire Edward Cullen to Stewart's soulful teenager Bella Swan – arrived at the screening about 20 minutes before his rumored real-life love Stewart made her appearance on the red carpet.

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REVIEW: Only Fervent Fans Will Believe New Moon Shines Brightly | Taylor Lautner

Movie News

REVIEW: Only Fervent Fans Will Believe New Moon Shines Brightly

Originally posted 11/20/2009 05:55AM

Romeo and Juliet have nothing on lovebirds Bella and Edward, who pointedly are seen studying Shakespeare's tragedy in a high school English class in New Moon, the stylish but water-treading sequel to 2008's Twilight.

When it comes to star-crossed teenage love affairs – though to be literal, the immortal Edward (Robert Pattinson) is 104 but passes for 17 – this chaste duo didn't pick the easy road. She's human and he's a vampire. If that wasn't problematic enough, it turns out that her best bud and would-be beau, Jacob (Taylor Lautner), is a werewolf, the sworn enemy of vampires. What's a girl to do?

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Robert Pattinson Admits All the Tabloid Rumors Are True

Originally posted 11/19/2009 09:30AM

It's all true, Twilight fans: Robert Pattinson is dating a costar, is engaged, has had a drug overdose, and has had an injury involving his derriere. All of it.

"I actually come up with these rumors myself," the British actor, 23, laughingly told Matt Lauer on Thursday morning's Today show.

In a chuckle-filled, rapid exchange of questions and answers with the morning host, Pattinson squarely took on all the outlandish rumors that have dogged him for the last few months – and jokingly fessed up to each and every one.

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The Vampire's Guide to Vancouver

The Vampire's Guide to Vancouver

Originally posted 11/19/2009 07:30AM

While filming Twilight, New Moon and the now-wrapped Eclipse, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and the rest of the cast were spotted enjoying the best restaurants, shops and nightlife spots Vancouver had to offer. Should you find yourself in town and want to taste the life of a New Moon star, here's a list of some of their very special haunts.

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