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Pope Francis U.S. Visit

Mark Wahlberg Jokes About Ted with Pope Francis: I Hope the 'Good Lord Has a Sense of Humor' About My Movies

Originally posted 09/27/2015 07:30PM

Mark Wahlberg is hoping God has a sense of humor when it comes to raunchy comedies.

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Credit: ©Universal Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection
Ted, Pooh and Paddington, Too: The Top Teddy Bear Stars in Pop Culture

Ted, Pooh and Paddington, Too: The Top Teddy Bear Stars in Pop Culture

Originally posted 06/29/2015 12:45PM

Ted 2 opened in theaters on Friday, making its fuzzy star a rarity in Hollywood. (Err, we mean the talking bear, not Mark Wahlberg.)

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Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty; Universal Pictures
Adele vs. Hugh Jackman: Listen to the Oscar-Nominated Best Songs! | Adele, Hugh Jackman

Academy Award Best Song Nominations: Who Will Win?

Originally posted 01/10/2013 04:30PM

Might Adele wrestle a foul-mouthed bear for an Academy Award? Or will a criminal on the run sweep in to steal the statuette?

At this year's Academy Awards, it's anyone's guess.

The Oscar nominees were announced Jan. 10, and the five nominated tracks for Best Original Song range from jazzy tunes like the Norah Jones-sung "Everybody Needs a Best Friend" (Ted) to pop hits like Adele's "Skyfall" (Skyfall). The nominated bunch also includes moody, new age tracks like "Pi's Lullaby" (Life of Pi); bluesy ballads like the Scarlett Johansson-sung "Before My Time" (Chasing Ice); and Hugh Jackman's heart-wrenching, Broadway-ready ballad from Les Misérables, "Suddenly."

Listen to the nominated songs below – and then check out which songs (cough, mostly Disney songs in the '90s, cough) took home the Oscar for Best Original Songs in the past.

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Credit: Bucci/PictureGroup
Family Guy Creator Seth MacFarlane to Host the Oscars | Seth MacFarlane

Seth MacFarlane to Host the Oscars

Originally posted 10/01/2012 01:05PM

Giggity giggity!

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane will host the 85th Academy Awards on Sunday, Feb. 24, on ABC.

MacFarlane, 38, who is also the co-creator of American Dad! and The Cleveland Show, is no stranger to live performance. In September, he kicked off Saturday Night Live's 38th season by hosting the premiere episode, and he's entertained sold-out audiences at both London's Royal Albert Hall and New York's Carnegie Hall.

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Credit: Universal
PEOPLE Movie Critic Says Ted Is Funny (Enough)

Ted Is Funny (Enough)

Originally posted 06/29/2012 04:00PM

bgwhite bgwhite   

John (Mark Wahlberg) is like any guy caught between his girlfriend and his best friend.

Only John's love is the far-too-good-for-him Lori (Mila Kunis, delightful as usual), and his buddy is Ted (Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane), a magical bear John wished into being when he was a kid, who now has a penchant for hookers and pot.

The bear is profane and hilarious, getting John to blow off work to smoke doobies and watch Flash Gordon many more times than can possibly be healthy. But the movie misses with a kidnapping plot that first-time film director MacFarlane clumsily telegraphs far too early.

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