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The Amazing Spider-Man

Credit: Courtesy Cirque du Soleil
Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield Find Spider-Man Inspiration in Hollywood | Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone

UpdatePosted 10/18/2012 06:00AM

Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield Find Spider-Man Inspiration in Hollywood

Originally posted 10/18/2012 06:00AM

The Amazing Spider-Man meets Cirque du Soleil!

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield spent Tuesday evening at IRIS, A Journey Through the World of Cinema by Cirque du Soleil at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.

Joined by Andrew Armstrong, the stunt coordinator for The Amazing Spider-Man, the couple walked into the theater with Garfield's arm draped around Stone.

"It was their first visit and as they entered, Emma said 'Ooohhh!' once she saw the stage," an onlooker tells PEOPLE.

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Emma Stone: I Have a History of Panic Attacks | Emma Stone

Emma Stone: I Have a History of Panic Attacks

Originally posted 06/20/2012 05:30PM

Emma Stone is well known for playing brassy, confident characters in movies like The Help and Superbad – but the actress recently revealed something that fans likely wouldn't expect: She grew up suffering from panic attacks.

Stone, who stars with beau Andrew Garfield in the upcoming superhero film The Amazing Spider-Man, tells Vogue in their July cover story that she had panic attacks starting at about 8 years old.

"I was just kind of immobilized by it," she explains. "I didn't want to go to my friends' houses or hang out with anybody, and nobody really understood."

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Andrew Garfield: Emma Stone Keeps Me on My Toes | Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone

Andrew Garfield: Emma Stone Keeps Me on My Toes

Originally posted 06/12/2012 01:05PM

There's no denying their on-screen chemistry in The Amazing Spider-Man – just check out that kiss. But Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone weren't just faking it for the cameras.

"We got on really well as people in between [takes]," Garfield, 28, tells MTV News. "That was the fun stuff. In between, we'd just mess around, and I felt, 'Ah, this is different.' "

So what attracted him to Stone, 23, whom he began dating last year?

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The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer: Emma Stone Is Swept Off Her Feet

Originally posted 05/03/2012 09:15PM

Emma Stone certainly isn't afraid of spiders, as she demonstrates in a steamy scene with everyone's favorite Webhead, in a new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man released Thursday.

The spot features a buff, shirtless Andrew Garfield as Spidey going in for some face time with a blonde Stone as she tends to his wounds with a towel.

Though it mainly plays up the action scenes in the film, with Garfield's Peter Parker battling bad guys as he searches for the truth about his parents, the trailer also offers (in a blink-and-you'll miss it moment) a tease of a liplock between the real-life couple.

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Would Emma Stone Rather Kiss Ryan Gosling or Andrew Garfield? | Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling

Emma Stone Compares Kissing Ryan Gosling to Andrew Garfield

Originally posted 04/04/2012 12:10PM

In last year's Crazy Stupid Love, Emma Stone's character prepped for a kissing scene with Ryan Gosling with the memorable line, "It's like you're Photoshopped!"

So how did making out with Gosling, 31, measure up to Stone's love scenes with Andrew Garfield, 28, her real-life boyfriend and costar in the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man?

"Apples and oranges, you know," Stone, 23, coyly told Ellen DeGeneres on Wednesday's The Ellen DeGeneres Show, when asked which one was the better kisser.

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