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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1

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Sesame Street Does an Impressive Twilight Parody (VIDEO)

Originally posted 10/01/2014 08:45PM

Since Sesame Street has been churning out top-notch parodies for, you know, decades, it can be a little hard to remember how incisive and funny they are.

Make that mistake at your own peril – the beloved children's institution's most recent parody is a send-up of Twilight: Breaking Dawn that stars Cookie Monster as Shortbredward.

What, you're not sold already?

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Taylor Lautner Hurls a Dog Bowl at Nikki Reed in This Unseen Breaking Dawn Clip

Originally posted 03/01/2013 07:30PM

Watch your back, Rosalie!

The fictional character, played by Nikki Reed, 24, in the Twilght saga, is attacked in the head by Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner), 21, with a dog bowl in a never-before-seen clip from the extended edition of Breaking Dawn: Part 1.

Rosalie sets down the dog bowl, which contains a hot dog, next to Jacob, telling him, "Enjoy, mongrel," with a smirk.

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Credit: Courtesy Seventeen
Ashley Greene Hopes Rob & Kristen Drama Doesn't 'Taint' Twilight | Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene Hopes Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Drama Doesn't 'Taint' Twilight

Originally posted 11/12/2012 09:05AM

When Breaking Dawn: Part 2 opens this week, Ashley Greene hopes fans can concentrate on the big screen action – and forget about the off-screen drama surrounding the film's two main stars.

Of course, over the last several months Twi-hards have been enthralled with the ups and downs of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's all-too-real breakup due to her cheating scandal and eventual reconciliation.

Asked if she thinks audiences will be affected by the couple's issues, Greene, 25, tells Seventeen, "I don’t know. Hopefully, it won’t taint it and people will still be able to enjoy the movie. I think a lot of people see us as our characters; I really want them to still be able to do that."

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UpdatePosted 03/26/2012 10:45AM

Breaking Dawn: Part 2 Trailer: Bella Becomes a Vampire

Originally posted 03/26/2012 09:45AM

Bella is back!

After spending half of Breaking Dawn wasting away due to a very complicated pregnancy, Bella Swan (Kristin Stewart) has crossed over to immortality.

In the newly released trailer for Breaking Dawn: Part 2, Bella is now a vampire. "After 18 years of being utterly ordinary," she says, "I finally found that I can shine."

Complete with red eyes and pale skin, the transformed Bella is seen caressing her love Edward (Robert Pattinson) as he tells her, "[You're] so beautiful. We're the same temperature now."

The short clip ends with a frightening shot of Bella stalking a deer in the woods. There will no doubt be more action for the vampires – and werewolves – in Breaking Dawn: Part 2, which hits theaters on Nov. 16.

Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty
Newlywed Nikki Reed: Marriage is 'Easy Breezy' So Far

Nikki Reed: Marriage is 'Easy Breezy' So Far

Originally posted 11/19/2011 09:10AM

One month after Nikki Reed tied the knot with American Idol alum Paul McDonald, it appears the pair are still firmly in the honeymoon phase.

"The first year [of marriage] is not the hardest. Gosh, if this is the hardest, then it’s gonna be easy breezy," Reed, 23, told PEOPLE Thursday at Wired Magazine's 7th Annual Store Kick-Off party in New York. "Even under the most stressful circumstances he and I are such a good team."

And they're in no rush to expand their family any time soon.

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Credit: Courtesy Sazerac Restaurant; Inset: Summit
Bottoms Up! Try These Twilight-Inspired Custom Cocktails

Celebrity Diners Club

Twilight-Inspired Cocktails: Get the Recipes

Originally posted 11/17/2011 04:15PM

Before Breaking Dawn – Part One hits theaters on Friday, raise a glass to the popular franchise with a specially shaken Twilight-themed cocktail.

Bartender Jason McGrady of Seattle's Sazerac Restaurant, inside the Hotel Monaco, was so inspired by the series, he mixed up a handful of specialty drinks inspired by Stephanie Meyer's series.

And there's a local connection.

McGrady's restaurant is located in the closest major city to Forks, Wash., where the Twilight series is set, and fans pass through Seattle when they come to take Twilight-themed tours in Forks, he says.

"One of the most important parts of my job as a bartender is keeping up with what's current and what's hot," McGrady tells PEOPLE. "And in this part of the world, Twilight is definitely hot."

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Credit: Andrew Cooper/Summit
PEOPLE's Movie Critic Reviews Breaking Dawn – Part 1 | Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson

PEOPLE's Movie Critic Reviews Breaking Dawn – Part 1

Originally posted 11/17/2011 08:05AM


bgwhite bgwhite   

(Note: Spoilers follow)

There's actually good news for everyone here. Twilight fans can rejoice that Breaking Dawn – Part 1, opening Friday, is a breathless, faithful portrayal of so much they've waited to see: Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella's (Kristen Stewart) wedding, honeymoon and their darling, matricidal little bundle of joy.

Twilight haters can delight in the fact that it's the beginning of the end.

As a fully recovered Twi-hard for whom the book Breaking Dawn was a breaking point, I get it. Years have passed for fans waiting to get to this moment, the inarguably gorgeous, wildly over the top nuptials of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, and here, Part 1 doesn't disappoint.

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Credit: Bauer Griffin
Ashley Greene: I'm Still 'Grounded' Even Though I'm Famous | Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene: I'm Still 'Grounded' Even Though I'm Famous

Originally posted 11/15/2011 02:30PM

Since playing Alice Cullen in the Twilight saga, Ashley Greene has dated a pop star, traveled all over the world and graced the covers of some of the biggest magazines – but the actress says none of the glitz and glamour has changed her.

"I have the same friends and family and the same kind of foundation that have kept me grounded from the very beginning," Greene, 25, told PEOPLE at Monday's Breaking Dawn – Part 1 premiere in L.A. "That's probably the only thing that hasn't changed."

Other things, however, have been altered in Greene's life since taking on her coveted role beginning when she was 20.

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Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty
Kristen Stewart: Why Being a Vampire Hurts So Bad | Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner

Kristen Stewart: Why Being a Vampire Hurts So Bad

Originally posted 11/15/2011 10:40AM

Costars said she was easy on the eyes when she turned heads in a dazzling white wedding dress.

But not everything Kristen Stewart wore while filming Breaking Dawn was easy on her eyes.

When the Twilight actress made her vampire transformation for the second part of the saga's final installment – the first of which arrives in theaters Friday – it wasn't the fangs she had to get used to … it was the amber contact lenses all of the vampires wear in the film.

"That is one thing I can't wait to say goodbye to," Stewart, 21, tells MTV News of the eyewear accessory. "They just kill you. [They give you] dead face."

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Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty
Taylor Lautner: It's 'Impossible to Avoid' Reading Internet Rumors | Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner: It's 'Impossible to Avoid' Reading Internet Rumors

Originally posted 11/10/2011 02:00PM

Taylor Lautner tries to stay away from reading about himself online, but his efforts are rarely successful.

"It's tough because sometimes you'll just be on the Web and things pop up or you get emailed something from a friend," the Breaking Dawn – Part 1 actor, 19, tells PARADE. "It's definitely impossible to avoid stuff about me sometimes, but it's pretty important to try."

Most importantly, he dislikes seeing things written about himself because they are usually false.

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