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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Robert Pattinson's Original Career Choice? Rapping!

Originally posted 05/12/2010 12:05PM

Twi-hards go crazy for Robert Pattinson – and it's attention he enjoys – but what if the Brit never became an actor in the first place?

"I used to want to be a rapper when I was, like, 14," the actor says during an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show alongside costars Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, which is set to air Thursday.

Rap music wasn't the only American entertainment Pattinson, who turns 24 on Thursday, enjoyed. "I grew up watching American movies and stuff," he tells Oprah.

So, what's it like to star in one of the most popular American movie franchises in recent years?

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What Taylor Lautner Wants in a Lady

Originally posted 05/12/2010 11:50AM

Ladies looking to join Taylor Lautner's wolf pack, listen up!

The Eclipse hunk answers some probing questions about his ideal girlfriend in an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show set to air Thursday.

"Obviously, loyalty," the 18-year-old – who's been linked to Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez in the past – says of the qualities he looks for in a companion, adding: "Honesty."

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Eclipse Gets Rapturous Reviews From Sneak-Peek Viewers

Eclipse Gets Rapturous Reviews From Sneak-Peek Viewers

Originally posted 05/06/2010 11:00AM

Abbreviations and expletives are flying through Twitter as the lucky few who saw The Twilight Saga: Eclipse this week at a screening with Oprah Winfrey offer their ecstatic – though cryptic – reviews.

The audience was sworn to secrecy about the details of the movie, but the overall reaction to the early cut was a huge thumbs-up. "I just saw Eclipse. Oh my [expletive] god," writes Nicolediscogrll. "Best movie I have ever see. The fight scenes the love scenes oh my god."

She adds: "I wish I can talk about the movie but I can't. But you will NOT be disappointed and the love scenes are [expletive] HOT."

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VIDEO: Final Eclipse Trailer Has First Look at Vampire War

Originally posted 04/23/2010 02:15PM

Hold on to your hats, Twi-hards! A battle's coming to Forks, and everyone's favorite supernatural couple is right in the middle of it.

In a new Eclipse trailer that will premiere on today's episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show, Edward (Robert Pattinson), Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Jacob (Taylor Lautner) are forced to put aside their differences to take down murderous vampire Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard).

Showcasing the darker tone of The Twilight Saga's third novel, the latest trailer gives fans a first look at Victoria's newborn vampire army – including her right-hand-man Riley, played by Twilight newcomer Xavier Samuel – and the damage they've racked in nearby Seattle.

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