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To Die For

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To Die For Author: Pamela Smart Deserves Her Chance at Freedom

To Die For Author Joyce Maynard: Pamela Smart Deserves Her Chance at Freedom

Originally posted 05/26/2015 05:20PM

The author who concedes her novel may have helped cement a lingering portrait of Pamela Smart as "a ruthlessly ambitious killer" has asked that Smart be given a chance at freedom after her 1991 conviction and life sentence for conspiring to murder her husband.

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Killer of Pamela Smart's Husband Moved to Work-Release Program

Billy Flynn, Killer of Pamela Smart's Husband, Is Moved to Work-Release Program

Originally posted 07/14/2014 06:00PM

William "Billy" Flynn, who committed the 1990 murder for which Pamela Smart was convicted for conspiracy and sentenced to life without parole, has been moved to a medium-security prison as he approaches his own chance at parole next year.

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