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Crazy in Love: See This Groom Surprise His Bride with a Choreographed Beyoncé Dance

Originally posted 06/27/2014 12:35PM

If you prefer the men doing your choreographed Beyoncé routines to wear suits rather than high-heeled boots, then Sean Rajaee has the wedding dance for you.

When the California orthopedic surgeon got married on June 21, he wanted to give his bride a surprise she'd never forget. So, with the help of his groomsmen, he designed an elaborate dance routine set to Beyoncé's "Crazy in Love," Destiny Child's "Bootylicious," the Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way" and Bruno Mars's "Marry You," as well as a traditional Persian dance.

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What Does 'Surfbort' Mean? Presenting the Beyoncé Dictionary | Countdown, Beyonce Knowles

From 'Boof-Boof' to 'Surfbort': The Complete Beyoncé Dictionary

Originally posted 03/04/2014 05:00PM

As the recent release of the Beyoncé Soundboardt proves, Beyoncé has a language all her own.

But, say, you're a new bee in the Beyhive – how are you supposed to understand every single term its members buzz about?

That's where PEOPLE's Official Beyoncé Dictionary comes in. With our help, you'll finally be able to understand what all those "surfbort" jokes on Twitter mean.

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