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Born and Raised

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Why John Mayer Won't Sing His Hits (Hint: He Can't)

UpdatePosted 08/29/2013 08:00PM

Why John Mayer Won't Sing His Hits (Hint: He Can't)

Originally posted 08/29/2013 03:30PM

Anyone hoping to hear "Why Georgia" and other throwback tunes during John Mayer's latest tour should probably adjust their expectations.

"[My voice is] coming back and it will come back all the way to where it was. All the early stuff, I can't do that full voice right now," the musician – who's still recovering from two surgeries on his vocal cords – tells TIME.com as part of their 10 Questions series.

"The Botox takes a while to dissolve, so as it dissolves, my range comes back. Born and Raised and Paradise Valley stem from this inability to sing higher. I didn’t know I had a granuloma for most of the making of Born and Raised. The songs are all low because I would hit a ceiling faster. Looking back on it now, I’ve been making these records based on those limitations."

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John Mayer Admits 'I Was Just a Jerk' | John Mayer

John Mayer Admits 'I Was Just a Jerk'

Originally posted 02/07/2013 03:55PM

As well-known for putting his foot in his mouth as he is for his guitar prowess, John Mayer says he understands the public perception.

"I was just a jerk," the musician, 35, tells Anthony Mason during an interview airing this weekend on CBS Sunday Morning at 9 a.m. EST.

"It’s very liberating when you finally realize it's impossible to make everyone like you," he explains. "I wanted everybody to like me. I thought I was one shuck and jive away in every direction."

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John Mayer Performs 'Queen of California' In Studio

Originally posted 06/23/2012 10:00PM

Prior to being silenced by the return of a throat granuloma, John Mayer recorded an acoustic performance of "Queen of California" – and PEOPLE.com has a first look.

The studio version of the tune is the second single off of Born and Raised, the musician's chart-topping fifth album.

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John Mayer Hugs It Out with Fans | John Mayer

John Mayer Hugs It Out with Fans at Album Release Event

Originally posted 05/22/2012 08:00PM

Buckets of rain and oppressive humidity weren't enough to keep John Mayer fans from celebrating Born and Raised with the musician on the eve of the record's release Monday evening in New York City.

The man of the hour – toting an umbrella – greeted fans lined up outside of Reed Space on Orchard St., where a pop-up shop featuring photography and merchandise has been assembled for the week.

Mayer – who donned a t-shirt featuring lyrics to second single "Queen of California" once he spotted it for sale inside – mingled with friends, family and industry pals before settling down in the back corner with a pile of Sharpies, ready to meet the crowd gathered outside.

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John Mayer: Outspoken Interviews Were a 'Miscalculation' | John Mayer

UpdatePosted 05/20/2012 09:00PM

John Mayer: Outspoken Interviews Were a 'Miscalculation'

Originally posted 05/20/2012 06:00PM

The motivation behind John Mayer's cringe-worthy pair of 2010 interviews? A desire to be liked – and a fear of appearing dull.

"I had nothing to say – I was going through a time in my life where I didn't really want to share what was going on, but I didn't want to be boring," Mayer tells Guy Raz on NPR's All Things Considered, taped Friday in Philadelphia.

"I remember thinking to myself, 'We gotta give a Rolling Stone interview … I don't want anybody at Playboy to think this is a boring interview.' I got those lines so crossed, that what you read – among other things, obviously – is this complete miscalculation in why I was asked to do the interview." 

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Review: John Mayer's Born and Raised Is a Perfect Road Trip Album | John Mayer

John Mayer's Born and Raised Is a Perfect Road Trip Album

Originally posted 05/18/2012 04:45PM

bgwhite bgwhite bgwhite  

"Make me feel as I am free/ Someone come speak for me." Such is the gentle plea of John Mayer in his soothing, soulfully textured voice on the song "Speak for Me."

Of course, the bitter irony is that this song – like all on his new album Born and Raised – was written and recorded before the singer-guitarist was sidelined by a throat nodule. He was on complete vocal rest after surgery last fall; after a recurrence, he still can't sing live.

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John Mayer Spins New Album for Fans | John Mayer

UpdatePosted 05/17/2012 10:00PM

John Mayer Spins Born and Raised for Fans

Originally posted 05/17/2012 02:45PM

He isn't able to sing live, but John Mayer can still paint a picture with words – and that's exactly what he did Wednesday evening at Electric Lady Studios in N.Y.C.

Hosting an intimate advance spin at the legendary studio, the guitarist gave fans a glimpse into the conception of Born and Raised, out May 22.

"I wrote 'Age of Worry' there, I wrote 'Whiskey, Whiskey, Whiskey' there, I wrote 'Born and Raised,'" Mayer explains, pointing to a couch nestled in the corner of the room.

"I've done four or five of these [listening parties] but this is definitely the most special because this is where the record was made."

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John Mayer: Explosive Interviews 'Woke Me Up'

UpdatePosted 05/15/2012 11:00PM

John Mayer: Explosive Interviews 'Woke Me Up'

Originally posted 05/15/2012 02:00PM

For a few months in early 2010, John Mayer was infinitely (and oftentimes, offensively) quotable, sharing his thoughts on Jessica Simpson's skills in the sack and confessing that he had never really gotten over Jennifer Aniston. Amid much backlash, the singer-songwriter went silent.

"I lost my head for a little while. I lost touch and I didn’t want to ask for directions," Mayer, 34, tells Ellen DeGeneres in an interview airing Tuesday. "I did a couple really dumb interviews and it woke me up."

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Check Out John Mayer's Long-Haired Look | John Mayer

John Mayer Debuts Long-Haired Look in New Video

Originally posted 04/29/2012 02:00PM

John Mayer has a new album – and a new look to match.

The singer-songwriter brings back his longer locks in the video for "Shadow Days," the lead single off Born and Raised, out in May.

Channeling a Neil Young vibe – hat included – Mayer road-trips out West in the clip, stopping at motels and diners along the way.

The Grammy-winning guitarist, 34, was recently sidelined by the regrowth of a throat granuloma, despite successful surgery last October.

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