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Introducing Joss Stone

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Joss Stone Asks: 'Why Don't People Like Me?' | Joss Stone

Joss Stone Asks: 'Why Don't People Like Me?'

Originally posted 11/14/2007 08:45AM

Joss Stone says her fellow Brits have turned against her. Why? Because she's spent so much time in the America!

"I felt kind of sad about it actually," she told the BBC during an interview with DJ Trevor Nelson Tuesday. "The only country that hasn't liked [my music] is my own."

The singer, who's promoting her most recent album, Introducing Joss Stone, said when she comes home, her countrymen generally respond, "Go away, we don't like you!"

She adds: "It's the whole country – and it's like they're mad at me for being in the U.S."

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