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Credit: Nick Ut/AP
'Napalm Girl' Photographer, 42 Years Later: 'Never in My Life Have I Seen What I Saw'

Nick Ut on His 'Napalm Girl' Photograph, 42 Years Later: 'Never in My Life Have I Seen What I Saw'

Originally posted 06/08/2014 10:30AM

Even 42 years later, Nick Ut can still remember June 8, 1972: The day he took the photo that changed his life.

"It was on Highway 1 by the Cambodian border," he told PEOPLE recently. When he took the photo, Ut was a young photographer with the Associated Press, covering the war that was destroying his native country.

On the morning of June 8, Ut saw a group of refugees traveling down the highway. The South Vietnamese army had been fighting the Viet Cong outside the villages there, and the people living in the area were forced to flee.

Ut was on the scene when South Vietnamese planes, thinking the refugees were Viet Cong, started bombing them.

"There were a lot of people dead – a lot of children," he recalls. He was about to turn back when he saw the final plane drop its bombs.

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Credit: Merelyn Bucio/NYC SALT
Faces of New York as Seen Through the Eyes of Talented Teens

Faces of New York as Seen Through the Eyes of Talented Teens

Originally posted 06/03/2014 04:45PM

The Big Apple is known for its array of stunning sights and spectacles, but, like any city, it's the people of New York who make the metropolis shine. NYC SALT is a nonprofit dedicated to training young eyes to capture the individuals and moments that give the city its pulsating excitement.

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Credit: Courtesy Shawn Pyfrom
Selfie Wonders of the World: A Guide to Clichéd Tourist Photos

Selfie Wonders of the World: A Guide to Clichéd Tourist Photos

Originally posted 03/11/2014 05:00PM

People are snapping selfies during the Oscars, during smooch fests – even while flying a fighter jet.

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Credit: Dado Ruvic/Reuters/Landov
Sochi's Future? See Sarajevo's Olympic Ruins 30 Years Later

UpdatePosted 02/24/2014 08:30PM

Sochi's Future? See Sarajevo's Olympic Ruins 30 Years Later

Originally posted 02/24/2014 02:00PM

Images of run-down Olympics venues are so ubiquitous that they've become their own genre of "ruin porn."

But no Olympic sites posses the tragic history of those built for the 1984 Winter Games in Sarajevo, the first Winter Olympics ever held in a communist country. Less than a decade after hosting the Games, the city was besieged by Bosnian Serb forces for three years at the height of the Bosnian War. An estimated 10,000 civilians died during the siege, and the venues of the Olympic park were transformed into scenes of heavy fighting.

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Adorable Daddy-Daughter Photos Have Heartbreaking Story

UpdatePosted 12/20/2013 01:05PM

In Memory of Mom: Dad Recreates Wedding Photos with Daughter as Touching Tribute

Originally posted 12/18/2013 03:00PM

One man has transformed an empty house into a symbol of hope and love. Twice.

Ben Nunery lost Ali, his wife and the mother of his daughter, Olivia, to a rare form of lung cancer in 2011. Two years later, Nunery was ready to move forward and leave the Cincinnati home he and Ali shared, but not before honoring the loving memories the house helped to create.

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Credit: Tyler Shields
PHOTO: Emma Roberts Takes Flight in Risqué Shoot

Photographer Tyler Shields Captures Emma Roberts, Josh Hutcherson & More in Innovative Photo Shoots

Originally posted 11/11/2013 06:00PM

When it comes to glamour, photographer Tyler Shields has a definition all his own.

He's photographed a topless Mischa Barton eating raw meat, Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson covered in mud and Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean in a pair of Christian Louboutins.

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Credit: Norman Seeff
PHOTO: A Never-Before-Seen Image of Diane Keaton at 29

Photographer Norman Seeff Unveils Images of Diane Keaton, Cher & More for the First Time at Public Auction

Originally posted 10/08/2013 04:00PM

Two years before Diane Keaton charmed audiences in Annie Hall, she posed for photographer Norman Seeff.

But Seeff says Keaton's off-camera persona matched up with what she portrayed on-screen.

"You know when you see Diane in a movie and there’s this kind of personality, this bright-eyed innocence? When I worked with her, there was this same feeling, but underneath the innocence was such a smart woman. She had the wonderful ability to just be herself. She flowed from one thing to the other, so I just kept pace with her. It was a jewel of a session," he told Vanity Fair of photographing the actress.

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Credit: Julia Kozerski
Artist Julia Kozerski Loses 160 Lbs., Captures Transformation with iPhone

Photographer Julia Kozerski Documents 160 Lbs. Weight Loss With iPhone

Originally posted 09/26/2012 10:15AM

Losing 160 lbs. isn't easy and neither is sharing the process with the world.

After artist Julia Kozerski got married in 2009, she decided to make a series of changes to her lifestyle which resulted in losing 160 lbs. over the course of the next year.

Kozerski, who was studying photography at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design at the time, documented her journey through a series of self-portraits taken with her iPhone.

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Credit: Theron Humphrey/REX
PHOTO: Dog Balances on Fire Hydrant

Maddie on Things! Coonhound Balances in All 50 States

Originally posted 03/07/2012 04:30PM

Still photos were made for this.

Atlanta-based photographer Theron Humphrey has taken off on a road trip across all 50 states, and he's brought along his rescued coonhound Maddie, who's paying her way by standing very still in the strangest places.

Maddie has balanced her paws on fire hydrants, paint cans, even refrigerator doors. Humphrey is sharing these amazing photos, 10 of which you'll see here, on his blog, Maddie on Things.

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