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Meet the Hefners – Hugh Marries His Onetime 'Runaway Bunny' | Crystal Harris, Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner Marries Crystal Harris

Originally posted 01/01/2013 10:00AM

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Hefner!

Hefner, 86, married fiancée Crystal Harris, 26, in front of family and a few close friends at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles on Monday, the magazine publisher confirmed on Twitter.

"Crystal & I married on New Year's Eve in the Mansion with Keith as my Best Man. Love that girl!" he Tweeted early New Year's Day.

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Krysten Ritter Might Not Be the Marrying Type | Brian Geraghty, Krysten Ritter

Krysten Ritter Might Not Be the Marrying Type

Originally posted 10/17/2012 02:50PM

Krysten Ritter is happy to be a b----. She's less eager to be a bride.

The star of Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 has a good thing going with her boyfriend, the Hurt Locker and True Blood actor Brian Geraghty, and doesn't see the need to walk down the aisle anytime soon.

"I was never the little girl who dreamed about a wedding or a big white dress," Ritter, 30, tells Playboy's November issue. "I don't think I'm sour on marriage. I just don't know if I'm the type."

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Zooey Deschanel Is My Fun Movie Date | Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Zooey Deschanel

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Zooey Deschanel Is My Fun Movie Date

Originally posted 08/15/2012 08:05AM

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel may have shared great chemistry in 2009's (500) Days of Summer, but their romance only exists on-screen.

Despite fans' wishes for the two to become an item, the costars are just friends, Gordon-Levitt, 31, insists in the September issue of Playboy .

"We've been friends for 10 years. She loves movies, music and art, and she's incredibly knowledgeable about that stuff," he says.

"She's turned me on to so many movies and so much good music. It's fun just so have conversations, watch movies with her."

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PHOTO: Jenny McCarthy Sizzles with Old Hollywood Glamour in Playboy | Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy Sizzles with Old-Style Hollywood Glamour in Playboy

Originally posted 06/28/2012 04:10PM

Jenny McCarthy does her best red-lipped Veronica Lake as she channels a silver screen glamour queen of the past in her Playboy photo spread.

Of course, McCarthy dispenses with all those costumes, baring all at age 39 in the summer issue hitting newsstands on Friday, as this cropped-for-work-viewing shows.

"I'm really proud of it," McCarthy told PEOPLE recently. "The pictures are really gorgeous and classy.

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Kendra Wilkinson on Jenny McCarthy's Playboy Cover: You Got It, Flaunt It | Jenny McCarthy, Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson Approves of Jenny McCarthy's Playboy Cover

Originally posted 06/27/2012 03:45PM

Kendra Wilkinson doesn't plan on baring it all anymore, but she has a message for Jenny McCarthy, who, at 39 years old, stripped down for the latest issue of Playboy: You go girl!

"Good for her," Wilkinson – who's posed for her fair share of Playboy spreads – tells PEOPLE of McCarthy. "She definitely has it, why not flaunt it?"

McCarthy, the 1993 Playmate of the Year, returns to grace the cover of the July/August double issue, which hits newsstands this week.

"She looks great," the Kendra on Top star tells PEOPLE while in Las Vegas celebrating her belated 27th birthday at Pure Nightclub. "If that gives her confidence at almost 40 years old, why not do it?"

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Jenny McCarthy Is Comfortable Posing Nude as a Mom | Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy Is Comfortable Posing Nude as a Mom

Originally posted 06/26/2012 11:15AM

Jenny McCarthy, who calls her new Playboy pictorial "a salute to the MILFs," doesn't have any qualms about posing nude even though she's a mom to 10-year-old Evan.

"I think he can find a lot worse available on the Internet these days," she tells PEOPLE. "I think people make such a big deal sometimes about it, when I feel like it just comes down to how you raise your child and how you explain things to your kid."

As for how she'll talk about the spread with her son, she says, "Evan and I will have that conversation someday."

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See Jenny McCarthy's Sexy-at-39 Playboy Cover

Jenny McCarthy's Sexy-at-39 Playboy Cover: Sneak Peek

Originally posted 06/25/2012 10:40AM

Just months away from hitting the big 4-0, Jenny McCarthy proves she's still got it.

The host of NBC's Love in the Wild appears in her seventh nude pictorial for Playboy in the July/August issue that hits newsstands Friday, and PEOPLE has a sneak peek.

"I'm really proud of it," McCarthy tells PEOPLE. "The pictures are really gorgeous and classy. They could be out of W magazine. They're really elegant. It's probably a lot more sophisticated than a lot of the stuff you'd see of people with their clothes on."

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Jenny McCarthy Won't Wax for Playboy Pics

Jenny McCarthy Won't Wax for Upcoming Playboy Photos

Originally posted 06/10/2012 09:00AM

Jenny McCarthy has no qualms about posing nude for the July/August cover of Playboy, but the outspoken TV host is making it difficult for readers to see everything.

When asked recently if she plans to bare it all, McCarthy, 39, answered without hesitation.

"What's everything?" she said with a laugh during an interview on Today. "I mean I grew out a bush so nobody sees anything."

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Jenny McCarthy Opens Up About Baring All at Age 39

Jenny McCarthy Speaks Out About Posing Nude at Age 39

Originally posted 05/23/2012 06:00PM

If anybody wants to know why Jenny McCarthy is posing for Playboy at age 39, she's got her own question to fire right back at them.

Why not?

TV's Love in the Wild host took to Twitter this week to explain why she's stripping down for the July/August issue 19 years after she first posed for the magazine.

"Why should only 20 yr olds be considered sexy?" she writes. "Let's (hear) it for the MILFs."

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POLL: Jenny McCarthy – Hotter Then or Now? | Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy Posing in Playboy Again

Originally posted 05/18/2012 09:40AM

Jenny McCarthy is again stripping down for Playboy – nearly 20 years after she did the first time.

McCarthy, 39, is scheduled to grace the cover of the men's magazine's July/August issue, as well as be the subject of a nude pictorial inside.

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