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A Bachelorette Bash, Beyoncé's Sexy Instagram & More Weekend News

What You Missed Over The Weekend

Beyoncé Shuts Down Gossip, Ariana Grande's Brother Comes Clean & More Weekend News

Originally posted 08/10/2014 11:15PM

There was plenty to celebrate this weekend, from the Bachelorette winner's big birthday to another reality couple reuniting off-camera. One star announced she's pregnant, and another made it clear her wedding ring is on tight. Here's the news you might have missed:

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Has Frankie Grande Made an Epic Misstep on Big Brother?

Big Brother

Big Brother Contestant Admits He's Ariana Grande's Big Brother

Originally posted 08/09/2014 04:25PM

Warning: This post may contain spoilers to those who don't watch the Big Brother live feed.

Has all that peroxide messed him up in the head?

Frankie Grande, a colorful and very popular contestant on this season of CBS's Big Brother, finally revealed to his fellow houseguests late Friday that his half sister is pop phenom Ariana Grande, according to the reality competition's live feed.

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How Ariana Grande Overcame Her Insecurities

Ariana Grande Opens Up About Her Confidence Problem

Originally posted 07/30/2014 07:40AM

She's the vocal powerhouse behind what is shaping up to be the song of the summer, but even Ariana Grande hasn't always felt confident.

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Big Brother: What the Contestants Won't Be Doing in the House This Summer (Video)

Originally posted 06/25/2014 11:15AM

The Big Brother casts have always been known for their outrageous characters and big personalities, but last season the show also became known for scandal.

After season 15 contestant Aaryn Gries sparked a controversy by making racist remarks, the entire house was placed under a more-scrutinized microscope, and several contestants were let go from their jobs.

And the season 16 contestants – including Ariana Grande's half brother Frankie – understand more than ever that America is watching (and judging) their every move.

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Can a PEOPLE Reporter Hack It in the Big Brother House?

Can a PEOPLE Reporter Hack It in the Big Brother House?

Originally posted 06/23/2014 02:00PM

Patrick Gomez spends a day as a contestant on the hit CBS reality competition. Did he avoid eviction?

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Which Big Brother Contestant Has a Famous Sister?

Ariana Grande's Brother Frankie to Compete on Big Brother

Originally posted 06/19/2014 12:00PM

Ariana Grande is used to paparazzi following her every move, but now her half brother Frankie is the one who will have cameras on him 24 hours a day as a contestant on the new season of Big Brother.

"I've always said I was funny and I should have my own reality show," Frankie, 31, tells PEOPLE of what inspired him to audition for the CBS reality competition's 16th season. "And then I thought, 'Maybe I should be on somebody else's show!' "

While he initially auditioned for Survivor, a chance meeting with a Big Brother casting director led to Frankie becoming one of the 16 contestants competing for a $500,000 prize this summer.

Big Brother has had cast members with notable relatives in the past – former Survivor super-villain Russell Hantz's brother Willie and Big Brother season 13 winner Rachel Reilly's sister, Elissa Slater, both competed in previous seasons – but Frankie is actually more worried about being recognized as a YouTube personality than as a Grande.

"I don't want people knowing I have an online following because it will put an unnecessary target on my back," says Frankie, who has a YouTube channel with more than 185,000 subscribers and nearly 10 million views. "If there is an America's Vote or America's Player, they might assume that I will win it."

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Which Big Brother Couple Will Compete on The Amazing Race – Again?

Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas Will Compete on The Amazing Race – Again

Originally posted 01/27/2014 12:00PM

Will the second time again be the charm for Rachel Reilly?

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Survivor's Kat Edorsson: 'Not One Person Was On My Side'


Survivor's Kat Edorsson: 'Not One Person Was On My Side'

Originally posted 11/03/2013 11:15AM

When Kat Edorsson played Survivor: One World, she was known for her goofy antics – dancing, cracking jokes, and farting on her fellow castaways. Returning for Survivor: Blood vs. Water, Edorsson was much more subdued, never clicking with the people on her tribe. She found herself voted out on Day 16.

Playing the game with her boyfriend, Big Brother winner Hayden Moss, Edorsson worried aloud that he would dump her after she was voted off, because "no one wants to date someone who makes the merge." Edorsson, 23, talks about her experience – and whether she and Hayden are still together.

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Hate Speech In Big Brother House Sparks Fervent Reaction

Big Brother

Big Brother: Hate Speech In House Sparks Fervent Reaction

Originally posted 07/03/2013 08:30PM

A handful of Big Brother houseguests are in hot water – and not just those up for eviction this week.

Since moving in to the house less than two weeks ago, contestants Aaryn Gries, GinaMarie Zimmerman, Spencer Clawson and others have been documented using racial, homophobic and misogynistic slurs on the 24-hour live feeds online.

The hate speech – which has reportedly been directed towards the women, African-Americans, Asians and gays in the house – has sparked a fervent reaction from both fans and former contestants of the CBS reality show.

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'It's Going to Be a Crazy Summer' on Big Brother

Big Brother

Big Brother Premieres: 'It's Going to Be a Crazy Summer'

Originally posted 06/27/2013 09:25AM

Sixteen houseguests moved into the Big Brother house on Wednesday's premiere episode – and it wasn't long before the game play – and romantic entanglements – began.

"There are all kind of beautiful women in this house," said Howard Overby, 29, who had already caught the eye of pageant coordinator GinaMarie Zimmerman, 32.

But before any "showmances" could percolate, the alliances began to form. Overby aligned with railroad conductor Spencer Clawson, 31, and boat shop associate Jeremy McGuire, 23 ... but moments later, McGuire also joined an alliance with unemployed beauty Jessie Kowalski, 23, and lifeguard David Girton, 25.

"If nothing else, this is the best looking alliance in BB history," Kowalski said in the diary room.

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