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Conan O'Brien Gets Tango Lesson from JB Smoove (VIDEO)

Originally posted 12/10/2014 07:35AM

If you're going to get an on-air tango lesson, you could do a lot worse for a teacher than a guy named JB Smoove.

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UpdatePosted 12/04/2014 02:15PM

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Dons a Foxcatcher-esque Fake Nose on Conan (VIDEO)

Originally posted 12/04/2014 12:35PM

Steve Carell's been getting a lot of attention for the fake schnozz he donned in Foxcatcher, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt, for one, is not about to be left out of the fun.

JGL, 33, visited Conan on Wednesday, and when prompted by O'Brien to don a fake nose, did so and launched into what he thought was an appropriate character for the prosthesis.

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Charlie Day Explains His Collection of Zac Efron Fan Mail (VIDEO)

Originally posted 11/20/2014 09:10AM

Charlie Day is learning what's it's like to be Zac Efron.

The Horrible Bosses 2 actor visited Conan on Wednesday to talk about the film, but the conversation turned – as it so often will – to Efron.

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Daniel Radcliffe Accidentally Poisoned Himself on the Set of Horns (VIDEO)

Originally posted 11/07/2014 09:10AM

Daniel Radcliffe is full of more surprises than the chamber of secrets.

After recently unleashing his impressive rap skills on The Tonight Show, the Harry Potter star has moved on to sharing embarrassing stories.

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Dr. Phil Explains the Key to a Happy Marriage on Conan (VIDEO)

Originally posted 11/05/2014 11:05AM

Well, now we know.

Dr. Phil McGraw was a guest on Conan Tuesday night, and he got right down to the heart of things, explaining to the host that the marriage advice he got from his dad years ago is still some of the best he ever received.

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Jake Gyllenhaal Reveals His Most Embarrassing Halloween Costume

Originally posted 10/31/2014 09:10AM

Still looking for a last-minute Halloween costume?

Jake Gyllenhaal has a few ... interesting ideas.

The Nightcrawler actor stopped by Conan on Thursday and revealed some of his more awkward Halloween outfits.

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Kat Dennings as … Wednesday Addams? Watch Her Rave About Gothic Obsession

Kat Dennings Wanted to Be Wednesday Addams Growing Up (VIDEO)

Originally posted 10/23/2014 11:15AM

Kat Dennings may be a well-adjusted woman now, but growing up, she had some unusual fixations.

For starters, she wanted to be Wednesday Addams.

Dennings, 28, said on Conan Wednesday night that she idolized Charles Addams's Goth forerunner growing up, to the point that she'd introduce herself as the character and sleep in the classic arms-folded "vampire" pose.

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What Did Jennifer Garner Rent to Help Her Landscape? Watch Now

What Did Jennifer Garner Rent to Help Her Landscape? (VIDEO)

Originally posted 10/15/2014 11:55AM

Jennifer Garner knows what it's like to make a call to the wild.

The actress was a guest on Conan Tuesday night and revealed that she had to resort to one very unusual method of pest control to deal with an unruly ivy patch on property she owns in Los Angeles.

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You'll Never Guess How Kristen Bell Helped Dax Shepard Prepare for His Nude Scene | Dax Shepard

How Kristen Bell Helped Dax Shepard Prepare for His Nude Scene (VIDEO)

Originally posted 10/14/2014 05:45PM

Love is shaving your partner's nether regions – at least, according to Dax Shepard.

The actor opened up about how he prepared to bare his butt in This Is Where I Leave You during a Monday night appearance on Conan. As it turns out, the nude scene's success is all thanks to some awkward grooming by his wife, Kristen Bell.

"While I don't have a lot of hair on the cheeks, they're nice, you know, there's an ample amount ... there's a forest in the valley," Shepard said, with some delicate prompting from Andy Richter. "And my fear, my deep, deep fear, would [be to] look like there's a werewolf trying to escape my butt crack."

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WATCH: Find Out How Anna Faris Pranks Her Mom with Sexy Mail


WATCH: Find Out How Anna Faris Pranks Her Mom with Sexy Mail

Originally posted 09/10/2014 09:00AM

Chris Pratt isn't the only skilled jokester in his marriage.

Wife Anna Faris knows a prank or two herself.

The Mom star, 37, stopped by Conan on Tuesday to share one of her favorite practical jokes.

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