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UpdatePosted 05/21/2014 04:00PM

University of Delaware Seniors Recreate the Friends Title Sequence (VIDEO)

Originally posted 05/21/2014 03:45PM

Whatever your senior project was, it probably wasn't as fun as this.

A group of enterprising University of Delaware seniors took it upon themselves to recreate the iconic opening sequence to Friends, and it's as accurate as it is entertaining.

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Credit: Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic
See What John Stamos Has to Say to a Blogger Who Slammed Full House

John Stamos Responds to Blogger Who Slammed Full House

Originally posted 05/17/2014 05:05PM

John Stamos has one thing to say to a blogger who slammed sitcoms like Full House – have mercy!

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The Friends Cast Hanging Out with Their Younger Selves

Originally posted 04/22/2014 01:00PM

Friends fans maybe find it hard to believe, but it's been a decade since the Central Perk crew did their last fountain dance.

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Courteney Cox Nixes Friends Reunion on Letterman (VIDEO) | Courteney Cox

Courteney Cox Nixes Friends Reunion on Letterman (VIDEO)

Originally posted 04/22/2014 09:00AM

Looks as if they won't be there for you.

Courteney Cox visited The Late Show Monday night and, when asked by Dave Letterman – per a federally mandated law that requires everyone to inquire about this – about a Friends reunion, Cox was unequivocal: No dice.

Stop trying to make a Friends reunion happen, everyone.

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Credit: Moviestore Collection/REX USA; Paramount/Everett
The Greatest Night of Your Life: 15 Unforgettable Pop Culture Proms

The Greatest Night of Your Life: 15 Unforgettable Pop Culture Proms

Originally posted 04/16/2014 04:00PM

The myth. The legend. The prom.

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Credit: HBO
For Better or Worse: TV's 8 Best Weddings Gone Bad | Game of Thrones, Natalie Dormer

UpdatePosted 04/12/2014 04:45PM

Game of Thrones's Red Wedding & More TV Nuptials Gone Bad

Originally posted 04/11/2014 05:15PM

Ready yourself, Game of Thrones fans. It's wedding season again in Westeros. Soon Margaery Tyrell will walk down the aisle to join GoT's top twerp, King Joffrey, in holy matrimony.

The HBO show's last set of nuptials, better known as the Red Wedding, cut through the heart like a hot blade of Valyrian steel, leaving many wary about what will happen when Joffrey gets hitched. (No spoilers, book readers!)

Weddings are said to be joyous occasions, but TV doesn't always follow the rules. In preparation for Game of Thrones' next "celebration," here are the TV weddings that went horribly wrong.

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Credit: Monty Brinton/Showtime
Shameless Finale: See 12 More Shocking Season Closers | Shameless, Emmy Rossum, Justin Chatwin

Shameless Finale: See 12 More Shocking Season Closers

Originally posted 03/27/2014 06:00PM

In this current Golden Age of Television, many of our biggest shows follow what one might call the HBO Rule of Drama: Use each season's penultimate episode for the fireworks, and spend the finale picking up the pieces.

Fortunately, there are still shows out there practicing the ancient art of the season finale cliffhanger – most notably Showtime's Shameless, which wrapped up its fourth season Sunday night by bringing back Justin Chatwin's Steve Wilton, a former boyfriend to Fiona Gallagher (Emmy Rossum), who fans thought murdered at the end of the previous season.

In honor of the throwback nature of the drama's surprising twist – seriously, it was straight out of the Dallas playbook – let's go back in time and run through some of the most shocking finales in TV history. (We're talking season finales here, not series; that's a whole other listicle.) Warning: Major spoilers for all shows below.

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See Jared Leto's Many Friends-Inspired Hairstyles | Friends, Jared Leto, Jennifer Aniston

See Jared Leto's Many Friends-Inspired Hairstyles

Originally posted 03/02/2014 11:00AM

The only thing that seems to be attracting more attention than Jared Leto these days? Jared Leto's hair.

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Jennifer Aniston Turns 45: Advice from Friends on How to Celebrate Her Birthday

Originally posted 02/11/2014 03:30PM

On Tuesday, Jennifer Aniston turned 45, looking flawless as always. And how does a famous actress celebrate a landmark birthday? Fill up on cake? Party until dawn? Aniston's Friends character, Rachel Green, had a similar conundrum in 2001 when she greeted the ominous 3-0.

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Watch: Three Irish Gents Remix Friends Theme Into Soaring Pop Ballad

Watch: Three Irish Gents Remix Friends Theme Into Soaring Pop Ballad

Originally posted 01/14/2014 08:00AM

When you think of the Friends theme, you generally don't think of a somber piano ballad.

But after watching this video, you will.

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