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Grey's Anatomy

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Grey's Anatomy Recap: What Honeymoon Phase?

Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy Recap: What Honeymoon Phase?

Originally posted 10/01/2010 09:00AM

Thursday's Grey's Anatomy began on the stormy morning after Cristina and Owen's wedding, with the bride waking up in a panic next to her new husband. She was married! Owen seemed prepared for a freak-out and encouraged his wife to stay calm. "We're just gonna get up and go to work like always,"he said casually, handing her a multigrain bar and tenderly offering to shampoo her hair.

But it would take more than a good scalp massage to get Cristina through the day. At the urging of Owen and Teddy, Chief Weber overruled trauma counselor Perkins and cleared the resident to return to the OR to help reconstruct the heart of a patient she'd last operated on with Burke. "She won't feel like herself until she's back in surgery again," Teddy insisted.

That would've been true of the old Cristina. Not this one, who's still so traumatized by the hospital shootings that the moment a tray of surgical tools clattered to the floor, she hit the ground, too, overwhelmed by tears and PTSD. Meredith was eventually able to get her BFF back on her feet but the experience so shook Cristina that she removed her wedding band and left it in Owen's hands.

Thankfully, he wasn't about to give up on his marriage that easily. He reminded her she hadn't abandoned him during his own struggle with PTSD. "I'm not going anywhere without you," he promised. To which an approving Mer quipped, "I already fixed her before you came, but that was a nice speech."

Mer had a harder time fixing herself. Still not cleared for surgery, she tried her best to avoid Derek, who was none-too-thrilled to have been left in jail overnight for his latest arrest for reckless endangerment. (He had been urinated on by a meth head while in custody so we can't say we blame him.)

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